25 Desserts to Make You Stop Counting Those Calories
25th June, 2020
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Our taste buds agree in a heartbeat that desserts are the gateway to eternal happiness. From cakes and rolls to tarts, here’s our list of top choices. There are two kinds of people in the world: the first kind loves desserts and the bunch loves it even more! None of us can deny the alluring magnetism of desserts—how they pull us closer even after we’ve shamelessly had more just our share. To make it even better, there’s an overwhelming variety that spans across the globe. And each one of them holds a special place in our hearts. So, we’ve shortlisted our absolute favorites, from the yummy street bites to the delectable, posh ones. Bon appétit!
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Bananas Foster
A famous New Orleans recipe, the dessert cooks within 30 minutes and has banana, cinnamon and walnuts as the main ingredients. Rum, which is later burnt in flambé style, adds a smoky taste and lightens up this beautiful dish.
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Despite having its roots in Austria, the delicacy has great importance in Jewish culture. It is made on Purim to mark the victory over Haman. This iconic triangular cookie can hold fillings ranging from raspberry and peanut butter to even chocolate.
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Butter Tarts
These little pies are made of tart shells filled with eggs, walnuts, and sugar. Despite the whole debate about whether raisins need to be added, this amazing treat is an integral part of Canadian cuisine.
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Lemon Tart
This mouthwatering French dessert has a cookie-like base that perfectly complements the silky filling. The dessert is loved throughout the globe and has seen evolution in its basic content through the years.
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New York Cheesecake
Cheesecake—the country’s beloved dessert—has its own day (July 30th) and was actually invented by a complete accident in New York. The thin crust holds a world of creamy texture and richness that can easily send you into a food coma at the first bite.
Cinnamon Rolls unsplash.com
Cinnamon Rolls
There are desserts and then there is Cinnamon Rolls, a gift bestowed upon us by Sweden. These rolls are baked to be pillow-like soft and fluffy, and then topped with vanilla icing and caramel. Their unmatched taste is what makes them one of the world’s famous desserts.
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Chocolate Fondue
By now, you may have realized that anything with chocolate in it is a big yes for us. Chocolate fondue is essentially a river of melted chocolate mixed with milk, cream, and vanilla. Dip anything you want into it—fruits, cookies, toasted bread—and enjoy the ride!.
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Key Lime Pie
Made with lime juice, lime zest, sour cream, and condensed milk whisked to form a fluffy filling, this is the food of the gods! The official state pie of Florida, the delicacy is also an excellent source of vitamin C.
Banana Splits www.shutterstock.com
Banana Splits
Banana and ice-cream? Sign us all up! This no-bake dessert was invented in Pennsylvania in 1904. Comprising just banana, ice-cream, chocolate, and fruit-based syrups and topped with whipped cream, this dessert is not just easy to make but also something to relish.
Fortune Cookie www.freepik.com
Fortune Cookie
The face of Chinese cuisine but invented in Japan, this dessert also comes with a side of fortunetelling! Made using only four ingredients, about four million of these exceptional cookies are produced each day.
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Bolo de Rolo
The Brazilian state of Pernambuco’s scrumptious gift to the world is a layered sponge cake roll called bolo de rolo. The layers of this delicacy can range from 15 to 20 sheets packed with guava jam, served in slices to show the intricate design when you cut it across.
Chocolate Chip Cookies www.freepik.com
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Created by accident in late 1930s in Massachusetts, these cookies are a favourite across the world! Different customizations are now being seen, with many people adding their own elements. The world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie weighed over 18000 kilos and a 100 feet.
Baked Alaska www.shutterstock.com
Baked Alaska
Visually, this dessert looks straight out of a fairytale, with its taste just as flawless. The many layers inside each carry their own value, making this dessert pretty unique in that sense. February 1st is celebrated as National Baked Alaska Day!
Pavlova unsplash.com
More like a meal than dessert at first glance, this majestic dish is named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It’s quite versatile and can include different toppings like strawberries and whipped cream. While there are question marks about its origin, there’s certainly no doubting the chewy, sweet taste.
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Dan Tats
Egg is the main ingredient of this dessert, which resembles a custard when fully baked. Various countries have their own version of this tart that originated in the 1940s in Hong Kong. The dessert usually melts if warm and leaves you wanting for one more (at least).
Black Forest Cake www.freepik.com
Black Forest Cake
First made more than a century ago, this mesmerizing cake has loyalists the world over. This surreal confectionery loaded with chocolate, cherries, and cream can even be customized to make macarons and roulades. The world’s biggest black forest cake weighed 3000 kilos!
Jell-O www.shutterstock.com
The second week of February is celebrated as International Jell-O Week. Gelatin is the main ingredient of this dessert, which is quite popular in Hollywood. The sweet and acidic delicacy is the official state snack of Utah.
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It has a more elegant French name: chou à la crème. These pastry balls filled with ice cream and custard bring a burst of flavors that are gladly accepted by the tastebuds! Chef Antonin Carême was the first to popularize the dessert.
Brookie www.shutterstock.com
For the uninitiated, the marriage of a cookie and brownie into a delight of utter singularity is a brookie. It’s super simple to make, and you can bake either one on top of the other.
Chocolate Lava Cake www.freepik.com
Chocolate Lava Cake
Some say it was made in France, some say the US. All we know is that when that molten chocolate flows in slow motion when you take that first swipe, we’re just awestruck! The richness in both taste and texture makes us grateful.
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The dessert is made from short-grain japonica glutinous rice, whose quality determines the dessert’s taste. It’s very popular in Japan and is also used in the traditional New Year decoration. Mochitsuki, a well-known ceremony, is marked by pounding rice to make this delicacy.
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Angel Food Cake
Also called ice cream cake and mostly originating from Pennsylvania, this dessert includes large quantities of egg whites. It’s really light and tender, lacking butter but beautiful in texture. Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of the country’s 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes, was incredibly fond of this cake.
S'mores www.shutterstock.com
Marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, what’s not to like?! While its name may be slightly confusing, the dessert is quite easy to prepare and can be ready in 15 minutes.
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An Italian coffee-based dessert, Affogato is the inspiration behind Starbucks’ famed Frappuccino. The recipe originated in Italy and features vanilla or chocolate, brewed coffee, and chopped hazelnuts. Its refreshing taste and aroma can be modified with a variety of customizations.
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The fact that 90 million pounds of marshmallows are bought each year in the country alone proves just how loved they are. They are often used as fillers, just like in S’mores or similar dishes. Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana is known as the marshmallow capital of the world.