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How many of these loanwords can you guess?

How many of these loanwords can you guess?
Image Credits: Antimartina | Dreamstime.com

About 50 countries in the world have English as their native language. But did you know that some of the commonly-used English words or phrases are from a foreign language? Well, you can take this test and find out how well you know your daily-used English words’ origin.

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A world-renowned dance style developed in France where the dancer’s costume is known as tutu.

A French word, “ballet” is pronounced without the “t” at the end.

Another word for celebration

A German word, this is used as a suffix both in English and German. Oktoberfest is example that happens every year in Munich.

A popular martial art originated in Japan

Karate in Japanese mean empty hand since there is no requirement of any weapon to do it.

A gigantic sea wave generally caused due to an earthquake

A Japanese word that literally means harbor wave. The phenomenon is common in Japan and the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami is considered to be one of the most devastating one.

A style food of southern China that originally meant “touch your heart”.

The word originally comes from the Cantonese dialect of Chinese.

A traditional component of Southeast Asian and East Asian cuisines and is being consumed in China since the past 2,000 years

Originally a Chinese word “dou fu”, tofu was adopted into English before passing though Japanese to become “tofu”.

A Chinese word that means “big wind”

Reinforced by the Chinese word “taifeng”, typhoon is another name for cyclone or hurricane.

A word meaning have a nice trip

A French word used while seeing off a friend or family.

An appetizer served before a meal.

Some hors d’oeuvres are served cold while others are served hot.

Method of operating

A Latin word that is a common term used in judicial proceedings.

A popular word meaning existing state of affairs

Used in our daily English vocabulary, status quo is a Latin word that particularly in relation to political and social issues.

A French word meaning social blunder

The “x” and “s” are silent here. Faux pas doesn’t necessarily mean physical harm, but it can make people uncomfortable.

A popular word meaning “genuine”.

Originating from Latin, the word also means “with good faith”.

A king or ruler in Arabic cultures.

An Arabic word, Sheikh is used in English as a title while referring to rulers in some of the countries.

A popular part of mathematics that includes the study of symbols.

The word comes from Arabic word “aljabar” referring to assembling broken pieces.

You cannot imagine your French fries without it.

Ketchup may look like an American word but interestingly it originated from the Cantonese word “qié zhī” meaning tomato sauce.

A well-known comfort food usually containing ground meat patty inside a bread roll.

The name of this traditional American food is originally derived from German city Hamburg.

This Spanish word is the synonym for prosperity.

The word gets its origin from Spain where bonanza is referred to as fair weather or prosperity.

A commonly used term for a single photographer or group of photographers taking pictures of celebs.

The word originated from Italian word “paparazzo”.

Originally a word that means to “work together”, but in English refers to express enthusiasm.

Although a Chinese phrase but is used in English as an adjective.

Considered a healthy part of your daily diet, this word is strikingly adopted from an Old French word “fruges”.

Before getting adopted in English language, the word travelled from Latin to Old French. Quite a journey!

The word used for stolen valuables.

Originally a Hindi word, when used as a verb, “loot” acts as a substitute for “to rob”.

A word referring to an icon or incarnation. This word was also the tile of James Cameron’s 2009 fantasy / science fiction film.

The Hindi word Avatar owes its roots to Sanskrit word avatara.

Originating from India, fresh and pickled preparations enjoyed with a number of rolled breads and forms a complimentary ingredient in many recipes.

A delicious preparation, chutney can be made in numerous forms such as spicy coconut dip, tamarind relish, mint dip, to name a few.

A popular Japanese comics, these have become an indispensable part of restaurants, cafes, and libraries.

Originating from Japanese words “man” meaning rambling and “ga” meaning pictures, Manga has become popular comics of recent times.

A common French word used to describe culinary arts of fine food

Originally meaning “wine taster”, gourmet is characterized by elaborate preparations and rich courses.

A restaurant, which is often characterized with an outdoor section.

The French word originated in the early 19th century and is also a synonym for bistro, tearoom, or coffeehouse.

Drivers to the rich and famous.

The word finds its origin in 19th century France and means “stoker” in French.

Another word for forest.

The word is derived from the Hindi word that sounds exactly as it is written.

A synonym for businessman, the word stands for one who launches a new business and takes full responsibility of the profits and losses.

The word finds its origin in the early 19th century France wherein the word was used for referring to the director of a musical school or institution.


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