Privacy Policy

It is our primary concern to safeguard and protect the privacy of the users of the website and we are dedicated to protecting the same. This privacy policy details out how our website collects and treats the personal information of the website users or visitors.
By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you accept and agree with the use of cookies in agreement with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Herein, we define the collection of personal information, distribution, and utilization of the same. These practices apply to the website that will be referred here as the COMPANY, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and the collection, use, disclosure and storage of the information.
The COMPANY is not liable or responsible for the collection of information by any of its clients or third-party companies or websites. This Privacy Policy is strictly related to the information practices of this website only. It is to be noted that this website has multiple links to other websites and therefore the COMPANY is not accountable for the Privacy Policies of those or any other website. If in case you click on another link of a third-party website, we would recommend you read their Privacy Policy carefully.

Third-Party Advertising

We have third-party companies providing third-party advertisements on our websites and all other sites that we advertise. These third-party companies utilize the information of the user's visits to our sites. Whenever these advertisements are served to the user, the third-party companies add their unique cookies on the user's browser when the user visits the site or the sites on which we have our ads. Also, the site may use web beacons provided by third-party advertising companies for managing online advertising. These web beacons allow the site in identifying cookies when a user visits the site and also help identify the banner advertisement that attracted the user to the website.

IP Address

The IP (Internet Protocol) address of the user is collected by us that helps us in identifying the problems with our server so that the issues related to the same are rectified and solved. An IP address is a number allocated to the computer of the user when he or she uses the Internet. The IP address helps in recognizing the user during a fixed session and to collect data, depending on the demographics.


They are designed by a web server, which are small data parts that are disseminated through a web browser and stored on the user's computer. Cookies help in tracking the online preferences and patterns of the user and identify the user as a return visitor if they return to the same website. These cookies help make the customization of your web experience possible. While website users are required to accept the cookies when visiting the site to get access to the website's functionalities and features, if you choose to and would like to manage the cookie preferences or need more information about this policy and your right to opt out of cookies please click here

Web Beacons

These are programming codes used in displaying an image on a web page. These are also utilized in transferring an individual's unique user identification, which is often in the form of a cookie, to a database and linking the person with previously-acquired information about the individual in a database. Web Beacons allow the tracking of some of the websites that the user visits. The same are used in regulating products and services that an individual may be interested in and tracking the online behavioral patterns of the users for marketing purposes.

Usage Tracking and log files

We track information related to all the e-mails and web pages viewed by the members in addition to every hyperlink clicked by the user on visiting our sites or viewing our emails. Log files are helpful in monitoring and tracking the use of the web pages by the user.

Collection of Information

The website may collect, use, and store: (a) information about your computer laptop, the use of the website, your IP address, location, version and type of the browser, operating system, referral source, length of the visit, page views and paths of website navigation; (b) information given by you while registering with our website; (c) information given by you while subscribing to our newsletters or/and email notifications, which includes your name and email address; (d) information provided during profile completion on the website. This information includes the user's name, gender, date of birth, profile pictures, interests and hobbies, relationship status, employment details, and educational details; (e) information related to purchases made on the website and any other transactions that you enter into through our website. This information includes your name, address, telephone number, email address and debit or credit card details; (f) information given by you while using the services on our website, or that is created during the use of those services such as the timing, frequency, and pattern of service use; (g) information related to the communication sent through our website or sent to us including the communication content and metadata related to the communication; (h) information posted on our website for publication on the Internet such as your user name, profile pictures and the content of your posts; and (i) any other personal information selected by you to send us. It is important to get the consent of another person prior to the disclosure of his or her personal information to us.

No Information Collected from Children

We have general websites that are intended to be used by adults only. No personal information of children is knowingly asked, collected, or stored by our website. Our websites are not intended for use of children. We understand the importance of safety of information of children and we recommend that parents must review this privacy policy to understand every terms and conditions thoroughly.

Disclosure of personal information

We might disclose user's personal information to any of the officers, professional advisers, insurers, agents, employers, suppliers, or subcontractors for purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. We may also disclose the user's personal information to any member of our group of companies including subsidiaries for purposes that are mentioned in this privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy

This Privacy Policy continues to be in effect unless any changes are made or modified. Whenever there is an addition or change made to this Privacy Policy, the same will be immediately communicated to you either as a notice on the website or through an email that is registered with us. The continued use of the user of the website will serve as an acknowledgment and consent of the user for the changes made to the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to alter, change or modify any provision of the Privacy Policy. The user is recommended to check this Privacy Policy from time to time to know about any updated changes. If at any given time, you do not agree to any change or modification in this Privacy Policy, you may immediately cease the use of the website. The continued use of the website even after the changes or alteration in this Privacy Policy will be considered as your consent to the changes made.

Using Personal information

All the personal information received by us through the website will only be used for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We may use the user’s personal information for: (a) managing the business and website; (b) modifying or making changes in the website; (c) allowing the use of the available services on the website; (d) sending you goods bought through the website; (e) supplying the services bought through the website; (f) sending you statements, invoices, and payment reminders, and collecting back payments from you; (g) sending non-marketing communications; (h) sending the notices through emails that are specifically requested by you; (i) sending the newsletter through an email, if the same has been requested (you may also notify us to stop the newsletter, in case you no longer wish to receive the newsletter in the future); (j) sending you business-related marketing communications by post or, where you have specifically agreed to this, by email or other similar technology (you may also notify us to stop any of the marketing communication, if you no longer wish to receive any of the marketing communication in the future); (k) offering statistical information to third parties about the users (these third parties will not recognize a specific user from the given information); (l) dealing with inquiries and complaints about the user or by the user related to the website; (m) keeping the website secured from any fraud; (n) confirming compliance with the terms and conditions governing the use of the website, which includes monitoring private messages sent through the private messaging service of the website. In case you have submitted your personal information to be published on the website, we will publish the same and or else utilize the provided information only in agreement with the license that you have granted to us. You may also use the privacy settings to stop the publication of the information provided by you on our website by using the website’s privacy controls. It should be also noted that we will not publish any of the personal information of the user to any third-party companies for direct marketing, without the consent of the user. The financial transaction of our website is done by our payment service provider. We would share the personal information of the user with the payment service provider only to the extent necessary for the use of payment processing purposes such as refund of payments, queries, and dealing with complaints.

We may disclose your personal information in case there is:

(a) a connection with any future or current legal proceedings; (b) the requirement by law; (c) a need by the purchaser (or prospective purchaser) of an asset that we are looking to sell; (d) the need for establishment, exercising or defending our legal rights (including the furnishing of information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk); (e) to any person who we believe may apply to a court or other competent authority for revealing of that personal information where, in our reasonable opinion, such court or authority would be reasonably likely to order reveal of that personal information. We will not disclose the personal information of the user of our website to any of the third parties, except in cases that are mentioned in this privacy policy.


The COMPANY uses standard industry regulations for the safeguard and protection of the user’s personal information and uses standard security measures for the loss, modification, and misuse of the information. It should be noted here that the transmission of the amount of personal information and the storage method of the same over the Internet is not completely secure. We do our best to protect and safeguard the personal information of the users, but we do not guarantee the complete security of the same. Although we take complete measures in safeguarding the integrity and security of the networks and systems, we do not guarantee the complete guarantee that these measures would prevent third-party hackers from illegally getting the personal information of the users.

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