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When was the first episode of “The Walking Dead” aired?

The first episode of the AMC zombie drama was aired on 31st October 2010, on Halloween.

In the first season, a doctor tells Rick that a country almost found a cure for the zombie outbreak. Which country was it?

France had almost found a cure for the zombie outbreak, but it wasn't administered.

Who saves Rick from the herd when he is stuck in a military tank?

Glenn saves Rick from the herd when he is thrown off his horse and gets stuck inside a military tank.

Which character was created especially for an actor who had auditioned for a different part on the show?

Norman Reedus had auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon, but the makers created a new character for him - Daryl Dixon.

Who starts out as a positive supportive lead and later becomes an antagonist in Season 2 of the show?

Shane is Rick's friend who saves Rick's family when he is in the hospital. He falls in love with Lori, Rick's wife, and this becomes a motive for him to want Rick dead.

How many people have played the role of Judith Grimes?

16 girls, i.e. 8 different sets of twins have essayed the role of Judith Grimes, Rick's daughter.

Which network had passed on the series stating that the series is too violent?

HBO had passed on the series as it deemed it too violent for the audience. What about Game of Thrones, huh?

What nickname does Daryl give Glenn in the episode “What Lies Ahead?”

When Glenn, portrayed by Steven Yeun, puts on his windbreaker and baseball cap costume, the costume designer said he looked like Short Round, Indiana Jones' sidekick. And the name was used in the series.

What does Shane wear around his neck?

Actor Jon Bernthal said that Shane's jersey number was 22 and his own was 23. Thus, the necklace with the number ''22.''

Where did Shane want to go when Rick was directing everyone to the CDC?

Shane wanted to go to Fort Benning while Rick wanted to go to the CDC. This is where their power struggle first began.

What does Daryl tell Shane when he puts Daryl in a chokehold in the episode “Tell it to the Frogs?”

Daryl yells "choke hold's illegal" and Shane calmly tells him to go "file a complaint" against him.

Who sees Shane becoming antagonistic toward Rick when he points a gun at Rick’s back?

Being the oldest in the group, Dale is quite intuitive and identifies Shane's thirst for blood and his hatred toward Rick before anyone else.

Who kills the Governor in the Season 4 midseason finale?

Lilly shoots the Governor and puts him down after Michonne ran through him with her katana.

In the episode “Save The Last One” what proof does Daryl offer to Andrea that Sophia might still be alive?

Rick believes that Sophia is still alive because he too got lost in the woods as a child but found his way home.

What does Shane tell Lori about why he’s upset with Rick’s return?

Shane is upset on Rick's return because he feels Rick is not ready for the post-apocalyptic world and that he couldn't save Lori even once.

Shane sacrifices Otis’ life to save whose life?

Shane and Otis go on a supply run for Carl's urgent operation, and Shane sacrifices Otis when they get surrounded by a herd of walkers.

Whom does Michonne kill that triggers the Governor’s bloodlust towards her?

Michonne discovers the Governor's daughter who turned into a walker. She kills the girl out of mercy and the Governor wants her head for this.

According to Daryl who can kill Merle?

When the rescue party finds two dead walkers killed by one-handed Merle, Daryl tells the group that "Ain't no one can kill Merle but Merle."

Which actress was not cast on the show till her character was introduced?

Danai Gurira was not cast as Michonne yet when you first saw her in the episode "Besides The Dying Fire." The character's face was covered.

Which two visual references to “Breaking Bad” appears on the show?

Glenn drives the Dodge Challenger in Season 1, and Daryl finds a bag of crystal blue meth in Season 4.

What is the name of Negan’s group?

Negan's group is called "The Saviors" and is unlike any group that Rick and his gang have met before.

Which two major characters are killed by Negan in the Season 7 premiere?

The Season 7 premiere "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" was the most controversial because Negan killed 2 major characters -- Glenn and Abraham.

What was Negan’s baseball bat called?

Negan's trusty baseball bat is called Lucille after his wife, and there are several instances where he can be seen talking to it.

Who are the walkers that Michonne keeps chained?

The walkers on the chain with Michonne are her boyfriend and his best friend. She cuts their limbs and removes their jaw as punishment for not protecting her son.

Who shoots Carl in the eye?

Ron aims at Rick but ends up shooting Carl in the eye. This occurs in Episode 9 of Season 6.

What type of animal is Shiva, King Ezekiel’s companion?

Shiva was a tiger and was King Ezekiel's companion who ended up saving his master from a herd of walkers.

Which characters refer to each other as husband and wife despite not being married?

Glen proposes to Maggie with a ring he finds on a walker. Between Seasons 3 and 4, they start referring to themselves as husband and wife.

The occupants of the terminus were?

