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Which actor chanted “NINE-NINE” before it got added to the series?

Crews was the one to start the “NINE-NINE” chant on the sets to motivate everyone and the writers loved it so much, they added it to the script. So, now when you see Sgt. Terry Jeffords motivating his team with the beloved chant, you know who was responsible for it.

According to Captain Holt, how many acceptable sleep positions exist?

Holt's dry sense of humor makes it extremely hard for anyone to understand whether he's joking or not. In The Last Ride, he says that you can either sleep on your back, toes up, arms crossed, or on your back, toes up, arms at the side; since these are the only two acceptable sleep positions.

Which actor’s character shared a talent with their real-life selves?

Aside from being an incredibly talented actor, Terry Crews is also a fantastic artist. Reel-life Sarge drew sketches of perps and in his earlier days, Crews himself did a stint as a courtroom sketch artist and drew pictures of murderers on trial. You have to agree that he is one highly-skilled man!

Who’s the “funny guy” in the precinct?

Jake Peralta is synonymous with chaos as he was almost always responsible for the hullaballoo in the precinct, as seen in multiple episodes. His nature causes skirmishes with Captain Holt at the beginning of the show, but, he's shown to have a good heart and does everything in good humor.

What is Jake’s favorite movie?

Saying that Die Hard is Jake’s favorite movie is an understatement! Detective Jake Peralta loves the film to bits and you’ll often hear him making references to the movie dialogs, moments, and the people who were a part of the franchise. His dreams come true in the Yippie Kayak episode, although he gives it up.

These actors went to the same elementary school on- and off-screen

Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti are childhood friends and went to the same elementary school just like Jake and Gina did. In fact, Jake is the reason that Gina got a job in the 99th Precinct. During the hearing, Gina says that their relationship is “little girl holding little boy’s hand” emoji!

Which character appears in the pilot episode and wasn’t seen again?

The pilot episode tells you a lot about the characters. For instance, it establishes early on that Hitchcock and Scully are quite incompetent. Though the rest of the seasons have this lazy duo, the pilot also featured a third, equally bad, cop—Detective Daniels. She disappeared from the show after the pilot episode and never made a comeback.

Who wins “The Bet?”

“The Bet” is between Jake and Amy about who makes the most arrests. The 13th episode of the first season witnesses Jake wins after he arrests 30 men at the last minute and Amy dejectedly has to accept the bet's terms. This was the first episode to hint at Jake's growing feels for her.

What’s Captain Holt’s dog’s name?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has it all! It even has an adorable doggo who is loved by some very important people. Cheddar is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Captain Raymond Holt and his partner Kevin Cozner. Moreover, this sweet pup is quite the intellectual since he won the traditional Halloween special in Season 5.

How many brothers does Amy Santiago have?

Try-hard detective Amy Santiago’s always competitive and this has a lot to do with the fact that she has 7 brothers. She feels the need to prove that she’s as good as any of them. This also impacts her desire to impress authority figures and find a mentor to help her achieve her dreams of becoming the youngest captain.

Who plays Jake’s girlfriend in season two?

The gorgeous “Desperate Housewives” actor, Eva Longoria, plays Jake’s girlfriend Sophia Perez in season two. She is a fiery defense attorney who is wary of cops, as her profession pretty much demands it, but eventually ends up falling for the goofy Jake. She and Jake break up when she realizes who he truly loves.

Where did Terry live when he was pursuing his college education?

Terry spent his junior year of college abroad in Tokyo, Japan. It was in Japan where he met his girlfriend, Chiaki, who cheated on him and left him devasted. Poor heartbroken Terry tells her that he had come to Japan to learn Japanese, but Japan only taught him about heartbreak.

Which member of the precinct is known for using pseudonyms?

Detective Rosalita “Rosa” Diaz is not just a badass, she’s also smart, loyal, and very, very secretive. She uses pseudonyms to keep from revealing any information about herself and is difficult to read. Jake, who she calls her closest friend, knows only three things about her and she likes keeping it that way.

What was the final score of Amy and Jake’s bet?

The infamous bet between Amy and Jake was about who’ll have the most arrests. While Amy’s in the lead, she brings in a perp with one minute to spare before the bet ends, and everyone assumes she won. But, enter Jake Peralta and the 30 criminals he arrested, making their score Amy: 84 and Jake: 93!

What is Jake’s traditional Thanksgiving food?

When Amy invites everyone over for Thanksgiving, Jake doesn’t want to go since he doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Instead, he has his tradition to attend to; the one where he sits in his house and watches football as he eats “MayoNuts” spoonsies—spoonfuls of mayonnaise with peanuts sprinkled over it.

