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Kate Libby. Juno. Amanda Lemmon. Which style defines these fictional characters?

While the tomboy style might not seem groundbreaking at the moment, it is more relevant than ever due to fading gender stereotypes. The best part is that anyone can nail this look. From basic tees to loose, ripped denims or relaxed trousers, tomboy outfits are a savior on days when you just want to look and feel chill.

Vivienne Westwood brought this style into the mainstream in the 70s

Punk began as a reaction to the ideas of societal conformity and capitalism. In the UK, punk culture took over with Doc Martens shoes, dark colors, and tight jeans. The most prominent part of this fashion movement can be traced back to Vivienne Westwood's work for the boutique "SEX," featuring clothing that could only be described as shocking for many.

Motorcycle jackets and disco pants. Need we say more?

Edgy. Sophisticated. Sexy. These three words define the rocker style. No wonder it has been a favorite among celebrities. If you're into rocker style, then apart from a motorcycle jacket and disco pants, you should definitely get a pair of studded boots, ripped skinny jeans, chokers, and a grunge babydoll dress.

Heavily influenced by the free-spirited hippie fashion

The bohemian style was inspired by the hippie movement that aimed to break free from the rigid confines of social ideologies. It incorporates free-flowing fabrics like chiffon, silk, and lace. This style became the talk of the town when Sienna Miller sported a black dress with ruffled hem accessorized by a studded belt at Glastonbury in 2004.

This style is about morbid, dark tones inspired by punk and Victorian fashion

The introduction of goth rock, which can be traced back to the post-punk era in the UK, gave birth to goth fashion. While it was disturbingly dark, it championed people's desire for individuality and rebellion. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) and Interview with the Vampire (1994) are some of the best examples of goth style in popular culture.

Eccentric yet creative, this style is known for its bright colors and prints

As Oscar Wilde once said, "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." Artsy style is all about creating wearable works of art. Not restricted by the textbook rules of fashion, this style is uninhibited. Bold, daring hues and exaggerated patterns are used along with unusual silhouettes and handmade fabrics and accessories.

This style encourages dressing down a bit while maintaining a professional look

The best part about business casuals is that it is a lot more comfortable and casual than formal business attire. Sweater, cardigans, polo/knit shirts, corduroy, cotton or khaki pants, long skirts, and sheath dresses are some common clothing options for business casuals. To nail the business casual look, you should try and stick to solid colors instead of bright patterns.

Popularized in the 90s, it was inspired by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam

Prominent grunge artists popularized thrift store shopping and styles for the working class with items like cracked leather jackets, flannel shirts, and work boots, partly because of their own humble beginnings. Grunge style was inspired by these artists who are said to have performed in the same clothes that they wore in their daily life.

Slay gender stereotypes with this style

Androgynous style blurs the line between the traditional styles of masculine and feminine clothing. Over the past few years, genderless designs have become more common. Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart, Ezra Miller, Ellen Page, and Jaden Smith are a few of the many celebrities who have rocked the androgynous fashion trend recently.

This Japanese style is influenced by Edwardian and Victorian children’s clothing

The Lolita style is starkly different from mainstream fashion trends. Like most unconventional styles, it's all about self-expression. Since its inception in the 80s, this style was developed into multiple subcultures. So apart from the classic Lolita attire, you will also find punk, gothic, sweet, Hime (Princess), country, and casual versions of Lolita fashion.

Nas. Jay-Z. Eminem. We think you know which street style these musicians rock!

Initially, the hip-hop style stood out with outfits and elements like oversized t-shirts, tracksuits, combat boots, and overalls. By the 90s, major fashion houses adopted the "homeboy" look which helped it become a part of mass culture. Today, the hip-hop style has evolved and become more luxurious, adding some nontraditional touch by teaming it up with contemporary fashion.

This style consists of clothing that is 20 to 100 years old

Vintage style can consist of haute couture or mainstream fashion brands. The clothing items could either be new or used, manufactured or handmade. It can also cover a range of other styles like retro, punk, bohemian, girl-next-door, and more. Vintage clothing items that are over 100 years old can be categorized as antique.

Prestigious Northeastern schools are credited with the creation of this style

All about the refined collegiate appearance, the preppy style has been around since the early 1900s. It boasts of classic colors, patterns, and prints incorporated in blazers, sweaters, sheath dresses, khaki pants, and tights. The top brands for preppy clothing are Ralph Lauren, COACH, Brooks Brothers, TOMMY HILFIGER, Sperry, and Lilly Pulitzer.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cher are all famous for nailing this style!

