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What device does Rick use to travel between universes?

Rick is a genius scientist who creates complex scientific inventions that include dream-invading devices, brain enhancing helmets, and portals to several different dimensions. Rick usually travels to these other dimensions to harvest resources that he needs for his experiments and will often willingly kill aliens for it.

This character steals things in front of the owners

Stealy is a character seen in Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate. He is infamous for going through locations and stealing numerous items and determining their value in Brappels. His extendable and retractable arms help him steal things from great distance. He is also known to look very similar to Mr. Poopybutthole.

What word does Scary Terry constantly use?

Scary Terry is a parody of the character Freddy Krueger, a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.The catchphrase is also in reference to Krueger's one liners in the movies. Rick and Morty enter Scary Terry's dream and befriend him while he is asleep, shedding him of his nervous personality.

These non-humans feed the Smith family their pills

A series of robots, Conroys are owned by aliens as well as humans. They are produced by the Galactic Federation to help and monitor everyone. They have several purposes that involve performing simple tasks for the family they work for, like cleaning, serving food, playing games, apart from spying on citizens for the Federation.

What word doesn’t set well with a Traflorkian?

Traflorkians are a species of small green aliens that are known to goof around a lot. They are known to have planted bones and fossils on the Earth millions of years ago as a joke to lead humans into believing that dinosaurs existed at some point in Earth's existence. Glip Glop is a derogatory term for this species.

Name Rick’s favorite one liner used in Season 1

Mad scientist and Morty's grandfather, Rick Sanchez is the co-eponymous protagonist of the show. During the entire show he uses several catchphrases that add to his eccentricity. Some of them would be "Rikki tikki tavi, b*tch", "Grasssss...tastes bad", "Burgertime!", "Rubber baby buggy bumpers!", "Uh ohhh! Somersault jump!"

What does Rick’s most commonly used catchphrase mean?

While Rick uses many catchphrases, this is the one that he is best known for. He uses it often in the show, mostly in season one. Even though Birdperson said that the phrase means "I am in great pain. Please help me." Rick continues to use it on multiple occasions even where the meaning could not be this literal.

Who are those blue-skinned creatures that love finishing tasks?

Known to inhabit planets across the whole universe, the Meeseeks were made to fulfill only one purpose in their life. They would go out of their way to accomplish that singular goal. Once they've achieved their goal, they simply vanished into thin air.

Alan Rails and Supernova belong to which superhero team?

As Morty explains in the show, The Vindicators are only called when the universe itself is at stake. They are the first line of defense against any evil and are known to be the guardians of the unguarded. Some members of their team are Supernova, Noob-Noob, Vance Maximus, and Alan Rails. They also have an arch-nemesis named Worldender.

This is the Smith’s favorite cereal of all time

Strawberry Smiggles is a type of breakfast cereal that has been procured from one of the many realities shown in Rixty Minutes. Strawberry Smiggles refers to a parody of the cereals Lucky Charms and Trix. Its mascot too is a parody of the other two cereals' mascots.

The inhabitants of this matriarchal planet grow arms on their heads

Located in the Andromeda Galaxy, Gazorpazorp witnessed some conflicts, due to which the two genders divided. The females emerged victorious and flourished while the males became primitive. Because of this the females created incubation sex robots to continue reproducing and growing their population.

Rick wrote a pop song that had these lyrics

Also the name of the episode, this song comes into being when an alien entity appears with musical demands. Not knowing what to do, Rick and Morty call on Ice-T to help them write some tunes for an intergalactic song competition. Rick and Morty perform Get Schwifty together and win the contest set by the Cromulons.

Rick and Morty’s favorite TV show of all time

Ball Fondlers is an action television show that portrays a story about a team of different people who are fighting in the army. It is a series that is aired in different dimensions and realities. Ball Fondlers is supposedly a direct parody of The A-Team and similar shows. This show first appeared in the episode "Rixty Minutes".

This love potion turned humans into what?

Cronenbergs are mutated creatures that are found in the multiverse. They are hideous looking and were formerly the inhabitants of Cronenberg World. In one of the episodes of the show, Rick accidentally converts everyone on Earth into these genetically mutated creatures, except Jerry, Beth, and Summer.

Who are Rick’s best friends?

Bird Person and Squanchy are both recurring characters in the series. An old friend of Rick, Bird Person is also known as Phoenixperson and has seemingly known Morty since he was a baby. Squanchy also is old friends with Rick and they both share a common love for alcohol.