Jake donates ___ pints of blood after forgetting to hang blood drive posters up

In a flashback seen in the episode Lockdown, when Captain Holt asks Jake to hang up posters for the blood donation drive, he forgets to do so. To make up for this, he donates five pints of his blood, and understandably faints afterwards.

Revealed to be Jake’s favorite artist after the lie detector test

When the lie detector reveals that Jake’s been lying about his favorite artist, he confesses to Terry that it’s actually Taylor Swift because “she makes him feel things.” and, to this, the adorable Terry says “She makes all of us feel things!”

What’s the Vulture’s real name?

The Vulture appears in the 5th episode of season one. His real name is Detective Keith Pembroke and he is from the Major Crimes Unit. He derived this name owing to his habit of swooping in close to the end of an investigation, claiming it, and taking all the credit for the arrest.

What’s Terry’s favorite yogurt flavor?

It’s no secret that “Terry loves yogurt”, and Terry never fails to not mention this. His favorite yogurt flavor is mango, which has since been discontinued as he confesses in an episode. In fact, Terry loves the snack so much that his once-a-week treat is a full-fat Greek yogurt with a touch of honey.

Who wins Boyle Bingo?

Jake wins Boyle Bingo! For those who cannot remember what Boyle Bingo is, it’s a game played by the entire squad during Thanksgiving. Everyone has to fill out each square with a Charles-scenario and the first to bingo wins $100. Needless to say, Charles isn't too pleased with the game.

Which instrument did Amy play in high school?

Detective Amy Santiago is shown to be a go-getter and does everything in her capacity to become the youngest Captain. Aside from a pretty good track record at work, she was an ideal student at school, is skilled at reading lips, left-handed, and played the French horn as a high-schooler.

Which honor did Charles receive after being shot?

Charles got shot and saved another member of the squad, Rosa, from getting shot. For this brave act, he receives the NYPD Medal for Valor. However, he gets miffed when another recipient of the medal, a horse named Sgt. Peanut Butter, poops on the stage and upstages him in multiple ways.

In the Maple Drip Inn, which room do Jake and Sophia get?

Jake tries to add a touch of romance to his work trip by inviting Sophia, and he invites Amy’s boyfriend, Teddy as well. At the B&B, Sophia books them a room that consists of 1000 dolls and Jake seems happy about it at first, till they realize how creepy all the dolls are.

What is Gina’s job in the precinct?

Gina is always seen sitting outside Holt’s office with her cell phone. She is the administrator for the precinct and is great at games and witty comebacks. She remains unfazed even when Captain Holt is around, does her own thing all the time, and is the level of nonchalance everyone aspires to achieve.

Where did Charles adopt his son from?

Charles adopts a son from Latvia, and the boy’s name is Nikolaj. You will often find him trying to get people, especially Jake, to pronounce his son’s name properly. Nikolaj is four when adopted and called Charles his comrade.

Gina introduces Captain Holt to this game and he gets addicted to it

Gina can be seen playing Kwazy Kupcakes, which Captain Holt gets immediately addicted to as well. This game is designed to be addictive and gives the player an arbitrary sense of accomplishment with flashy colors, sounds, and a map that you need to complete to reach places like Sprinkle City.

What is the name of the dance group that ousted Gina?

Gina loves two things a lot: surfing the internet and dancing. She displays traits of extreme narcissism and considers herself an amazing dancer. She used to be a part of a dance group called Floor-gasm but was voted out by the other members of the group as she missed eight practices in a row.

What name does Gina give Terry and herself after Floor-gasm drops her?

Floor-gasm gives Gina the boot after she misses eight straight rehearsals in a row. So, when she and Terry perform together, she wants to call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jeffords. Well, we all know that Gina did have a crush on Terry and would often flirt with him.

What is the name of the picture book that Terry makes for his daughters?

Sgt. Terry Jeffords has two daughters and starts making a picture book for his daughters Cagney and Lacey and calls it Junebug and Cricket: Adventure Girls. Interestingly, the girls seem to be based on Amy and Gina to an extent, which they have problems with later on and confront him about.

Who does Amy get married to?

Nobody is more excited about the Peraltiago ship than Charles Boyle, as evinced in multiple episodes. After what seems like endless push and pull and some beautiful instances of partnership, Jake and Amy finally get married. The two get engaged earlier in the same season, during the Halloween Heist episode.

Which other show has the same producer as Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Michael Schur, the genius behind “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is also credited with producing another hilarious show, “Parks & Recreation.” This explains why these two shows have a similar signature style and why many writers and actors have worked on one or both shows. Both shows achieved stupendous levels of fame and have gone on to become iconic.

What’s written on the jar on Gina’s desk?

