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Which Wonder Woman character does not make an appearance in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot?

Cheetah, aka Barbara Ann Minerva, is one of the archenemies of Wonder Woman. She founded one of the many supervillain teams including Injustice League along with Joker and Luther.

The pilot movie for the Wonder Woman television series first aired in November 1975. What was the name of the movie?

The story of Wonder Woman begins in the pilot movie when American hero Steve Trevor crash lands his plane on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Here, he meets a group of Amazonian women, including Diana Prince.

What is the name of the island where Wonder Woman lived?

Considered the home of the Amazons, Paradise Island is a secret island located in the Bermuda Triangle. This is where Steve Trevor crash-landed his plane and found Wonder Woman.

What does Wonder Woman use as her mode of transportation?

In the television series, Wonder Woman uses an invisible plane. Only three people have traveled in the plane with her Drusilla, Steve, and an unconscious Nazi pilot.

What is the other name of Wonder Woman?

Earlier known only as Wonder Woman, she found her alter ego in the 1942 Sensation Comics No.1. She adopts the name after she runs into a nurse, Diana Prince, who looks just like her.

What is the name of the city-state that is Wonder Woman’s homeland?

Themyscira is an island country or city-state in the Paradise Islands. It is named after the mythological city of Themyscira, which was the capital of the Amazons according to Greek mythology.

During which war does the story of Wonder Woman in the 2017 film begin?

The original series begins during World War II. However, the 2017 film takes place during World War 1.

Who trains Diana on the Paradise Islands?

Antiope was the former general of the Amazons. She was the sister of Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother. She takes responsibility of mentoring and training her niece in combat training.

Where does the opening scene of the 2017 Wonder Woman film take place?

The 2017 film starts off with a prologue which shows Wonder Woman or Diana Price in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris. A Wayne enterprise vehicle arrives to give her a briefcase containing mementos of her past.

Which character in the 2017 Wonder Woman film was inspired by a real-life person?

Erich Ludendorff, one of the villains in the film, was inspired by the real-life General Ludendorff. He was a high-ranking officer in the German army in the later phase of World War I, but the similarities end in the name.

When she meets Steve’s associate Sameer, Diana (Wonder Woman) converses with him in several languages. Which language does she use to leave Sameer confounded?

Wonder Woman has great wisdom and intelligence, and one of her special skills is her heightened proficiency with languages. She can not only speak in her native tongue Themysciran but nearly every language in the world.

Where does the “No Man’s Land” scene take place in the 2017 Wonder Woman film?

The ''No Man's Land'' scene has been known to be one of the best scenes in the DC movie universe. According to the director Patty Jenkins, the scene was almost cut during edits, but it was retained in the final cut.

What does Steve give Diana as the film ends?

The watch becomes a memento for Wonder Woman after Steve dies at the end of the film. The watch originally belonged to Steve's father.

In the 2017 film, there are references to a number of comic book origins of Diana. Which of these is her true origin at the end of the film?

In one of the original stories, Wonder Woman was born when her mother Hippolyta molded her from clay, which was given life by Greek gods. However, in the 2017 film, it is revealed that she was the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

Which scene in the 2017 Wonder Woman film has been reportedly lifted from the comic Justice League, Volume 1, The New 52?

Wonder Woman's fondness for ice cream originated in the very first Justice League story in the 2011 New 52 Reboot. In the comics, she meets a young girl Raquel, who introduces her to ice-cream.

In one of the scenes from the 2017 Wonder Woman film, Diana saves Steve’s life by deflecting a bullet with her bracer. Which Christopher Reeve’s Superman film is the scene inspired from?

In a scene in the Christopher Reeves film Superman, the superhero shields Lois Lane from a mugger in an alley. The similarity between the scenes is one of the many Easter eggs that the director of the film Patty Jenkins included in the Wonder Woman film.

Which DC films director makes a cameo appearance in the 2017 Wonder Woman film?

Although he was quite active behind the scenes, the director of Man of Steel and Watchmen has a blink-and-miss cameo in Wonder Woman. He is one of the soldiers blurred out in the background of the photo Wonder Woman receives from Bruce Wayne at the beginning of the film.

Who was the original creator of Wonder Woman?

William Moulton Marston was the inventor of one of the early prototypes of the lie detector. He was also a psychologist and a self-help author. He was also known by his pen name, Charles Moulton.

In which year did Wonder Woman make her debut?

Wonder Woman first appeared in All-Star Comics towards the end of 1941. She appeared in the cover of Sensation Comics, a new comic book published at the beginning of 1942.

What was the name of the first Wonder Girl?

Donna Troy was the first alter ego of Wonder Girl. She first appeared in comic The Brave and the Bold Volume 1, Issue 60. Wonder Girl was depicted as the adopted sister of Wonder Woman.

How did Wonder Woman get her powers?

Wonder Woman got her powers from the Greek gods. Most of her powers come from Aphrodite, who was the creator of the Amazons.

Who played the role of Wonder Woman in the original television series?

Lynda Carter was crowned as Miss World United States in 1972. She has been an actress, songwriter, singer, and model. She starred as Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979.

In the comics, Wonder Woman had a number of sidekicks? Who was the original sidekick?

Etta Candy first appeared in Sensation Comics, Issue No.2 published in 1942. The spirited and vivacious character was commonly shown as the best friend of Wonder Woman. In the 2017 film, she is Steve Trevor's secretary.

Which of these is one of the lesser-known powers of Wonder Woman?

Along with superhuman strength, Wonder Woman had many lesser known powers. These include the ability to talk to animals, accelerated healing, telepathy, teleportation, astral projection, dominion over the dead, and extrasensory perception.

What is the most iconic weapon that identifies Wonder Woman?

The Lasso of Truth is an enchanted lie detector. It compels a person to speak the ultimate truth or suffer intense physical pain.

Who is the leader of the Amazons?

Queen Hippolyta was Princess Diana or Wonder Woman's mother. While some movies depict the warrior queen to be romantically involved with Ares, the God of War, she is seen to stand against him in the 2017 Wonder Woman film.

In which DC Extended Universe movie did Wonder Woman first appear?

The Zack Snyder movie was the launching pad for a slew of film adaptation based on some of the greatest superheroes of DC comics. These included Wonder Woman as she stole the show with her heart-thumping entry and action sequences.

What does Queen Hippolyta give Wonder Woman when she leaves the island to defeat Ares?

Antiope headband was a part of her battle gear. After Antiope's death, Queen Hippolyta gives this symbol of Amazonian honor to Wonder Woman as she is leaving the island.

In the 2017 Wonder Woman film, who sends a photograph taken during World War to Diana?

Princess Diana and Bruce Wayne first meet in ''Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice''. When Wayne becomes curious about Diana, he investigates further and finds an old photograph of Diana with Steve Trevor's convert unit during World War I.

Which weapon, according to Wonder Woman, was created by Zeus to kill Ares?

The father of gods Zeus created the sword known as Godkiller to kill his traitorous son, Ares. Zeus gives the powerful weapon to the Amazons for safekeeping as well as for protection against Ares.

How well do you know Wonder Woman?

The first female member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman has been the first mainstream female superhero in the comics world. If you are a superfan of this iconic character, you probably already knew this. Think you know more? Take this quiz and find out.

How well do you know Wonder Woman?
How well do you know Wonder Woman?
How well do you know Wonder Woman?
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