In which tavern do Rick and Morty meet Mr. Jellybean?

The Thirsty Step is shown in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy. This place takes Shmeckel as its currency, and Mr. Booby Buyer is a frequent visitor here. They also serve Skarlog poppies, Flurlow, Bloogies, Juicy Time Babies, and Halzingers amongst other things.

What car does Mr.Sneezy drive?

Coming from an alternate dimension, Mr. Sneezy first appeared in Rixty Minutes. A short guy from an alternate dimension, he was seen in a commercial advertising a car named Sneezy XL. This car made sneeze noises every time you honked the horn. It also could drive over rocks and through water.

What entertainment unit has Rick installed?

This entertainment unit appears in many episodes across the series. It was first introduced in the episode Rixty Minutes. It is a cable box that has access to all the TV shows across the entire multiverse. It receives channels from all planets, dimension, universe, reality, and is broadcasted on this TV created by Rick.

This ingredient is in Yummy’ Yums

Purgenol is a chemical and an ingredient used to make Yummy' Yums. It is a candy bar that is native to Purge Planet. The chemical's reaction induces aggressive and murderous behavior in the consumer. It is known that a product containing this chemical is given out to citizens in preparation for the Purge festival.

Name the shape of the pancakes the Smiths family eats

Beth shares a complex relationship with her father, Rick, who was never around when she was growing up, which has led to the development of some personality issues in her. However, she is happy to know that her father is now part of her life. She affectionately celebrates the one-year anniversary of Rick's return by making UFO-shaped pancakes.

This is used as a form of currency for any exchange of goods

The term Brapples is used to determine values of things that were stolen from various locations. These items are stolen by Stealy who stars in The Adventures of Stealy, an intergalatic cable show. Some items that are featured in this segment are a bag of chips, crushed red party cups, and a plumbus.

Morty’s son is half human and half what species?

Named Morty Jr, he was conceived by Morty and Gwendolyn, a Gazorpian sex robot. His growth cycle from an infant to that of a full adult was at a hyper-increased rate, which made him quickly outgrow his father. Being half Gazorpazorp, Morty Jr had a hard time fending off violent and destructive urges.

He is the leader of The Vindicators

Vance Maximus is one of the members of The Vindicators, a superhero team led by Supernova. Vance has several powers and abilities that make him an important member of the pack as he uses advanced technology and machinery to keep the Worldenders, their arch enemy, away.

Name this legendary alien-hunting race

Coming from a warrior race, the Krootabulans celebrate by hunting. Not just that, but a great hunt is celebrated with a new hunt, creating a continuous hunting cycle for their people. The Krootabulans mainly aim to hunt the Varrix species, who are considered to be like parasites.

Name these sweet-flavored wafers

There is a food factory that manufactures Simple Rick's Wafer Cookies. The name of this factory is Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie Factory, which is owned by Rick D Sanchez III. You will remember it by this - "Come home to the impossible flavor of your own completion. Come home to Simple Rick's."

Lucius Needful works with Summer to build this company

This is a shop owned by Mr. Lucius Needful called Needful Things. He hires Summer to finish work around the shop and help him sell cursed merchandise. His character and his shop is a parody of the novel "Needful Things" by Stephen King, and his black turtleneck is a reference to Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

Name the park Rick builds inside a homeless man

This was a park that was featured in an episode of the same name. The homeless man inside whom the park was made was called Ruben. It was revealed that the main attractions of this park were in fact monsterized diseases. The park was built by Rick and Dr. Xenon Bloom.

Which is a famous ride in this park?

One of the many attractions in the park, this was very personal to Rick who became very defensive over any criticism it received. In the episode, it was shown that this park would be scrapped and a new one would be built inside another man named Ethan. The new creators said that the ride was an unconventional idea.

He cannot feel physical sensations and was a brief guest on the show

He was a store owner who appeared in a commercial for his electronics store in the episode Rixty Minutes. His commercial ended with him catching fire in his store as he continues to say his line, "I'm Ants in my Eyes Johnson, everything's black, I can't see a thing, and I also can't feel anything either!"

What is the word used by Krootabulans to greet people?

Replacing the greetings used by humans, Krootabulans use "Chaimuntolo" as a standard word of pleasant greetings with their members of the species, but also those who are not from the same species. Their language is different than English, and hence tough to understand.