The Terminus, considered to be a safe haven for survivors as announced over the radio, turned out to be full of cannibals.

How does Sasha kill herself in the casket?

Sasha takes a suicide pill while she was in the casket that Negan was using to transport her to a meeting with Rick and the group.

What is the leader of the Whisperers called?

The leader of the Whisperers is called Alpha, and her real name remains a mystery throughout the series.

What is Daryl Dixon’s weapon of choice?

Daryl Dixon, a character that is arguably more famous than the protagonist himself, became an integral member of the group after initially having issues with Rick. He was a gifted tracker and favored the crossbow to kill walkers while the rest of the group stuck to guns.

Besides “walkers,” what other term is used to describe the undead in “The Walking Dead”?

Creator Robert Kirkman remained adamant that the reanimated dead will be a new phenomenon in the post-apocalyptic world, which is why the term "zombies" was never used for the undead. Along with the term "walkers," the inhabitants of the TWD world used the term "biters" for the undead.

At the prison, what did Beth keep track of?

When the entire group took control of the prison, things became more stable. Beth began counting the days that went without any accidents, where no one was injured or got killed by walkers or a rival group.

Who was the first person to know about Lori’s pregnancy?

Lori was pretty secretive about her pregnancy. When Maggie and Glenn were about to take a trip to the local pharmacy, Lori pulls Glenn aside and gives him a list of supplies she wants. Glenn finds these items in the "feminine hygiene" section of the pharmacy, and this leads him to doubt that Lori is pregnant.

Which group attacked Alexandria before Negan’s Saviors?

Once prosperous Alexandria merely resembles a shadow of the town it was. In the post-apocalyptic world, the town was attacked twice, by two different groups. Before Negan's Saviors attacked it, it was targeted by the Wolves.

Which group betrayed Rick and others against Negan?

Rick tries to build an army and gather as many weapons as he can to keep the Saviors at bay. He tries to recruit a group called the Scavengers to join his cause. Their leader is a woman named Jadis, and she betrays Rick not once, but twice, as she had an agreement with Negan before Rick arrived.

Why did Glenn die?

Glenn's death came as a shock to viewers since he had been a part of the main group since the beginning of the series. Negan, the whimsical antagonist, kills Glenn with his baseball bat named Lucille because Daryl punches Negan for killing Abraham.

Who helped Rick’s group escape from the Terminus?

The Terminus's residents are a cannibalistic group that carve up new arrivals who refuse to join them or prove to be a threat. Carol frees her friends after she sees them being dragged out of the train car to be slaughtered. She blows up a large tank of flammable gas, which lets a large herd of walkers to enter and kill the residents.

Which character lied that he was a scientist who knew the cure for the walker outbreak?

Though Eugene came across as a little weird, he was a likable character in the initial episodes. He was protected by Abraham and Rosita, and he lied to make himself more indispensable to the group. He asserted that he was a scientist who knew how to end the walker outbreak, and made everyone believe that he was very important.

Who killed Karen and David in the prison?

An epidemic breaks and infects several people in the jail. Hershel tries to save as many people as he can, but they remain oblivious to the fact that it's coming from the pigs. Karen and David were infected and would have infected others as well, which is why Carol kills them and burns their bodies.

Who actually called Rick in the prison boiler room after Lori died in childbirth?

After clearing the prison of the walkers for the second time, Rick discovered that Lori died while giving birth. That's when he was unable to control his emotions and locks himself in the prison boiler room and mourns. He hallucinates that the phone starts ringing and he hears the voices of all the people who had died previously.

Who led the group that took Glenn?

A group of men captured Glenn when he, Rick, and Daryl make a trip back to Atlanta to find Merle. They were discovered by a group called the Vatos, who capture Glenn. They were gang members who had taken over an Atlanta nursing home, and their leader was Guillermo who was a former janitor and took care of the elderly.

How did the Governor’s wife die?

The Governor lost his wife 18 months before the walker outbreak began. She died in a car accident; later his daughter, Penny, died and reanimated. One can even say that the Governor became slightly unhinged after his wife's death but his daughter's death at the hands of Michonne triggered his bloodlust.

What did Carl retrieve from the cafe in his hometown?

When Rick stays with his friend Morgan who seems to have lost his mind over the loss of his son, Carl and Michonne go on a supply run. Carl comes across a cafe that he and his family visited, and it was overrun by walkers. However, he was insistent and went in to get a family photo that was displayed in the cafe.

Which character met his end after a walker bite to the stomach?

Carl was shot twice but he survived, and the viewers saw him turn into a strong, intelligent character who displayed leadership skills in trying times. While the communities were gathering to ambush Negan, chaos ensued, and Carl gets bitten on the stomach by a walker.

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