20 Breakfast Recipes that Are Just as Great for Dinner

11th September, 2020

Breakfasts are the ultimate meal of the day. Plus, they are versatile. Here are 20 breakfast ideas that’ll inspire you to have your breakfast for dinner.

20 Breakfast Recipes that Are Just as Great for Dinner Shutterstock

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, some of the treats that we serve ourselves for breakfast are so delicious that you may want to have them for dinner, too. But what’s stopping us from doing this? If you blame the lack of versatile recipes, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. From the classics to pasta for breakfast, here are some delicious recipe ideas that make a great breakfast for dinner.

1. Hot, dry noodles – You can never go wrong with Chinese

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???????? We are back in Shanghai, after 7 weeks away it has taken us a few days to settle back in. Thank you to everyone for your kind words of concern, we are safe, we feel safe in our home, the city is quiet but things are returning to some semblance of normality. I cannot start to imagine what it must be like in Wuhan. I’ve always believed that cooking food from another culture or country brings us closer to understanding it. Today’s breakfast, is a dish that Wuhan is famous for, 武汉热干面 Hot Dry Noodles, hot because of the chilli, dry because of the lack of soup. It’s insanely delicious, it’s cheap to make, my version is vegan but typically you use a meat juices or master stock. A step by step is in the Stories today, highlights tomorrow. #symmetrybreakfast #武汉热干面 #wuhan Every shop in Wuhan will have their own way of making this, their own noodles, ratios of sauce and seasoning. Don’t be afraid to customise with your own pickles, radish, maybe even kimchi if you can’t find the Chinese variety. I think the people of Wuhan would be very happy for you to try it and give just a second thought to them.

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Who knew breakfast could be aesthetically pleasing! @symmetrybreakfast, owned by Michael and Mark, puts forth these beautiful bowls. The couple began to upload pictures of their breakfast as a ritual, and it soon evolved into something extraordinary. This delicious brekkie bowl would be a perfect dinner as well. Tell us you wouldn’t grab this perfect dish for dinner, and we’d tell you you’re lying.

2. Al desko toast for maximum crunch

For all those who want to have a healthy breakfast or breakfast for dinner, this is for you! @thebreakfastbird has some of the most innovative and mouth-watering brekkie ideas that can be had for lunch and dinner as well. Take this one, for example; all you need is some avocado and a vision to make your eating goals come true.

3. Greek yogurt and jalapeño bowl

@chobani is a producer of all things dairy. But, they’re also super innovative when it comes to whipping up some fancy recipe ideas for breakfast. Check out this yummy bowl that they whipped up for Cinco De Mayo. They also provide a detailed how-to on their story, but you will need some jalapeno and greek yogurt. So, what’s stopping you? Go on and get straight to whipping this up.

4. Homemade egg Mcmuffins for maximum protein

@spoonforkbacon, the dynamic duo, are talented food stylists and excellent photographers. Plus, they are amazing at sharing the most delicious foods. This egg McMuffin is their very own recipe and, in their own words, better than the original. This runny egg looks so pretty and appetizing that it makes us want to have it for all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Marinated vegetarian wraps

6. Arancini for dinner

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Day fifty one Some days all I crave is simple comfort food. Perhaps that’s actually what I go for on most days, but today is one of those days where I yearn for warming comfort food even more. The candles are lit, even if it’s barely noon, and I’m about to put a log on the fire due to the sudden drop in temperature. This little treat does take a bit of preparation, but the reward is perfectly golden and crunchy on the outside, oozing with melted cheese embraced in my favorite saffron risotto on the inside. Arancini, the very name oozes of a bit of magic, and it is, truly, when leftover risotto stuffed with a naughty chunk of cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried, becomes something so spectacular. Simple, but spectacular. And paired with a crisp yet sweet Zinfandel white wine, not a morsel is left after lunch. To me this is comfort food at its best, combined with a dash of my beloved Italy on a mere Wednesday. #60daysofcreation (Ps: you can find the recipe for it in my cookbook The Cottage Kitchen, it’s also coming on my blog shortly)

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Marte Marie (@marte_marie_forsberg) is an English author and photographer. Her Instagram page is so beautiful that you will be inspired to make some amazing dishes, too. Here’s a tasty and crunchy meal that she’s made called Arancini. Don’t forget to read the captions on her posts, as she describes her foods in the most picturesque way. Her dishes leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

7. Avocado toast never fails

One of the best dishes made from avocado is avocado toast; there is nothing that can change our mind. Clearly, @avocadotoast believes it, too! Her whole account is dedicated to making everything avocado. In fact, if you need some inspiration, there is no better place to go than here. For this recipe, all you need is some avocado spread and toast. Check out her other avocado-inspired recipes, too!

8. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast and dinner

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Happy new year friends! Hope you all had a fab time and drunk and ate yourself silly ???????????????? Now time to get back on track and deal with all the shit in your Instagram feed about detoxing, calorie restriction, dry January, excessive exercise, diet pills and writing down a long list of things you can change about yourself ???? Geez I hate how these companies and so called influencers prey on vulnerable people ???? My advice is to stay consistent with your health and lifestyle goals, make more sustainable choices, spend more time with loved ones and eat these pancakes if it makes you happy because #balance is key ???????? Just reposting these bad boy pancakes as soooo many of you DM me for the recipe so here it is. You’re welcome ???? . Recipe 1 cup of spelt flour ( all purpose gluten free works great to ) 1 tsp of baking powder 1 banana Pinch of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 1/4 cup of almond milk 1-2 tbs of coconut sugar (optional) Directions: In a bowl Mash the banana as much as possible so that it's runny then add the vanilla and almond milk and mix well. Then add the dry ingredients and combine thoroughly until you have a batter. Heat the pan with a little coconut oil and add little dollops of the mixture to the pan. I use pancake rings because I'm rubbish at getting neat round stacks!! Wait until little bubbles start to form then flip the pancakes. You can always put the pan under the grill to brown the top if you are a shit flipper ???? . . . #veganpancakes #pancakes #healthyfoodshare #healthyfoodporn #plantbased #dairyfree #foodphotographer #glutenfree #wholefoods #nourishbowl #nutrition #fooddiary #postworkout #pudding #sweettooth #chocolateporn #leangains #foodprep #organic #gutfriendly #foodie #fitfood #veganfood #sugarfree #dessertporn

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We’ve all had those days where we’d rather just have some takeout for dinner. But do you really have to? You could just whip up some of these delicious pancakes, like @papaya_sunshine. These pancakes are not only pleasing to look at, but they are mouth-wateringly delicious. All you need is some pancake batter, some blueberries, and some cinnamon. The best part? You can get thrifty with the leftover batter!

9. Waffle mania for dinner

Another pancake fanatic, @pearsnpancakes is obsessed with pancakes, humongous cups of caffeine, and books. But, on the bright side, her feed is not just filled with pancakes, you can find some of the best waffle and cream bowl ideas, too! For now, you can try whipping this chocolate banana waffle paired with almond butter drizzle, pitaya stars, and anything else you like.

10. Scrambled eggs and beef

@vancouver.foodhunter knows how to make a fancy breakfast, and it will surely inspire you, too. For this breakfast for dinner idea, we bring to this delicious plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and some leftover beef stir. Talk about being healthy and thrifty at the same time. Don’t forget to make it your own by adding sides of your choice.

11. Fruit salads for health and fitness

Fruit bowls are an amazing idea for both breakfast and dinner. High on vitamins, minerals, and pretty much every nutrient under the sun, fruit bowls are also aesthetically pleasing. Don’t believe us? Check out @holy_cacao, who will bless your feed with deliciously plated meals with a side of some great commentary, quotes, and jokes. To make a fruit bowl, all you need are fruits you like. Go on then!

12. Vegetarian breakfast sandwiches

13. Pappardelle pomodoro with burrata

Alexa Matthew (@eatingnyc) is a content creator, restaurant consultant, and an outdoor dining guide. But most importantly, she is a lover of food. She makes some delicious homemade pasta that can be eaten both for breakfast and dinner. We love how the intensity of flavor can be amped up with some extra sauce for dinner, while mild for breakfast. We, personally, like it extra saucy at all times!

14. Rice cakes for breakfast and dinner

For those who want to whip up a meal that’s nutritious, delicious, and, most importantly, quick, here’s someone you need to follow. @julieskitchen has uploaded the recipe to these fancy rice cakes that are known for their versatility. All you need is some almond butter, fruits, and extra filling like chia seeds. If you want to make them savory, add the toppings of your choice.

15. Tasty tacos for dinner time

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Taco Tuesday smiles. Photo credit: @lilothebeagle

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Brunch is such a fun idea, but what makes it more fun is adding doggos to the equation. We love everything about this picture by @dogswhobrunch, right from the yummy tacos to the adorable doggo! Tacos are versatile as they can be had for breakfast and dinner. To make these tacos, all you need is some tortillas and the filling of your choice.

