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This product is applied on the eyelashes to make them appear darker and thicker

The earlier forms of mascara were made from petroleum jelly and coal in a specific ration. The product eventually evolved with a combination of soap and black dye. However, it was only in 1957 that mascara was available in a lotion-based cream form, which is similar to what is available now.

This liquid- or powder-based product is applied to the skin to add color. This acts like a suntan.

Bronzers can be used to make the nose look slimmer. A matte bronzer is usually used to slim down one's face. With a brush, at an angle, the bronzer is spread under one's cheekbones for a well-defined look.

Also called rouge, this powder or cream-based product gives color to the cheeks.

Queen Elizabeth I was known to be a big endorser of this product with her own signature look. Blushes back then apparently contained the use of a toxic substance called ceruse made from lead paint and vinegar. This was followed by the liberal application of rouge made from mercury sulfide.

Originally available in small solid stick form, this beauty product is made from waxes, oils, pigments that add color and texture to lips.

Flappers, the icons of the Roaring Twenties, were known to wear dark red lipstick to assert their independence. Inspired by actress Clara Bow, who personified the Roaring Twenties, lipsticks were usually applied around the lips to form a Cupid's bow.

This beauty product gives a glossy lustre to the lips with a hint of color.

The first flavored lip gloss was introduced by the American company Bonne Bell. The signature line of lip gloss with flavors like strawberry, orange chocolate, and green apple was called Lip Smackers. The product was geared towards pre-teens and teens.

This colored beauty product is applied to the eyelids or around the eyes often available in palletes.

In ancient Egypt, eyeshadows were used to make the eyes more attractive. Various pigments, such as copper, lead, ochre, etc, were used. Slowly, the Greek women popularized its use and this eventually spread worldwide.

Available in liquid and power form, this product evens out complexion and is used as a base for makeup.

The earliest form of a foundation was white lead, which made the skin appear fairer. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth I used it as her beauty staple. A mixture of white lead and vinegar, it was called Venetian ceruse or Spirits of Saturn.

This cream-based product softens and enhances the contours of the face including jawline, nose, and cheekbones.

The first form of contouring products was used by Elizabethan stage actors to help the audience members read their facial expressions. They used a mixture of chalk and soot, which was later replaced with greasepaint. Makeup artist Max Factor Sr. was the first to add contouring effects on stage actors by shading their faces with makeup.

Usually applied after foundation, this product conceals scars, pimples, and blemishes.

Different colors of concealers have different purposes. Concealers with yellow undertones hide dark circles, while blue and green concealers can hide red patches caused by acne or rosacea. Those with purple tints are used to make sallow complexion appear brighter.

This product defines the shape of the lips and helps with the application of a lipstick.

It is always recommended to pick a lip liner one or two shades lighter than the lipstick, ensuring that products are in the same color family. Another option is to pick a shade of lip liner that is closer to your natural lip color.

This teardrop-shaped makeup sponge gives a airbrush finish when used wet.

The blending sponge was conceived quite accidentally. Makeup artist Rea Ann Silva took a special-effects makeup class and experimented with different sponges shapes, finally settling on the signature teardrop shape.

This product attracts light, brightening the skin to give a lit-from-within look.

The earliest use of highlighters was by film and theatre actors who performed indoors with minimal natural light that did provide definition to their facial features, such as the jawline, nose, and cheekbones. The first highlighter available to commercial consumers was by MAC Cosmetics.

Also called blemish balm, this creamy formulation is lighter than foundation and is used to even skin tone.

The original BB cream was developed for medical purposes. German Dermatologist Christine Schrammek, MD, started prescribing blemish balms to her patients who went through intense procedures that left their skin red and sensitive. The initial BB creams were intended to alleviate the redness and soothe and moisturize the skin.

This product with thin, serum-like consistency primes or prepares the skin for the application of makeup.

There are many types of primers available, right from basic primers to eyelid and lip primers. Each of these helps the makeup last longer and improve coverage. Primers have been known to give a flawless, no-makeup look.

