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Think you can guess this Netflix Original?

Think you can guess this Netflix Original?
Image Credits: Netflix

After successfully establishing itself as a video streaming service, Netflix made it big with its Original series and movies. The best part is that Netflix Originals have something for every viewer. Whether it’s rom-com, sci-fi, action, drama, or horror, they manage to keep things interesting. If you are reading this, chances are you are a big Netflix buff. But can you guess a Netflix Original based on its description? Take this quiz to find out.

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This Netflix sci-fi series starts off with the disappearance of a young boy in a small town leading to peculiar chain of events involving supernatural forces and shady government agencies.

Within a span of two years, Stranger Things has bagged 31 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series.

A British Royal. A wife. A mother. And finally, 20th Century’s most powerful monarch.

Reportedly, even her Majesty has watched The Crown with her son, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

An enigmatic book manager charms his way into the life of young, aspiring writer, but soon their dirty secrets blur the lines between love and obsession.

Penn Badgley garnered a lot appreciation for his performance in You, but interestingly he wasn’t too keen to play an obsessive stalker and killer when the makers offered him the part.

A smart and savvy high schooler falls for her best friend’s older brother. Sparks fly but not without creating rifts in her friendship. Left at crossroads, she has a difficult choice to make.

The sequel to The Kissing Booth is officially happening, and all the three lead actors are slated to return in the next installment.

Hiding from a deadly unseen force, a mother embarks on a perilous journey with her children, blindfolded. However, her bid to find a sanctuary turns fatal with every step.

Apparently, Sandra Bullock spend almost 50% of her time on the set of Bird Box blindfolded to lend authenticity to her performance.

After the gruesome murder of his family, a Marine veteran turns into a vigilante driven by only one purpose. REVENGE!

Unfortunately, the Punisher won’t be returning for a third season on Netflix. As of now, there are talks about the show being revived on Hulu. Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

All hells break loose when a high school junior’s innocent love notes are unexpectedly mailed to her crushes, resulting into mortifying confrontations.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before will return with the original cast along with some new faces including Ross Butler, John Ambrose, and Holland Taylor.

The narrator receives a mysterious package containing an audio diary of his dead classmate and crush who commits suicide a couple of weeks ago.

Selena Gomez, the executive producer of 13 Reasons Why was originally picked to play the role of Hannah in the series. But she backed out as she knew the book had a cult following which worried her about her being casted as Hannah.

When the black sheep returns home, a family is forced to encounter their murky past full of secrets. We think you know this family drama!

Bloodline started as a promising family drama but by the third season, the show lost its ability to charm the audience. As a result, Netflix bosses decided to can it.

This British anthology series reimagines how the greatest of technological innovations can plunge many lives into the dark side of reality.

Drawing heavy inspiration from the Twilight Zone, Black Mirror’s rather creepy plots have earned them an association with a talented lot of celebrities like Jodie Foster, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Rashida Jones.

This time “oh-so-popular high school cheerleader” and “not-so-happening intellectual” are not against each other, but on the same side to win over their crushes.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser is a refreshing take on teenage love, however, it did disappoint many viewers due to film’s depiction of catfishing and inclusion of thoughtless remarks on sexuality.

As two children go missing in a German town, their families are caught into their own puzzling lies and supernatural occurrences. Can you guess this Netflix Original?

Often compared to Stranger Things, Dark, well let’s say has a darker plot featuring a whole lot of violence, nudity, and swearing.

Handcuffs! Heart Attack! Hallucinations! An effort to spice up a marriage goes horribly wrong.

This Netflix film is based on a 1992 thriller novel of the same name written the master of intrigue Stephen King.

A heartbreaking loss. Unexplained paranormal activity. A family fleeing their own home. 26 years later they reunite again in wake of a tragedy, returning to the house that broke them.

Before being reintroduced as a Netflix Original, The Haunting of Hill House was adapted as a movie on two separate occasions, i.e., in 1963 and 1999. The 1999 project was slated to star Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones, but was eventually shelved.

