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Deep dish pizza

The pizza is from Italy, but this is the American cousin. The deep dish pizza was invented at Chicago's Pizzeria Ricardo in 1943.


The most loved dish from Viennese cuisine, the name ‘schnitzel' has been patented by Austria and can be used only for thinly pounded bread-fried veal cutlets. National Wiener Schnitzel Day is celebrated every September 9th.


This fertilized duck embryo dish is listed as one of the most disgusting foods of the world and is a street food delicacy in the Philippines. It is also believed to be a great aphrodisiac.


A global dish, paella has numerous variations and is a traditional staple Spanish dish that is cooked over a wood fire. The name comes from a Valencian word la paella, which means a cooking pan.


Fries, gravy, and cheese curds - what's not to like about poutine? Invented during the 1950s in Quebec, this meal is Canada's national dish and is a permanent fixture on every McDonald's menu across the country.

Steak and kidney pie

Diced steak, onion, and kidney - Britain on a plate. It's one of the national dishes of Britain and has many rhyming cockney slang names, like "Kate and Sydney Pie."

Som Tam

Som Tam is believed to have originated from an ethnic Lao dish named Tam Som, but its exact origin is not recorded. Variations of this sour and spicy papaya salad are made throughout Southeast Asia.


Not the only national dish of the Philippines, lechón is a Spanish word for a roasted suckling pig and is prepared throughout the year for every celebration, especially Christmas.

Century eggs

These eggs are on the world's most disgusting foods list, yet a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Preserved for weeks or months together, century eggs are believed to be a great aphrodisiac.


Created in Berlin by Herta Heuwer in 1949, the currywurst is beyond a casual sausage. It's boiled and then fried and topped with curry sauce. More than 800 million currywursts are eaten every year in Germany.


Originating from a Korean word that literally means "fire meat," bulgogi is a popular grilled barbecue-style meat dish that is believed to have originated between 37 BCE and 668 CE.

Peking duck

An iconic Chinese dish, the preparation of peking duck dates back to the Northern and Southern dynasties. Opened in 1416, Bianyifang was the first restaurant to specialize in peking roast duck.

Kabuli pulao

Also called Qabili Palaw, the national dish was created by upper-class families of Afghanistan and the dish was thought of as superior food that could only be afforded by the wealthy.


Tracing back to the 9th century, goulash is the nation's most well-known dish. The name comes from the Hungarian word gulyás, which originally meant "herdsman."

Black pudding

Made from animal blood (mostly pigs), fat, and oatmeal, black pudding is basically a type of blood sausage. Widely eaten across the UK and Ireland, the annual World Black Pudding Throwing Championships are held in Lancashire every September.

Anzac biscuits

Simple bikkies made of flour, oats, coconut, sugar, and golden syrup, Anzac biscuits are specially baked and eaten on Anzac Day, which honours the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).

Eggs Benedict

According to the New York Times, in 1894, hungover Wall Street broker Lemuel Benedict ordered a breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and a pitcher of hollandaise sauce at the old Waldorf Hotel in New York.

Beef Wellington

Britain's most indulgent steak dish, Beef Wellington is a decadent preparation of meat wrapped in pastry. It is believed to be named after the first Duke of Wellington—Arthur Wellesley—after he vanquished Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.

Apple Brown Betty

A fall dessert dating back to colonial times, the Apple Brown Betty is a simpler version of an apple pie without the crust. National Apple Betty Day is observed each year on October 5.

Guess the country from the dish

26th July, 2019

There is no love more sincere than the love for food. If you're a know-it-all foodie, then try guessing the countries from which these foods originally belong. Take this quiz and find out if you really know about food as much as you think you do!

Guess the country from the dish
Guess the country from the dish
Guess the country from the dish
30th Sep, 2020
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