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Stacy Fergusson is this artist’s name in real life

Before Fergie joined the Black Eyed Peas, she was a big fan of the old school rap trio. The group later gained fame with the introduction of this pop female artist in their song "Shut Up!"

“Same Old Love” was sung by which pop artist?

Selena Gomez is one of the best pop artists and performers in the music industry today. She worked in TV shows from a very young age before becoming a pop sensation who has a record number of followers on Instagram.

One Direction wrote and performed this pop hit

Drag Me Down is One Direction's most popular songs from the album "Made In The AM" released in 2015. The song held the top spot in the UK charts and finished a strong third in the US charts.

Taylor Swift wrote this song for a high school talent show

Taylor Swift became one of the first few artists to write or co-write every song in one of her platinum-selling debut albums. The song that she wrote in high school ended up in the 16th position on the US charts.

Paramount Pictures was keen on turning this hit pop single into a feature-length film

Sk8r Boi was Avril Lavigne's hit single from her 2002 album "Let Go". The song managed to break the top ten spots in both the US and UK lists. Avril performed this song at the Grammy Awards later in 2003.

Shania Twain co-wrote this song with Britney Spears

Not only was the song co-written by Shania Twain in 2001, but Britney Spears also recorded the song in her home. Shania Twain is regarded as the Queen of Country Pop and has won several accolades for her songwriting skills.

This pop artist was the first choice to perform with Madonna at the 2003 VMAS

Jennifer Lopez is one of the first few performers to have a number one hit album and a box office hit movie in the same week. The Wedding Planner was released during the same week when her album J.Lo captured the number one spot.

This pop queen wore her wedding dress while performing onstage

Mariah holds a Guinness world record for the highest whistle register. She is among one of the few artists who can sing in a 5-octave range which is vocal range opera singers often maintain.

This mathematical symbol is not part of Ed Sheeran’s albums

Ed Sheeran is one of the best pop music sensations with hit singles like "Perfect" and "Shape of You". His album, Divide grossed a record $432 million in ticket sales in one calendar year.

Justin Bieber attained celebrity status for this song

The Canadian artist rose to fame with his hit single Baby that also featured his would-be girlfriend. Justin's fans call themselves Bieleber's.

One of the members of the Beatles performed a James Bond theme song

Paul McCartney originally played the guitar for the Beatles before he had to switch to bass when both John Lennon and George Harrison refused. He is the wealthiest Rockstar ever with an estimated wealth of $1.5 billion.

Billy Joel was famously known for playing this instrument

Billy Joel was the first rock performer to play at the Yankees stadium and both his shows out in the year 1990. He is also one of the few artists to have an album that held the first spot for six consecutive weeks.

Jeffrey Atkins is the real-life birth name of which artist?

Ja Rule has two popular songs that made its way to the Billboard Top 100 including Always on Time and Livin' It Up both released in the same album Pain is Love in 2001.

Boston (1978) and Fine Young Cannibals (1989) had identical titles of which song in the US top 40 hits

The first song and also the title track of the group's second album. The song did well in US charts ranking at number four while it only managed to secure number 48 in the UK charts.

This band/artist released a popular song about money

Steely Dan was originally named after a commonly used sex toy mentioned in one of William Burroughs novel, Naked Lunch. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are the original members of the band.

Bob Dylan and The Byrds both recorded and released this song

Mr. Tambourine Man was written by Bob Dylan and was originally a part of his fifth album. The group Byrds later released a cover of the song in 1965. It was a number one hit in both the US and UK charts.

This artist won a Grammy award for her song “What’s Love Got To Do With It”

Tina Turner was regarded as a one-take wonder artist by many recording professionals. What's Love Got To Do With It was Tina Tuner's comeback song charting the top position in the US pop hits chart.

What is the name of the female singer in the group “The Black Eyed Peas”?

Fergie is the stage name of Stacy Fergusson. She started singing and performing from a very young age and started out as a child star on the show Kids Incorporated.

