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GoldenEye is one of Pierce Brosnan's best 007 movies. The movie managed to gross over $350 million dollars worldwide, making it one of the most successful movies.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford plays the pivotal role of Indiana Jones, an archeologist who beats the Nazis to locate a religious relic that can used for world domination.

Police Story

Police Story may not be a Hollywood feature but has one of the best action heroes - Jackie Chan. Jackie has then acted in several American productions after his success in Hong Kong cinema.

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee is regarded as one of the greatest martial arts experts in the world. Enter the Dragon, which was distributed by Warner Bros., went on to collect a record $90 million worldwide.

Die Hard

Bruce Willis's holiday plans are interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over a commercial building with hostages. He has to save everyone on the eve of Christmas.


John Travolta is willing to swap faces with a gangster and most wanted criminal, played by Nicolas Cage, to gain more insight into his organization and activities. It was a movie ahead of its time.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as Dutch in the movie hunts down and kills a creature with superhuman strength.


Robocop was one of the first movies of its kind to feature a fusion of a human and robot. Played by Peter Weller, RoboCop was a popular action role of the time.

Miami Vice

Colin Farrell is an undercover detective in Miami who teams up with Jamie Foxx to wage war against illegal drug and arms dealing.


Gladiator won the academy award for best picture. The story revolves around a general in the army who is in line to inherit the throne but is forced to become a common gladiator.


Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, is hell bent on conquering the drug trade in Miami, willing to kill anyone who stands in his way. Scarface is not a big box office hit but is worth mentioning.


This is one of the popular action films of the '90s featuring veteran actor Robert De Niro. One can enjoy several classic car chases scenes throughout the movie in locations like Nice and Paris.

The Rock

Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage shared equal screen time and space in the movie, but Cage led the iconic rescue mission to free hostages since the beginning of the main plot.


Kirk Douglas plays a role of the rebellious Thracian Spartacus who was born and raised as a slave, trained to kill in the battle arena. Spartacus leads the slaves and frees them from their owners.


Sylvester Stallone plays a troubled war veteran who is forced out of a town he visits. What follows next is a one-man army waging war against every cop, detective, and soldier in the county.


Gerard Butler was born to play the Spartan King in this fantasy action movie. Th film is a legendary story of how 300 spartan men fought the entire Persian army at the battle of Thermopylae.

John Wick

Keanu Reeves plays legendary assassin John Wick in the movie series and is left mourning when the his puppy, the last gift from his deceased wife, is killed. John Wick wreaks havoc and turns into a killing machine, seeking vengeance.

True Lies

James Cameron directed this action-packed hit movie also featuring Jamie Lee Curtis? Arnie plays a dual role of salesman by day super spy at night.

Lethal Weapon

Mel Gibson plays a reckless suicidal police detective who is out seeking vengeance for the death of his wife. He is reassigned to a new partner and uncovers a massive drug operation in the movie.

Kill Bill

A former assassin known by her code name The Bride, Uma Thurman wakes up from a coma, only to discover that her ex lover tried to kill her on the wedding day. She then sets out to seek revenge.

The Dark Knight

Christian Bale did justice to the role of a vigilante in the city of Gotham. Batman is one of the most successful DC comics franchises with several remakes featuring prominent actors.


The sequel to the original movie Alien was well received with the storyline revolving around Lt. Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver.

Saving Private Ryan

In this epic WW2 film, Tom Hanks leads a small team of soldiers to search for Pvt. Ryan, who has lost all his brothers in the war. Pvt. Ryan is played by Matt Damon.

The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon suffers from amnesia and does not remember who he is after he is rescued unconscious from the sea.

Independence Day

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air certainly upped the ante when he was chosen to accompany Jeff Goldblum on a mission to destroy the alien mothership about to destroy the planet as we know it.


Liam Neeson is an ex-CIA field agent and the only one who can successfully track, recover, and bring back his only daughter before she is trafficked into an unknown country to the highest bidder.

Black Hawk Down

Two U.S. special forces helicopters delivering humanitarian aid are taken down in an unexpected attack. Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor must fight of the militant forces to stay alive till they are rescued.

Casino Royale

James Bond can do anything and in Casino Royale Daniel Craig wins a high stakes poker game to bring down a crime syndicate and seeks vengeance against the people who try to murder his love.

The Transporter

Jason Statham is a special force retired expert transporter who can deliver any package to the highest bidder, driving his own car, which is his primary condition.

Fight Club

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton both start an underground fight club scene with strict rules. The club allows men to challenge and fight opponents, all who are fed up with their mundane lives.

Con Air

Nicolas Cage plays the role of prisoner Cameron Poe who must tackle a Jailbird full of wanted prisoners planning to hijack the plane en-route their prison transport.


Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man with an ability to steal secrets from people's minds in the movie. Director Christopher Nolan is known for exceptional story, screenplay, and filmmaking abilities.

Mad Max Fury Road

Tom Hardy plays the role of Max Rockatansky who forges an alliance with Imperator Furiosa. played by Charlize Theron. to outrun a ruthless warlord trying to escape through the wasteland.


Hugh Jackman is one of the few mutants remaining and tries to lead a quiet life without getting into trouble. However, he is forced to get a mutant child pursued by scientists to safety.


The plot revolves around the evacuation allied soldiers from the British and French empire who are surrounded by the German army at the harbor of Dunkirk.

Guess the actors for these action films

17th June, 2019

The greatest action movies of all time include everything from martial arts movies and spy thrillers to action comedies. Every movie will also showcase a memorable performance by the cast. Think you know the lead actors of the following movies? Take this quiz to find out.

Guess the actors for these action films
Guess the actors for these action films
Guess the actors for these action films
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