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Created by Billy Blanks, this aerobic exercise of the 1990s was a combination tae kwon do and boxing.

Billy Blanks sold more than a million copies of Tae Bo videos, which also inspired the trend of "cardio-boxing".

A major fad in the 90s and 2000s, this Nautilus exercise system had massive recalls in 2004.

Nautilus, Inc. also created the TreadClimber, which was inspired by the development of the elliptical machine.

This 1960s fitness equipment had a bulky strap that had to be worn around the waist and it jiggled the body to “melt” belly fat.

The fitness fad of the 1960s, vibrating belts are making a comeback in the form of products such as the Vibro-Belt and The Flex Belt.

Developed by Jake Steinfeld, this series of workout videos became a brand with Steinfeld selling fitness equipments.

Jake Steinfeld has been known to have helped Harrison Ford get physically fit for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Steinfeld even lent his voice to one of the characers of the animated film, Ratatouille.

The 1980s pop icon Suzanne Somers claimed that this was one of her favorite fitness products for toned thighs.

The Thighmaster was developed by Joshua Reynolds, who also created with designing the Mood Ring that reportedly changed colors based on the wearer's mood or emotional state.

Jane Fonda created her series of workout videos based on this exercise routine.

Jane Fonda sold nearly 17 million copies of her 23 original workout videos. She also released two new fitness DVDs in 2010 for an older crowd.

This fitness fad claimed to give you six-pack abs within eight minutes flat.

Developed by Jamie Brenkus, these 8-minute fitness routines from the 1990s claimed to give you six-packs and a washboard stomach. This series also has a spinoff called 8-Minute Buns.

Instead of going to the roller rink, people used this fun activity to tone their leg muscles.

Roller Skates were made popular when Olivia Newton-John appeared on the cover of People magazine wearing a pair. The sport became a craze among personalities such as Cher, John F Kennedy Jr., and Andy Warhol.

This dumbbell-like fitness equipment needed you to shake it instead of lifting it over.

The Shake Weight became a pop culture phenomenon. It also quickly became a target for parody on shows such as The Daily Show, South Park, and Saturday Night Live.

What are Ephedra, Fen-phen, and Ripped Fuel?

Endorsed by celebrities from the Jersey Shore star Snooki to The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, these apparently magical weight-loss pills have been in and out of the fitness marketplace.

Nintendo developed this get-fit-through-video-games device.

Launched in 2008, Wii Fit has teamed up with celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler to develop Wii Fit U programs. Kaehler is renowned for training the Kardashian family.

Which military-inspired fitness camp claimed to get you fit in four to six weeks?

Started as a fad in 1990s, Boot Camps were loosely based on military training and were conducted in groups usually led by an ex-military instructor. This fitness fad faded away in the 2000s, but is slowly making a comeback now.

Which of these exercise machines uses vibrating technology?

Power Plate promises to strengthen muscles with a mere 10-minute workout. It is endorsed by celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Madonna, Sting, and Hilary Swank.

Which fitness routine is similar to yoga and was developed by Joseph Pilates?

Developed in the early 20th century, Pilates is one of the few fitness fads that have sustained over the years. New-age Pilates involves the use of apparatuses such as resistance bands, foam rollers, and weighted balls.

Which among these started a flood of abs-building equipment?

The Ab Roller came out in 1994 and was followed by a fad of abs-related equipment such as Ab Wheel, Ab Lounge, Ab Rocket, Ab Glider, Ab Circle, and Ab Coaster.

Which brand created the once popular Cross-Country Skier machine?

NordicTrack went into loss and filed for bankruptcy in 1995. In 1998, they shut down all their retail stores, but continued to make traditional exercise equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills.

This latest fitness routine promises to turn the most hardcore couch potato to a marathon runner.

This fitness routine involves working your way up to five kilometers by alternately walking and running over a period of nine weeks. Celebrity talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon has recently joined the Couch to 5K bandwagon.

Which part of the liquid diet promises to remove “unwanted toxins” from the body?

Also known as juice cleanses or juice detoxes, this fitness fad comes with its own set of disadvantages as it excludes a number of essential foods groups such as fiber-rich foods from the diet.

Which among these is commonly used for rehabilitation exercise routines?

Medicine balls are used in plyometric weight training with minimal equipment. These are very effective fitness tools that are mostly used for specialized training of athletes.

What was the name of the series of music-based aerobics videos by Richard Simmons?

First appearing in 1988, Sweatin' to the Oldies became an instant hit, with its 20th-anniversary edition released in 2008. Its more contemporary version is called "Party off the Pounds."

This company provides a high intensity cycling workout on a stationary machine with a heavy flywheel linked to the pedals.

Indoor cycling is the latest form of an earlier fitness fad, spinning. The indoor cycling classes are conducted by SoulCycle, a New York-based fitness company that was founded in 2006.

Skechers signed up Kim Kardashian to endorse these shoes that claimed to tone the body as you walk.

Manufactured by nearly every fitness brand, the earlier versions of this clunky-looking shoes include Toning Shoes, Fit Flops, and Jumpsoles.

Jeff Costa launched this sizzling version of aerobics on a pole.

Although Jeff Costa started the fad in 2001, it became more popular when celebrity Carmen Electra started her own video series titled Aerobic Striptease. After that, nearly every local gym starting a pole dancing class.

Which fitness fad involved bag-like suits that promised weight-loss through intense sweating?

This 1980s fad was made popular by pro wrestlers who wanted to make it to their weight class by losing a substantial amount of fluids right before a weigh-in.

These colored bracelets had a hologram dot in the center and claimed to increase athletic performance.

In 2010, Power Balance issued a statement stating that they have been misleading consumers about the authenticity of their claims. The company was sued for fraud and then filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

This high-intensity branded fitness regime uses weights, kettlebells, benches, racks, and medicine balls in a space called the “box”.

Greg Glassman developed CrossFit. It is a registered trademark under CrossFit, Inc, which Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded in 2000 in California. With over 9,000 boxes worldwide, the regime's celebrity endorsers include pop artist Kelly Clarkson.

What is the combination of athletics and calisthenics performed in outdoor parks called?

Originating in Ancient Greece, street workout has become quite popular in recent years especially in the United States, Morocco, and Myanmar.

This aerobics exercise was originally inspired by the various styles of Latin American dance.

Created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez in the 1990s, Zumba was originally performed mostly to Latin American dance music. Now, Zumba can be performed to any kind of music using any dance form, given that it involves fast and sl

Which among these involves a high-octane mash-up of jazz dance, kickboxing, ballet, Pilates, and yoga?

Developed by dance instructor Judi Sheppard Missett, Jazzercise set the stage for different versions of aerobics such as Zumba. It nearly started the trend of choreographed exercise.

These wearable trackers can track your steps, measure your heart rate, count the number of calories burned, and quality of your sleep.

Fitbit launched the very first wearable fitness trackers in 2009. Over the years, various competitors have sprung up such as Jawbone Up, the Nike FuelBand, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Samsung Gear Fit2.

Can you name all these fitness fads?

09th July, 2019

All of us who had a television around remember those late night infomercials that sold the latest fitness trends to make us healthier, happier, and fitter pretty quickly than we could imagine. How many of these fitness fads do you remember?

Can you name all these fitness fads?
Can you name all these fitness fads?
Can you name all these fitness fads?
30th Sep, 2020
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