This singer’s birth name is Alicia Beth Moore

Pink was originally a member of an all-girls group called Choice in the year 1995. She began writing songs at an early age of 14 and was a regular in the Philadelphia club scene.

This was the most watched pop song of 2012

Gangnam Style was one of the most watched YouTube videos of 2012. the song performed by Korean rapper PSY had a catchy tune, dance steps that made no sense, and exotic expressions by the various supporting cast throughout the video.

“Now winter’s gonna turn to spring” is the lyrics of which popular song?

Written and produced by Brian Potter and Dennis Lambert, the song was the only top 10 hit in the country performed by the group called the Tavares. The song also made the UK top charts only in the year 1986.

Cheryl Cole was a member of which popular girl band

Cheryl Cole is a popular judge in the American hit TV show the X factor. however, she is also a member of the girl band Girls Aloud and has many songs to her credit performing with the group.

What is the name of Madonna’s first UK top ten single?

This song was one of Madonna's favorites as she performed the single regularly in most of her concerts. The holiday was the artist's third single but was an immediate hit right after its release.

One of these singers has not recorded a James Bond theme song

Annie Lennox sold over 80 million albums worldwide throughout her career. She is one of the most popular British female artists and is also known for her work as part of the Eurthymics group in 1980.

This was the first number one hit of the Spice Girls

Wannabe was also the Spice Girls first single and went on to become the first number one hit of the group. The song had a catchy beat and delivered the message of girl power worldwide across diverse audiences.

In which year did the Live Aid benefit concert take place?

Live Aid to this day is regarded as one of the most iconic live concerts. The band Queen performed their best songs including Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Hammer To Fall among, and We Are The Champions.

This actor recently released a Platinum-certified single

Bradley Cooper is well known for playing the part of seasoned musician Jackson Maine. The actor took 18 months of vocal training to play the part of a musician in the 2018 movie A Star Is Born.

This pop artist had a pet monkey called bubbles

The king of pop Michael Jackson was originally part of the Jackson Five group. He then went on to become one of the most iconic performers of his time famously known for is breakdance moves.

This pop artist sold the maximum number of records in the ’90s

Mariah Carey's mother was an opera singer who trained her to sing and went on to become one of the best-selling female artists of the 90s. She is also one of the few singers who can sing in the 5-octave range.

Who has Gwen Stefani never recorded a pop song with this artist?

Madonna used to be the drummer of her boyfriend's band "The Breakfast Club" for a couple of years before she decided to go solo. Interestingly she wanted to be a nun when someone asked her what she wanted to do in her life.

Justin Timberlake was a TV actor appearing on this show before he became a performer

Justin Timberlake has always been a triple threat as he could sing, act, and dance. Justin first appeared in the sixth season of the popular show. Justin has won multiple Grammy's and Emmy's in his career.

When was Green Day’s major-label debut released?

Dookie was the band's third studio album and the first label album released in 1994. The album was ranked fifth in the US hits charts with over 2 million records sold.

Who sang the song “Call Me Maybe”

Carly Rae Jepsen participated in the fifth season of Canadian Idol. She sang an original that prompted one of the judges in the audition to offer a record deal then and there.

Miley Cyrus covers this Dolly Parton song which is a crowd favorite

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of popular country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She became the youngest singer to have a solo number one album in the Billboard top 200.

38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Limp Bizkit were popular bands in the music scene of this city

The Jacksonville Music Scene was the center of live shows where bands from all over came to play their originals. A lot of people back in the 80s and 90s relied on live shows to discover new songs and genres.

This heartbreaking ballad was recorded by Celine Dion for the iconic movie Titanic.

Interestingly, James Cameron, the director of Titanic, was against using the song in the movie. He wanted to use a standard score for the melancholic ending instead of the pop song. He reportedly expressed his displeasure by saying, "Would you put a song at the end of Schindler's List?"