Though Gina is not a detective, she comes across as more intimidating than almost all of them. She’s loyal to Holt and the others but can be ruthless otherwise. She also has a warning on her desk in the form of a jar that is labeled “Ashes of Problem Employees.”

Who gets hit by a bus?

When Charles finally gets added in a group chat, he starts flooding the chat with random messages. Gina gets irritated and blurts out that she would rather get hit by a bus than get one more text from him. Unfortunately, when she stops to read the one proper text he sends, this is exactly what happens.

Who leads the team to victory in the football match against the firefighters?

Sgt. Terry Jeffords is the one who single-handedly wins the foSgt. Terry Jeffords is the one who single-handedly wins the football match against the fire department. You shouldn’t be surprised since Terry Crews played in the NFL for several notable seasons. He later moved on to a career in acting! Sports, acting, and drawing, it seems like there is no skill terry hasn't mastered.otball match against the fire department. You shouldn’t be surprised since Terry Crews played in the NFL for several notable seasons. He later moved on to a career in acting!

To whom does Holt give the two puppies he’s stuck with, in season one?

In season one, Holt is stuck with two adorable puppies and whenever he gives them away or tries to sell them, they somehow come back to him. When Charles returns after his injury and is avoided by the rest of the team, Holt ends up giving him the two puppies.

Which member of the precinct has their car stolen?

Captain Holt and his husband Kevin owned a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder convertible which had a lot of custom work done on it. Holt, accompanied by Jake and Doug Judy, drives the car to an auction to catch George Judy, and that’s where “Gertie” gets stolen. He replaces her with "Sexarella," which is gifted by Doug Judy.

What was Giggle Pig?

Giggle Pig was the name of the drug that was doing rounds in season two. Jake and the squad are seen trying to apprehend the Giggle Pig kingpin, and he almost escapes their clutches when a stolen garbage truck crashes into the building they are in to help Doug Judy escape.

Which two members of the squad become step-siblings?

When Charles’ father meets Gina’s mother, sparks fly. Though Charles and Gina aren’t too comfortable with this, their parents eventually get married in season two. The wedding is almost called off because of the groom getting cold feet, but Gina swoops in and gives pretty much one of the most inspiring speeches in the show.

Who leaves the precinct at the end of season two?

Everyone’s beloved Captain Holt has to leave the precinct towards the end of season two. He receives a promotion that takes him away from being captain and giving the taskforce active commands. Although he tries to stop it, and in effect Wunch, he fails. Gina follows him to into the new office as his secretary.

Which character dies at the beginning of season three?

Captain Dozerman was appointed as the captain of the 99th precinct and is shown to be extremely autocratic. He has a genetic heart condition and when he catches Jake and Amy kissing in the storage room he tells them that as long as he is here, they are finished. The next moment, he has a heart attack and dies.

Where are Jake and Holt relocated at the end of season three?

When Jake and Holt enter the witness protection program, they are relocated to Florida. They live as neighbors and use different names in their new homes. Holt calls himself Greg while Jake adopts the pseudonym Larry. Their fake personas have differences just as they do in real life and they keep squabbling.

Which business did Charles get into in season five?

Charles' extreme and mostly weird obsession with food is the butt of jokes in many episodes but in season 5, he actually starts his own food truck business. Unfortunately, almost immediately after its launch, the truck gets burned down in a fire.

Which characters almost got married in season four?

Rosa and Adrian have an extremely passionate relationship and fall in love quickly. They almost get married in season four. However, they realize that maybe they're rushing things and need to spend a little more time and get to know each other better.

How long was Detective Adrian undercover?

Detective Adrian Pimento from the 99th precinct worked undercover for 12 years. He re-emerges in season three from doing undercover work for Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, an A-list mobster, who made him commit violent crimes against his enemies such as driving a croquet wicket through a guy's eyes into his brain.

What rank is Amy promoted to after she clears her exams?

Amy is a hardworking and ambitious police officer who aspires to become a captain someday. Not just that, she'd like to be the youngest captain ever. After her exams, Amy gets promoted to sergeant in season five. She is reluctant to leave her current position as she isn't ready to leave her partnership with Jake.

Can you ace this noice Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz?

11th December, 2019

With the 99th Precinct watching the streets of New York, no criminals can escape! Isn’t it “noice” to have such great detectives battling all sorts of trouble in their uniquely witty way? If you have guffawed at Holt’s deadpan expression or admired how tough Rosa is, or say “cool, cool, cool, cool” every time you are anxious, then take this quiz and find out how well you know Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So, ready, set, NINE-NINE!

Can you ace this noice Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz?
Can you ace this noice Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz?
Can you ace this noice Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz?
25th Jun, 2021
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