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Weather phenomenon can be hauntingly beautiful. From lightning that leaves streaks on a golf course to snow that covers everything in sight, the beauty of nature never ceases to amaze. Here are 25 weather pictures that will take your breath away.
Beauty is a subjective concept. Some go for an au naturel look, while some like to add a pop of color or more to enhance their looks. Are you a beauty expert or a novice? Take this quiz to find out how well you know your beauty products and tools.
Can you believe that something as cool as an underwater waterfall even exists? Discover the most amazing natural phenomena on the planet in this article. Mother Nature surprises us in extraordinary ways we can not even imagine. Have you ever heard of the stones that can move on their own? Or ever seen something as terrifying as volcanic lightning or something as captivating as fire rainbows? We’re sure that some of the natural phenomena that take place on the Earth will feel like they’re too good to be true, while just the sight of others will terrify you. Take a look at some of nature's most dream-like occurrences and who knows, maybe you'll be motivated to take a trip to the places where they occur.