Long-haired guerrilla fighter avenging his daughter’s capture

A dangerous freedom fighter who was incarcerated by a Russian agency. He chose to assassinate Pickle Rick in exchange of his daughter Katarina. However, he switches sides and instead works to overthrow the government, because he found out that they had already killed his daughter.

This popular device is worth six and a half Brapples in the interdimensional world

A Plumbus is an all-purpose home device that was first featured in the episode "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate". It was shown twice on the Interdimensional TV - first, Stealy stole it from a workplace, and then in another episode where they show the viewers how plumbuses are made.

Which is the virtual reality game inside Blips and Chitz?

Roy Parsons is the eponymous character of the virtual reality game inside Blips and Chitz. The name of the game is "Roy: A Life Well Lived," which is played both by Morty and Rick in the episode Mortynight Run. In the episode, Morty says, "I had a nightmare...I was with an old man, he...put a helmet on me."

Which alien species culture is based on scam and stealing?

This alien race is known for their interstellar scamming, and they have been pursuing Rick for his recipe of concentrated dark matter. They have been at this for years and years but have been largely unsuccessful. According to Rick, this species is the galaxy's most ambitious but least successful con artist group.

What is the spandex-clad alien with a megaphone called?

Eyehole Man is an alien species who is a mascot for a cereal. In the series, he is featured in various commercials that are aired in different galaxies. Staying true to his dialog in the commercial, "I'm the eyeho-hole man! I'm the only one who's allowed to have eyeholes!", he beats up anyone who eats this cereal.

Which special place did Rick create for Beth in her childhood

This was an artificially generated world that was created by Rick for his daughter, which could be accessed by drawing an entranceway using a glowing purple chalk. Froppyland consisted of a massive area that included mountains, forests, swamps, and some other biomes. The weather always seemed perfect and the sky was always blue in Froppyland.

A common way to greet others on planet Gazorpazorp

It is a planet that is ruled by the females, and the government is a matriarch with their leader being Ma-Sha. They govern the planet from their utopian society underground, which is separated from the males on the planet. The common greeting among females is "I'm here if you need to talk", while the males merely grunt at each other.

This is Ice-T’s real name

Ice-T is a well-known rapper. In Rick and Morty, he is an ageless alien wandering since the dawn of time as Water-T. In his natural form, he is known as "T" composed entirely of water. Before he could return to Alphabetrium, he was imprisoned in the form of a spike of ice, which was how he took the name Ice-T.

Name this restaurant that serves tiny portions of food

Lil' Bits had a unique way of advertising their food -- "We've got tiny lasagna, tiny pizza, tiny pie. Mmm! Little tiny fried eggs!". The main theme of the restaurant is its tiny food intended for people with tiny mouths. In their commercials, the restaurant always featured large spherical heads with small facial features eating their food.

What’s the reckless neighborhood called in The Citadel

Mortytown is completely devoid of Rick; it only has Mortys running around. According to the show's history, Cop Rick and Cop Morty go to this district to investigate a robbery, and their investigation is compromised by the death of some gang members from the districts that threaten to kill them both.

Whom does Morty fall in love with inside Anatomy Park?

Annie was the only survivor of the team that worked to build Anatomy Park. She becomes Morty's love interest when Morty visits the park. Annie falls for Morty after he engages in some reckless acts of bravery.

Name the genderless sentient hivemind who is Rick’s ex

Unity is a powerful entity that controls minds and forms alliances. Unity communicates with Rick through the alien citizens and often switches between male and female avatars between their conversation. Unity's avatars seem to possess the same brain when being controlled by it, and they have traditionally moved and spoken through entire civilizations of people.

This is the name of the Devil in the series

Mr. Lucius Needful is also known as the Devil in the series. He owns a shop called Needful Things where he sells cursed merchandise and has hired Morty's sister, Summer, to help him around. He finds joy in giving unsuspecting customers these cursed items as long as it helps him keep his business afloat and profitable.

She is the main love interest in Morty’s life

Jessica does not have much screen time, except that she is portrayed as Morty's love interest. She is a popular girl in Morty's High School and is already in a relationship with someone else. Morty's constantly occurring dreams about his crush are exclusively sexual in nature.

Morty is based on which character?

Mortimer "Morty" Smith Sr. is one of the protagonists in the show. He is Rick's grandson and is mostly forced to tag along on his various misadventures. Even though Morty shows an apparent lack of intellect, he listens and follows instructions carefully, which is why he becomes Rick's perfect sidekick.

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How well do you know Rick and Morty
How well do you know Rick and Morty
How well do you know Rick and Morty
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