16. Keto sausage with cheese biscuits

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KETO SAUSAGE AND CHEESE BISCUIT on homemade keto bread???? . ✅ RECIPE ✅ . ♦️Preheat oven to 400F . ☑️ KETO BREAD ☑️ . ♦️In a large pan on medium heat????, add: —????1 1/2 cups of full fat mozzarella . —????8oz (or a full bar of cream cheese) . . ♦️Cook until cheese is melted and creamy . . ♦️Add melted cheese into large mixing bowl and add: —????pinch of kosher salt . —????black pepper —????dried thyme —????tsp of baking powder . —????2 cups of almond flour —????1 whisked egg. . ♦️Mix dough until everything is uniform. . ♦️Form dough into 8 equal sized balls and place into aluminum bun mold (first spray with coconut oil cooking spray) . ♦️OPTIONAL: top with EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL seasoning (you can get it at Trader Joe’s) . ♦️Place in oven for 15-17 minutes at 400F (be sure to rotate halfway through) . . ♦️Remove from oven when the top is golden brown, and set off to side to cool for about 10 minutes. . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . ☑️ CHEESY SAUSAGE PATTIES ☑️ . ♦️In a large pan on medium heat????, add a tbsp of avocado oil. . ♦️Once it’s piping hot go ahead and add 4 mini-sausage patties (I like the brand banquet but use whatever brand you like) . ♦️Let cook for a few minutes then flip. . ♦️Add some American cheese. . ♦️Once cheese is melted and patties are nice a crispy go ahead and place on keto buscuit bread. . ♦️Top with a little sugar free ketchup and you’re ready to dive into this bad boy. Enjoy???? . . . . #ketoburgerbuns #ketoburgerbun #ketorecipes #ketorecipe #ketorecipeshare #ketorecipesblog #ketochef #ketohomecooking #ketogenicfood #ketofriendly #betterthanmcdonalds #ketodinnerrolls #ketobuscuits #ketosausage #sausageandcheese #homecooking #ketohomecooking #ketobreakfast #ketobreakfastideas #ketobreakfastsandwich #ketoeggs #eggandcheese #breakfastfordinner #breakfastfordinneristhebest

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For those who are following or want to follow a keto diet, here is a great breakfast for dinner idea. Keto sausages, cheese biscuits, and keto bread. You get bonus points if you make the bread at home. The ingredients you will need are mozzarella, sausages, avocado oil, American cheese, and a side dip. According to @ketoferretti, you can even use bagels.

17. Chorizo all day, every day

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Smashed Potato, Chorizo & Shisito Hash Breakfast for dinner anyone?!? ????‍♀️ I love breakfast so much that I eat it for any meal of the day! This was a new recipe that my bf picked out from my new @food_network_mag to make and it turned out soooooo freaking good! ???? I’ve never had shisito peppers before so I was a little curious about what those would taste like and I ended up loving them! They taste so good roasted and work really well with the asparagus. Recipe from the @foodnetwork Baby red potatoes Asparagus Shisito peppers Red onion Eggs Chorizo Olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika Boil potatoes until tender. Toss potatoes with oil, salt, pepper, paprika. Smash potatoes on a baking tray. Toss asparagus and shisitos with oil, salt and pepper. Broil potatoes and veggies for about 10min or until crispy. Sautee chorizo. Cook eggs sunny side up. Assemble & top with red onion! #breakfastfordinner #breakfasthash #chorizoandeggs #breakfastrecipes #lowcarbbreakfast #bfast #breakfastfordinneristhebest #shisitopeppers #summerdinner #easydinner #easydinnerideas #easydinnerrecipes #weeknightdinner #weeknightmeals #weeknightdinners #smashedpotatoes #chorizoconpapas #eggsforbreakfast #eggsfordinner #breakfastforlunch #newbreakfast #breakfastideas #ilovebreakfast #breakfastanytime #breakfastallday #foodnetworkthekitchen #foodnetworkrecipe #easybreakfastideas #easybreakfast #wholefoodie

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For all those who love their meats, here is a great dinner and brekkie idea by @briananstone. All you need to prep this delicious meal is some chorizo, baby potatoes, asparagus, red onion, olive oil, and pepper and salt. Chorizo and smashed potato with shishito hash can make for a hearty meal, and nothing better than a great meal with some good protein!

18. Avocado and egg toast

@Nommingnomad may have revolutionized the breakfast-for-dinner scene with this great and delicious meal idea. She likes to call this her “avoholic sandwich.” What do you need? For starters, some mad love for avocado, toast, eggs, and cheese. Whip them up together and dig right into this gorgeous sandwich. Avocados are a great option for breakfast and dinner, as they are light yet nutritious.

19. Get your eggs sunny side up

Another breakfast for dinner idea is eggs and kimchi by @canadianbites. All you need is some sausage, kimchi, sausages, eggs, potatoes, and even hash browns. You can replace the kimchi with bacon if you want. Don’t forget to take an aesthetic picture for the ‘gram before you have this protein-rich meal. We love this easy-to-whip idea, and we can’t wait to try this!

20. Onion uttapam for some Indian foods