A gripping story revolving around Colombia’s most notorious drug lord who vexed the country with the cocaine epidemic.

Wagner Moura who plays Pablo Escobar didn’t know how to speak Spanish before the Narcos was offered to him. He apparently moved to Columbia for six months ahead of the shoot so that he could learn the language and prep for the character by getting acquainted with culture.

After playing the adorable receptionist in The Office Ellie Kemper in this Original plays the character of an unabashed optimist, determined to make a fresh start in NYC.

The creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock developed the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Ellie Kemper in mind.

A reboot of the 60s classic, this Netflix Original retells a saga of a family lost in an alien universe trying to beat the odds to survive.

Unlike the original version, where the Robinsons visit a new planet every episode, the revival focuses on the family’s exploits in one alien world.

Netflix gives a unique spin to this beloved Archie Comic character in this Original who tries to navigate her thrilling life as half-human and half-witch to keep things delightfully magical.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was conceived as companion adaptation to Riverdale, however, the makers eventually decided to establish it as a separate series. Though both TV series have some common aspects including showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and an eccentric production design.

The first Mexican entry to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film this year, this semi-autobiographical film knows how to tug at heartstrings.

Roma is not the first film based on Alfonso Cuarón's life. In his earlier projects, Children of Men and Gravity, and Y Tu Mamá También, he has depicted some important moments of his life while he was growing up.

You will find all the makings of good Marvel Superhero in this series that includes a mild-mannered attorney who turns a vigilante as the dusk blankets NYC. Plot twist alert! He is blind.

Before it was developed into a Netflix Original, Daredevil was adapted into a movie back in 2002 starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Netflix keeps things weird with this new Original, compelling you to relive the same plot in different ways.

Prior to her role as Nadia Vulvokov in Russian Doll, Natasha Lyonne’s performance as Nicky Nichols in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black won her a lot of praise from the critics.

Teenagers and conversations about sex. Just quit being awkward and guess it already!

Sex Education might come across as a raunchy, bold series about teenagers having sex however, there’s a lot more substance to it. It’s not exactly dramatic but it is both, serious and seriously funny.

For her work in this period drama, Rachel Morrison became the first woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

Mudbound was first premiered in Sundance Film Festival back in 2017 where it was hailed with a standing ovation.

Two twenty-something corporate assistants play matchmakers to deal with their workaholic bosses. But like in any other rom-com they end up falling for each other.

Before Set It Up, Zoey Deutch appeared in a recurring role on Disney’s Suite Life On Deck and was also seen in Ed Sheeran’s music video Perfect.

Although this Netflix Original didn’t garner a wide audience, it was devoured by niche sci-fi enthusiasts, mainly because how it represented queer community and multinational actors.

Sense8 was shot in nine different location across the world including San Francisco, Mumbai, Berlin, and Seoul as the producers wanted this sci-fi series to feel as organic as possible.

With its power hungry characters and occasionally hyperbolic plots, this popular Netflix drama takes the White House politics to the next level.

TV networks like AMC and HBO were on an all out bidding battle for the House of Cards, but ultimately it was bagged by Netflix who committed to producing the show for two complete seasons.

One man, three identities. A dying chemistry teacher. A family man. The best meth cook.

Shockingly, Breaking Bad was turned down by many big TV networks including HBO, Showtime, FX, and TNT.

This Emmy winning Netflix Original has a comic take on what goes on in a New York women’s prison.

Though Orange is the New Black is a comedy series, the writers visited California's Chino Prison to ensure that their depiction of a women’s prison is relevant.

This Netflix Original explores FBI’s quest to get into the minds of convicted serial killers during the 70s to resolve ongoing murder cases.

Mindhunter is inspired by real life incidents and depicts FBI’s interviews with serial killers including Ed Kemper, Montie Rissell, and Jerry Brudos.

A parody of true crime shows, this Netflix mockumentary hilariously investigates a vandalism incident at a high school.

American Vandal was the most binged series on Netflix in 2017, beating popular shows like 13 Reasons Why, The Keepers, and Riverdale


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