Synonymous with a lot of drama, flamboyant fashion is not everyone's cup of tea. Bright, asymmetrical, flouncy, and splashy, and many times, absurdly weird. While singers Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are all about flamboyance, in recent times, numerous celebrities have embraced and flaunted this style during the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival.

This country style is masculine, edgy, and feminine all at once

Denim, fringe, oversized brimmed hats, button-down flannel shirts, western belts, leather boots—Cowgirl style is all about this and a whole lot more. In recent times, this style has been reinvented by luxury fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton

Effortlessly sweet, feminine, and laidback.

The girl-next-door style, simply put, is cute and unassuming. Remember Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (1989) and You've Got Mail (1998)? That's exactly what we're talking about! This laidback style incorporates comfortable clothes and classic silhouettes often coupled with natural makeup to create a feminine and romantic look.

This style evolved from the streets and not from runway fashion

Like ace photographer Bill Cunningham said, "The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." We totally agree. The best part about street style is that anyone could be a part of it as it includes a variety of subcultures such as retro, punk, hip-hop, androgynous, boho-chic, and more.

This style has everything to do with the “Feel Good” decade

A decade of free spirit and eclectic style, the 70s retro fashion was wonderfully expressive and fun. Bellbottoms, halter tops, disco jumpsuits, bell sleeves, crochet dresses, ribbed tops, pantsuits, miniskirts, shearling coats, peasant blouses, and turtlenecks are a few of the many favorites of retro fashion. Even today, this style continues to inspire several contemporary fashion trends.

This style encourages you to borrow it from the boys!

Nothing could be more comfortable than your boyfriend's oversized clothes. Interestingly, a number of women have made these loose and unshapely clothing items a part of their wardrobes. It has become so popular that many clothing manufacturers now sell boyfriend jeans, boyfriend tees, and boyfriend blazers, specially designed for women.

One of its greatest creations is the super comfy phat pants

While you won't see a lot of people wearing phat pants today, they were all the rage in the rave subculture during the 90s. Over the years, rave style took a rather creative turn by incorporating alien, psychedelic, hologram, and mermaid prints in various outfits. More recently, it is become notorious for edgy, revealing looks.

This style is all about camouflage prints and cargos

After World War 2, military wear made its way into mainstream fashion. Who can forget Marlon Brando wearing the humble white t-shirt that was a part of the military-issued uniform in A Streetcar Named Desire! Apart from this, military style popularized turtleneck sweaters, trench coats, and woolen pea coats among the general public.

Whether you work out or not, this activewear style is meant for everyone

Yoga pants are one of the best examples of athleisure. Originally designed for workouts, women started to wear them as casual wear due to their simple and comfortable look. Athleisure quickly turned into a multi-billion dollar industry featuring a wide range of hoodies, trainers, and joggers which were further popularized by Instagram influencers' #OOTD mania.

Originated in the 1920s, this style cleverly combines masculine and feminine styles.

Primarily popularized by Coco Chanel, the Garconne style was the opposite of the conventional and demure fashion of the early 1900s. Short shapeless shift dresses and sleek hair coupled with makeup were a part of the classic Garconne look. Women sporting this style rebelled against societal norms by flouting conventional modes of feminine behavior.

With its origins in Japan, this style is known for excessive cuteness

Kawaii style aims to create a childlike appearance and is commonly incorporated in an alternative Japanese style, Lolita, that has several subcultures of its own like sweet, goth, Wa, Guro, and sailor. Decora is another renowned variation of the kawaii style that involves self-decoration in an exaggerated manner utilizing multiple layers of clothing.

Printed tees. Nerdy glasses. It’s all about an individual sense of fashion

The hipster style started gaining popularity in the 2000s. It emphasizes authenticity and individualism and shuns every idea that is mainstream. Apart from the classic nerdy looks, it combines a variety of other trends and subcultures like skater, punk, cute, rock chick, and artsy to create quirky and unique hipster looks.

Smart and elegant, a style Audrey Hepburn was all about!

The best part about chic style that it isn't excessive and complicated. At the same time, it isn't limited. There are a wide variety of apparels that you experiment with such as sweater, pajama pants, simple tees, blazers, leggings, and duster jackets. While heels can always be worn, these outfits look best with comfortable footwear like sneakers, loafers, or sandals.

Only fashionistas can guess these styles

29th July, 2019

Our personal sense of style is a major part of our social identities. The way we dress sets us apart and gives strangers a teensy glimpse of who we are. Over the decades, many of us have embraced a sense of distinctiveness due to the introduction and rise of some extraordinary styles, whether it is glamorous, peculiar, or rebellious. Think you can guess them all? Play this quiz and see for yourself!

Only fashionistas can guess these styles
Only fashionistas can guess these styles
Only fashionistas can guess these styles
4th Dec, 2020
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