This boy band is most praised for the song “I Want It That Way”

Although the song was on the top of the charts in 25 countries, many have criticized it for its lyrical meaning. Amusingly, Chrissy Teigen tweeted her confusion over the song in 2018. However, it still remains one of the most loved pop songs even after 20 years, thanks to its catchy tunes.

Inspired by a broken relationship, this sad love song was a big hit from Adele’s album, 21.

Praised for its poignantly relatable lyrics and composition, Someone Like You was the first recipient of the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance, a new category introduced in 2012. Since its release, this heartrending track has been covered by several artists including the Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, and the cast of Glee.

This sassy solo by Beyoncé, at some point, is every woman’s anthem

It's been 10 years since the release of Single Ladies and it's still hard to get over this b*d*ss tune. This feisty song, accompanied with an equally cheeky video, grabbed three Grammy Awards. Moreover, the song bagged numerous accolades from media publications such as Rolling Stone, Time, Slant, Pitchfork, The Village Voice, and Complex.

Which of these singers pursued a career in gospel music as a teenager?

Perry was raised as a Christian. During her teenage years, she devoted herself to gospel music and even released an album, Katy Hudson. Though her gospel music didn't take off commercially, her work was praised by many. Shortly after that, she changed her name and switched to pop music, beginning her journey towards a successful career.

Aretha Franklin is this late pop star’s godmother

Known for tracks like "I Will Always Love You", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)", and "Saving All My Love for You", Houston was immensely popular during the '80s and '90s. The late singer is the only one to have 7 consecutive no. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Which of these singers is nicknamed after his signature song, “Piano Man?”

One of the most successful singer-songwriters, Billy Joel sold over 150 million records across the world. Some of his unforgettable works include "Just the Way You Are", "Tell Her About It", and "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me." He's also one of the few artists who has had over 100 performances in Madison Square Garden.

The musical Mamma Mia is based on this pop group’s songs.

ABBA's songs were at its peak between 1974 and 1982. While their work was comparatively subdued in the United States, they were acclaimed in Europe and Australia. It is estimated that their total record sales are over 380 million which makes them one of the best-selling pop groups of all time.

This singer is credited with the revival of teen pop during the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Acclaimed princess of pop, Britney Spears was one of the biggest teen pop stars in the late '90s. However, by the mid-2000s she was besieged by personal failures and a string of bad publicity incidents. Fortunately, she managed to pull off a successful comeback.

Which pop rock band was known as Kara’s Flowers when it was founded?

The four original members of the band attended school together in Los Angeles. It was there when Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, and Ryan Dusick formed the band Kara's Flowers. It was named after a girl in their high school that the boys had a collective crush on. The Fourth World was the only studio album by them.

The openly gay pop star won four Grammys in 2015 including Song of the Year for “Stay With Me”.

Sam Smith's debut studio album, In The Lonely Hour, bagged him numerous awards and accolades in spite of the lukewarm reviews from critics upon its release. While receiving his awards, the singer thanked his exes for helping him get four Grammys.

Justin Timberlake was previously a part of which boy band?

Known for their hits like "Bye Bye Bye", "It's Gonna Be Me", "This I Promise You", and "I Want You Back", NSYNC went on a temporary hiatus in 2002. Unfortunately, they never recorded any music together again. However, the band reunited in 2018 to receive the honor of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward rerecorded this iconic song for the 2019 remake of Aladdin.

The duet was originally sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane for the animated film Aladdin. The 1992 version won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and Song of the Year at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards. Interestingly, it is the only Disney song to win in this category.

Which song marks the collaboration of Beyoncé and Shakira?

Beautiful Liar was nominated for the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals at the 50th Grammy Awards in 2007. This song also topped several music charts in countries like the UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy. There's also a Spanish version of the song.

This young Canadian singer was discovered after he posted a few covers on the app Vine.

Before he started his pop music career, Mendes wanted to be an actor. When he was younger, he even auditioned for Disney. He recalls being nervous while remembering the lines. After his singing career was established, he did get a chance to star in an episode of the 100.

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