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Charmander's tail has an eternal flame burning at its tip. This small, dinosaur-like Pokémon is known to be mild-mannered and well-behaved. However, it is not compatible with impatient people. It doesn't like being rushed and does not allow being hurried


Ivysaur evolves from Bulbasaur. The evolved form retains the spots, turquoise skin, and red eyes of the pre-evolved form. The top fangs are larger and are visible outside of the mouth. The center of the ears are black. The bulb on its back starts to bloom


The Squirtle is similar to turtles, except that it is a bipedal Pokémon. Similar to turtles, Squirtle has a sturdy shell to protect itself from physical attacks. Its ability of Torrent can power up the Pokemon's water-based moves whenever it is in trouble


Caterpie has a red "y-shaped" antenna on top of its head. This antenna is used to produce an odor, whenever it feels threatened. The odor wards off predators. Caterpie's ability of Shield Dust allows it to negate all side effects of other moves. At level


Evolved from Caterpie, Metapod is covered in a hard shell. Its ability of Shed Skin gives Metapod about 1/3 chance that an unsafe side effect of an opponent's ability will get dropped at every turn. Metapod's outer shell is regularly hardened so that its


Once it has evolved from Metapod, Butterfree has large wings that look like black and white butterfly wings. A female Butterfree has purple tints at the bottom of its wings, while a male Butterfree doesn't have them. Butterfree's ability of compound eyes


Extremely territorial, Beedrill will attack anyone who goes close to their nest or hive. A swarm of Beedrill can fly at great speed and launch a furious attack on any intruder who gets too close to their hive. It has three stingers that secrete toxic pois


Pidgey resembles other small flying-type Pokémon like Starly, Taillow, and Spearow. When it is on the ground, Pidgey will flap its wings to kick up dust and sand to blind its opponents. This Pokémon has a great sense of direction and homing instincts. Eve


Rattata have large incisors and one whisker on each side. A female Rattata has usually shorter whiskers than a male Rattata. Their teeth grow pretty quickly and they're known to survive in almost any surrounding. They can set up a nest just anywhere. They


Similar to a rattlesnake, Ekans has a yellow rattle at the tip of its tail. Like real snakes, it can unhinge its jaws. When threatened, Ekans rattles its tail and flicks its tongue to test the surroundings and air for the presence of prey. It can also use


Usually quite friendly, Pikachu like to be cuddled. However, if someone steps on or pulls its tail, a Pikachu will mostly likely bite or give a shock to anyone around it, including whoever pulled its tail. A Pikachu's Static ability can lead to paralysis.


With the ability of Sand Veil, a Sandshrew can evade attacks whenever there is a sandstorm. Whenever it senses danger, this Pokémon can curl itself into a ball, as a defense mechanism. Sandshrew are usually timid and run away by digging holes. However, th


Nidoran can be male or female. Except for their evolutionary line, their abilities and moves are the same, irrespective of the gender. However, the male Nidoran has a larger forehead horn than the female Nidoran. Also, the spots over the body are darker f


Along with Magic Guard, Clefable also has the ability of Cute Charm. It also has the hidden ability of Unaware. With Cute Charm, there are roughly 30% chances that the opposing Pokemon will become infatuated if they launch a physical move against Clefable


Known to live for a thousand years, Ninetales is one of the most intelligent Pokémon. They use their ability of Flash Fire to power up their Fire-type moves when hit by a Fire-type attack. Flash Fire also gives Ninetales immunity from Fire attacks. They h


Wigglytuff evolves from Jigglypuff with the use of a Moon Stone. The final form of this Pokémon is Igglybuff. Along with Cute Charm, Wigglytuff also have another ability, Frisk, which is hidden. With Cute Charm, there is a 30% chance that a Pokémon of the


Evolved from Charmander, Charmeleon is much more aggressive than its pre-evolved form. It has a vicious nature and constantly seeks out strong opponents. It is known to be a ruthless and zealous fighter that often fights with its claws out. Whenever it is


It is said that Hitmonchan possesses the spirit of a boxer who had been constantly working towards a world championship. The Pokémon possesses two abilities: Iron Fist or Keen Eye. Keen eye enhances its accuracy, and Iron Fist adds nearly 20% more power t


Known as the Weed pokemon, Oddish spends the daytime buried in soil. It absorbs all the nutrients from the ground with its entire body. The more fertility is present in the soil, the glossier its leaves are. This is a nocturnal Pokémon and uses moonlight


Evolved from Paras, Parasect is a crab-like Pokémon. It gathers in groups to feed off nutrients from the bark and roots of trees. When an infested tree dies, the Parasect move on to another one. This Pokémon can have two abilities: Effect Spore and Dry Sk


A Venonat can have either Compound Eyes or the ability Tinted Lens. With Compound Eyes, a Venonat's accuracy increases by nearly 30%. With Tinted Lens, a Venonat's not-very effective moves can become powerful by nearly about 1.5 times its original strengt


Evolved from Diglett, Dugtrio is a trio of Diglett. The Diglett hates sunlight, so do Dugtrio. The Arena Trap ability of Dugtrio stops an opponent Pokémon from escaping the battles. Dugtrio also have the ability Sand Veil that increases the Pokémon's evas


Meowth can have either of these two abilities: Pickup or Technician. With Pickup, Meowth can pick up any item even when the player is walking. The Technician ability increases the power of non-effective moves. Meowth is the only Pokémon (apart from its ev


A Persian's whiskers not only make it look fierce but they serve a practical purpose. The six bold whiskers can sense air movement and determine everything in the Pokémon's surrounding. The beautiful and elegant Persian can have either the ability Limber

