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Which is the most popular cheese in the country?

Mozzarella is made from the milk of Italian Mediterranean buffalo and is traditionally manufactured in Campania.

This food never rots

While excavating pyramids in Egpyt, archaeologists found honey that was dated back to 3000 years and it was perfectly edible!

Deer meat is called

Venison is essentially the meat of any game animal killed by hunting.

What is this smooth, creamy soup of French origin, made from lobster, langoustine, crab, shrimp, or crayfish?

Seafood Bisque is traditionally served in a two handled cup.

This fatty fruit is the base ingredient for guacamole

Fallbrook, California, is known for its avocado groves and is called the "Avocado Capital of the World".

Which is the most widely eaten fish in the world?

Herring is the most widely eaten fish in the world, while tuna is the most widely eaten fish in the country.

Paella is from which country?

There are three kinds of Paella -- Valencian, Seafood, and Mixed.

Authentic caviar comes from which fish?

Traditionally, caviar means only the roe from wild sturgeon in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

Chiffon, Marble, Sponge, Bundt, Pound, and Genoise are types of what?

Cake is derived from the Old Norse word "kaka".

The Sunday Roast made of roast meat, potato, Yorkshire pudding, veggies, and gravy is traditional to which country?

A large meal to comes after mass on a Sunday is typical in European countries. The Sunday Roast is quintessentially British and is a "slightly less grand Christmas dinner".

Ceviche is a dish made primarily of what?

History attributes Peru as being the birthplace of this dish. Ceviche is made with fresh raw fish cured in lemon or lime, and spiced with ají peppers, chili peppers chopped onions, salt, and cilantro.

Currywurst is traditional to which country?

Currywurst is a German fast food dish made of steamed and fried bite-sized pork sausages with curry ketchup, and served with French fries.

Peking Duck has been a part of which country’s cuisine for centuries?

Originally named "shāo yāzi", the variation of the Peking Roast Duck as we know it today was already popular during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644).

Dulce de leche is a popular dessert in which part of the world?

Dulce de leche is prepared by heating sweetened milk and is Spanish for "candy made of milk" or "caramel".

This Greek dish of baked eggplant, potatoes, and spicy ground lamb is called

There are many versions of Moussaka, but the now famous Greek version calls for layers of meat and eggplant topped with a Béchamel sauce. This preparation is then baked.

This dark brown, savory, yeast extract is an Australian speciality

Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract mixed with various vegetable and spice additives. Its flavor is categorized as umami, and it's best eaten as a sandwich spread.

In Japanese cuisine what is “Nori”?

Japanese for edible seaweed, Nori is a species of the red algae genus Pyropia and has a strong and distinctive flavor. It is used to wrap rolls of sushi.

The French delicacy “Foie Gras” literally means

Made from the liver of a fattened goose or duck, this is considered a luxury food product in France, but is banned in countries like India for the cruel force feeding of the birds.

This dumpling kind of food is native to Tibet, Nepal, and North-east India

Momo, derived from the Tibetan word "mog mog," is believed to be of Tibetan origin. Its popularity spread to neighboring countries like Nepal, India, and Bhutan with the Tibetan diaspora.

In which state is the ice cream capital of the world

Le Mars, Iowa, is home to Wells Enterprises, Inc., the world's largest producer of ice cream novelties.

This meringue-based cake is named after a Russian ballerina

This dessert was named after Anna Pavlova in honor of her visit to Australia and New Zealand during the 1920s.

This deep-fried creepy crawly is a delicacy in Cambodia

Fried tarantula is a delicacy in the Cambodian town of Skuon (Cheung Prey, Kampong Cham Province). Bred in holes in the ground or hunted from nearby forests, these spiders are fried in oil and served.

A plantain is closest to which fruit?

Plantain is essentially any type of banana that is cooked before eating.

The main ingredient in Hummus is

This Levantine dip popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic.

Eggs preserved in clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several months are a delicacy in

Called Century egg, it can be made with duck, quail, or chicken eggs.

This Korean pickled dish is made with fermented vegetables and spices

There are hundreds of varieties of Kimchi. It is made with fermented vegetables like napa cabbage, Korean radish, and seasoned with chilli powder, scallions, ginger, and garlic.

This Arabic dish literally means “spoiled old daddy”

Originating in Levant cuisine, Baba Ganoush is made with eggplant, olive oil, and sesame seeds. It is typically consumed as a starter.

How many types of pasta exist?

All pasta names are in plural in Italian. The sauces typically paired with different varieties of pasta will depend on how well the shape holds the sauce.

The word “shawarma” is derived from the Turkish word “cevirme,” which literally means

This Middle Eastern preparation is so popular even Iron Man can't resist it! Made with thin slices of meat, wrapped in a pita and garnished with pickled vegetables and tahini, the shawarma is hugely popular as street food.

Can you ace this ultimate food quiz

24th May, 2019

Food. It's a language that transcends borders and cultures and unites those with a passion for culinary delights. Whether it's delicate macarons from France or a hearty paella from Spain, simple mac and cheese from the UK or spicy wat from Ethiopia, a true foodie ignores geopolitical borders and simply enjoys their food. Think you know your world foods well? Take this quiz to find out!

Can you ace this ultimate food quiz
Can you ace this ultimate food quiz
Can you ace this ultimate food quiz
29th Jul, 2021
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