This cosmetic pencil is used to define and accentuate the eyebrows.

According to beauty experts, the best way to use eyebrow pencils for perfectly shaped brows is to first brush the eyebrows upwards. Then, use the pencil with gentle upward strokes. Finally, thicken the natural arch.

This product makes the lips look shiny, plump, and full.

Lip plumpers usually contain ingredients such as capsaicin, cinnamon, and menthol. These make the surface of the lips tingle, making them poutier than the usual.

Available in spray or mist form, this product prevents the makeup from fading, smudging, or creasing quickly.

Makeup setting sprays were originally developed to limit the number of makeup applications for actors. It gained more popularity after shows like Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway used it.

This liquid-based product is applied to fingernails or toenails to color them or make them shiny.

Also called nail polish, this nail cosmetic product was reportedly first used in China. Ancient Egyptians used nail colors to signify class rankings: nude and light colors were worn by the lower classes and red by higher classes.

This product is used to stick fake eyelashes to the natural ones.

One of the earliest forms of eyelash glue was Spirit gum. American film director D.W.Griffith made actress Seena Owen glue false lashes so that her eyelashes brushed her cheeks.

This product is rubbed into a powder before it is stamped on the eyebrows for perfect arches.

The trend of eyebrow stamps began around 2014. The first commercial eyebrow stamp was marketed by Kiss Cosmetics. These stamps would be applied with just 3 steps and were marketed as 3-second eyebrow stamps.

This product is placed on natural eyelashes to give the appearance of thick, healthy lashes.

In the 1880s, beauty-conscious Parisians used to sew hair into the eyelids to make their eyelashes appear longer. The procedure involved removing hair from the head and sewing it to the eyelids.

This makeup brush is used to apply beauty products made of loose or pressed powders.

The use of makeup brushes, including powder brushes, is closely related to the invention of the mirror. Like mirrors, makeup brushes were expensive and accessible only to the higher classes. The first makeup brushes were used by Ancient Egyptians.

This beauty tool creates waves or curls in the hair.

The curling iron has come a long way from metal rods heated by hot coals and electric stoves. The very first usage of curling irons involved the use of borax paste and an iron. This method was developed by London-based Charles L. Nessler, which resulted in the invention of a perm.

This device is used to dry and style hair.

The first handheld hair dryer was commercially available in the 1920s. The British historical drama, Downton Abbey mentions the invention of it when a character in the series purchases a hairdryer in an episode set in 1925.

This beauty tool is used to flatten or straighten hair using heat.

The earliest forms of hair straighteners were used by Ancient Egyptians. Long, straight hair was a popular hairstyle. Flat iron plates were heated in the fire and run over the hair shaft until it was smooth. It was a hazardous procedure, causing burns to the hands and face.

This tool replaces fingertips to make shampooing easier and also to scrub the scalp.

Shampoo massage brush, also called scalp massager, is often used to remove product buildup from the scalp. The use of these brushes once or twice a week also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn, increases hair growth, and reduces hair fall.

This product is used to detangle wet hair while in the shower.

One of the most effective ways of using a detangling brush is on wet hair. Part the hair in different sections and start combing the ends first. Then move on to the hair shaft combing from the scalp to the ends in gentle downward motions.

This innovative product is used to groom thick and long eyebrows.

The earliest form of brow gel was clear mascara. This was used to hold unruly eyebrow hair in place. Many often use petroleum jelly to groom their eyebrow hair.

This small tool is used to pluck short eyebrow and ingrown hair and sometimes splinters.

The very first tweezers for grooming purposes were used in 3000BC in Mesopotamia and India. Made by brazing two strips of metal together, these were used to remove small particles.

Available in spray or mist form, this product is used to hold hairstyles in place.

Hairspray was one of the beauty products thrown in the Freedom Trash Can by feminist protestors at the Miss America protest in 1968. According to the protestors, the product symbolized enforced feminity.

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