Mr. Mime

A master pantomime, Mr. Mime's gestures and motions will convince anyone that something unseeable really exists. They do this by emitting energy from their fingers and vibrating their fingertips to harden the air around them. Once the observer is convince


A small, monkey-like Pokémon, Mankey is known to be very short-tempered. Whenever angry it starts shaking and its nasal breathing becomes rough. Its anger can turn into towering rage immediately. Its ability of Anger Point raises the Mankey's attack whene


Resembling a puppy, the Growlithe has a great sense of smell. In addition, it has the abilities Flash Fire and Intimidate. With Flash Fire, Growlithe's attack is powered up whenever it is hit by a Fire-type move of an opponent. Intimidate ability lowers t


A Poliwag can have either the ability Damp or the ability Water Absorb. With Damp, a Poliwag's opponent will not be able to use Explosion or Self-Destruct moves. When a Poliwag uses Water Absorb ability, one-fourth of its health is restored whenever water


A golden-brown, human-like fox Pokémon, the Abra can possess either Synchronize or Inner Focus. With Inner Focus, Abra can be prevented from flinching, a condition that prevents the Pokémon from moving or attacking. With Synchronize, Abra can give a statu


A very strong and muscular Pokémon, the Machoke has immense strength. It wears a belt to contain its excess strength. Machoke can have any one of the two abilities: No Guard or Guts. With Guts, Machoke can increase the power of its attack if it has status


Victreebel's ability of Chlorophyll increases the Pokémon's speed whenever the sun is out. This Pokémon is similar to the Venus flytrap. It lures prey by giving off a sweet scent. It also waves and flicks its long vein over its head as a means to attract


An aquatic Pokémon, the Tentacool is based on a jellyfish. This Pokémon can have either Clear Body ability or Liquid Ooze ability. Clear Body will prevent an opponent from lowering the stats of Tentacool. Liquid Ooze will damage an opponent when attempts


Due to its extremely hard hide, Golem cannot be harmed with dynamite. When a Golem rolls down a mountain, it leaves groves on its path. With Sturdy, Golem cannot be Ko-ed by 1 hit knock-out (KO) moves. After Generation V, with Sturdy, Golem can hang on to


Ponyta's mane is made of fire; it burns brightly whenever the Pokémon is happy or excited. It can also ignite its back and harm its rider if it gets angry. However, Ponyta never harms a trainer it trusts. Ponyta's Flash Fire ability protects it from all t


Electric and steel type Pokémon, Magnemite is attracted to power lines and like to feed on electricity. When a large group of Magnemites congregate inside circuit breakers, it can cause a power outage. Its ability of Magnet Pull will prevent any opponent


Resembling a duck, Farfetch'd was the first Pokémon that did not evolve into or evolve from anything. However, this was before Generation VIII. Later, Galarian Farfetch'd could evolve to Sirfetch'd, after landing three critical hits in the same battle. Al


A pinniped Pokémon, Seel belongs to the Sea Lion Pokémon species. It can survive in environments with sub-zero temperatures. The Thick Fat ability makes a Seel immune to Fire-based and Ice-based attacks. A Seel can also have Hydration ability. This abilit


A Sludge Pokémon, Grimer was formed when sludge in a dirty stream was exposed to the X-rays from the moon. A Grimer's rubbery body is made of hardened and putrid sludge and grime. It can force itself through any opening, no matter the size of the opening.


Shellder can have either Shell Armor ability or Skill Link ability. With Shell Amor, a Shellder will be immune to critical hits from an opponent in a battle. The ability of Skill Link amplifies the frequency of Shellder's multi-hitting attacks. Shellder c


Made mostly of gaseous matter, Gastly can easily disappear when it is exposed to strong gusts of wind. This Pokémon can cluster in groups under the eaves of houses to protect themselves whenever there is a strong wind. Its Levitate ability makes it immune


A Rock- and ground-type Pokémon, Onix is made up of large boulders and small pebbles. This Pokémon can have either the ability of Rock Head or the ability of Sturdy. With Rock Head, Onix is immune from recoil damage during an attack. Sturdy protects Onix


Belonging to the Hypnosis Pokémon species, Hypno carries a small pendulum for Psychic-based attacks. It polishes the pendulum while looking for prey. Hypno induces sleep in three seconds by swinging the pendulum in front of its opponent. Along with Forewa


Usually found under the sand in beaches, Krabby belongs to the species of River Crab Pokémon. It can have either the ability Hyper Cutter or the ability Shell Armor. With Hyper Cutter, Krabby's attacking power is protected. Shell Armor makes a Krabby immu


Resembling a Pokeball, Voltorb is a Ball Pokémon. This Pokémon was first known to be sighted at a company that invented Pokeballs. Voltorb can either have the special ability of Static or Soundproof. Soundproof protects this Pokémon from all sound-based m


Also known as the lonely Pokémon, Cubone wears a skull as a helmet. Apparently, the skull belongs to its deceased mother. The skull has stains from tears that the Cubone sheds when it cries on seeing the likeness of its mother in the moon during full moon

Guess the powers of these Pokémon

24th December, 2019

Introduced in Generation III as a new game mechanic, Pokémon abilities referred to the various powers and moves that each Pokémon possessed. Each of these abilities can be used by a Pokémon when told to in a battle. Can you match the ability with the Poké

Guess the powers of these Pokémon
Guess the powers of these Pokémon
Guess the powers of these Pokémon
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