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Home is where the heart is, and a few celebs have their hearts in million-dollar mansions. These properties give us a look into the lives of the famous. The glamorous life of a celebrity is coveted by many because of the fame, glitz, and outrageously fat paychecks. While some stars choose to use their money on passion projects and businesses, many choose to invest in lavish, luxurious houses. From Spanish-style mansions to modern interiors and chic decor, these celebs have it all! Would you like to know whose house is worth how much? Here are some of the most luxurious homes owned by celebrities.
Riches and Royalty
While you may know your favorite stars for their primary careers in showbiz, did you know that quite a few celebrities are also successful business owners? It is never ideal to put all your eggs in one basket. Be it the fleetingness of stardom or another motive, celebrities seem to live by this motto. Actors, musicians, or even athletes, often associated with several brands due to endorsements. Having access to requisite resources and being able to receive excellent personal finance advice, they invest these in projects they feel passionate about. Ranging from liquor companies and restaurants to fashion brands, let us take a look at some side hustles of popular celebrities.
Call them clever, inventive, or devoted; these bright minds invested just the right amount of time and effort to make billions off their Internet ventures! These tech-savvy businesspersons started their enterprise decades ago in the hopes of becoming the next big thing. Years later, their innovative thinking, keen business sense, and relentless zeal have made some of the richest business persons in the world. From eCommerce platforms to industry-altering search engines and social media communications, here are 30 internet tycoons who are rolling in cash today!