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Which of these topics are covered in math?

Mathematics covers a wide range of topics and includes the scientific study of structure, order, and the relation of objects that can be quantified. Algebra is the study of structures that include sets and operations while geometry is the initial study of figures and shapes. Calculus is a more advanced field of study that includes limits, derivatives, and integrals.

What comes next after a trillion?

A quadrillion has 15 zeros after 1 that is spread into 5 zero groups of 3. But it is not the biggest number in this sequential group. While most of us are familiar with trillion being the commonly known bigger number, the largest is what is called a centillion. There are 303 zeros after 1 spread out in groups of 3, 101 times!

What is the top part of a fraction called?

The Numerator is the top number in any fraction that denotes the number of parts. For example, in a fraction of one by eight, one is the numerator. Interestingly, the numerator can also be zero in the series of a real number indicating there are no parts at all. Fractions are commonly used in mathematics to divide into specific proportions.

Which of these is the biggest fraction?

One-half is the largest fraction in this series. Fractions are expressed inversely meaning smaller the numerator and denominator numbers, larger is the fraction. If you express one-half as a ratio, it would mean an object has been divided equally into two parts, 50:50. One-sixteenth implies an object has been divided into sixteen parts mathematically making it a smaller fraction.

Who is regarded as the father of mathematics?

Archimedes is well known in the field of mathematics for the Archimedes principle. It is a physical law of buoyancy that states any body completely or partially submerged in gas or liquid is acted upon with an upward force of the said fluid. The volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the object that displaces the water.

Which number does not have a Roman numeral?

The Roman numeric system is one of the oldest in the field of mathematics that represents certain numbers using symbols. Except for 0, roman symbols I, V, X, L, C, D, and M are used to represent 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 numerically. The symbolic representation will change depending on the value of the number.

This number has its letters in ascending alphabetical order

A fun fact about the number forty is that every letter of the alphabet is in ascending alphabetical order when you spell out the word. Forty in roman numerals is expressed as XL. Interestingly, XL also represents a garment's size for local and international brands.

This number is in reverse alphabetical order

If the number forty is spelled in ascending alphabetical order, the number One when spelled out is actually in the reverse order. One is commonly used to determine the highest or lowest score in numerical rating schemes. In Germany, One is regarded as the highest grade while in the Netherlands, One is the lowest grade for scoring.

This award is like a Nobel prize in the field of mathematics

It is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of mathematics and is awarded to people every four years to recognize their achievement and contribution in the study and field of all mathematical applications. The International Mathematical Union chooses members of the Fields Medal committee who then determine a winner.

Rubik’s cube can be solved in how many moves?

Mathematically, there are 43 quintillion possible ways in which the Rubik’s cube can be configured. However, the interesting fact is that you require 20 moves of a suitable combination to solve it in a matter of minutes. For speedcubers, it takes them les

What is the largest mathematical number?

A googolplex is a number that is 10 to the power of a googol, which in itself is to the power of a 100. The number of zeros in this number is exhausting to quantify. Interestingly, the tech giant Google has named one of its campuses as the Googleplex after the number to refer to the complex network of buildings in the area.

Any number to the power of zero is _____

An exponent denotes the number of times any number is multiplied with itself. In math, any number to the power of zero is one. The number increases each time a number is multiplied with itself but to the power of zero, the resulting answer will always be 1.

What do you call a polygon with 8 sides?

An octagon is a shape that has eight sides and is quite common when it comes to commercial and civil applications. For example, the Allen Wrench, a common automotive tool features an octagon-shaped end to fit nuts and bolts of that size. Architects have also used the design of the octagon to incorporate in famous structures around the world.

These type of numbers read the same from left to right & vice versa

A Palindrome refers to any word, sentence, verse or even number that reads the same forward and backward. These are not very hard to come by as commonly used words in the English language like madam, radar, civic, etc. are palindromes. Similarly, in mathematics, certain computations can result in palindromic numbers like 17371.

This Greek mathematician has a theorem named after him

Pythagoras made several contributions to the field of mathematics and the development of Western rational philosophy. His principles also influenced other philosophers like Plato and Aristotle to further expand the field of study in advanced mathematics. The Pythagoras theorem is commonly used to find the length of the Hypotenuse (third side) in a triangle.

This mathematician invented the first analytical engine

Charles Babbage was a British mathematician and inventor, credited with the first-ever working concept and design of the computer. Babbage referred to the invention as an analytical engine as it was capable of mechanically calculating numbers. It was first designed to derive logarithm tables that were used in navigation.

This mathematician proved complex theorems and equations

Srinivasa Ramanujan is regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians. He proved theorems and solved complex mathematical problems before an offer from the prestigious University of Cambridge came to sponsor his education abroad. Ramanujan worked closely with G.H. Hardy during his time at Cambridge.

This studies the relationship between the sides and angles of a triangle

The word trigonometry originates by combining the words “trigonon” meaning triangle and “metron” meaning measure in the Greek language. It is a special branch of mathematics that focuses on the relationship between the side lengths and angles of a triangl

This mathematician is the founder of calculus

Widely credited for discovering gravity, Sir Isaac Newton has also contributed his fair share of time and efforts in the field of mathematics. During the plague of 1665-66, Newton discovered a new theoretical approach to mathematics to introduce the world to calculus. Calculus improved the understanding of motion and dynamic range.

He established the concept of general and special relativity

The German-born physicist has won the Nobel prize in physics for his contributions in general and special relativity. However, Albert Einstein discovered a fascination for geometry at the age of 12 and developed an interest in the field of mathematics which later led to him developing algorithms for the laser and several other discoveries in science.

Only one of these is an even prime number

Two is not only an even number, but it is also the only prime number that can be quantified in a series of even numbers. As most of the prime numbers are odd, 2 is the only one that qualifies as both even and prime. Also, prime numbers can only have 1 as a factor whereas even numbers have 2 as a factor.

What type of number is Zero?

As a whole number, zero can be classified as an integer as it can be written without a remainder. But when you divide zero by any number, the resulting quotient is also zero. Mathematicians have concluded that zero is usually classified as an even number due to its division properties.

This sounds similar to a popular baked delicacy

Pi is the ratio of any circumference to its diameter. Numerically, Pi can run upwards of a million decimal places if you can calculate and keep track of such an enormous number. However, Pi is usually represented to its first ten decimal points which is 3.1415926535. Interestingly, Pi also sounds like PIE as in apple pie.

This shows the relationship between different mathematical sets

Groups of objects that have something in common can be represented mathematically using a Venn diagram to highlight the similarities. John Venn pioneered the concept where a group of things is mathematically referred to as a set and the diagram represents the set to illustrate the said relationship.

The order of operations in math is ___

The United States follows a distinct rule of order for math operations known as the PEMDAS. It is the Parentheses of an Exponential expression to determine the order from multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. The standard operation does not change for any mathematical operation starting with multiplication and end with subtraction.

What do you call a perimeter of a circle?

The circumference is used to denote the distance around a circle. It is the measure of the length of this geometric shape. The circumference of the circle also determines the diameter and radius. All these quantitative measures combined help solve complex equations and compute length and distance accurately.

This geometric shape has equal opposite angles

In the basic shape of the parallelogram, the opposite sides are parallel and equal in length, the opposite angles are also equal, and supplementary to each other. Computing the area, perimeter, and diagonals of a parallelogram help figure out different real-life applications of this unique geometric shape.

This sequence has the next number as the sum of 2 preceding numbers

A Fibonacci sequence is one of the more interesting concepts in mathematics that determines a set of numbers in sequential addition. This means in a sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on, the number 2 is the result of adding the preceding numbers and the number 8 is the sum of its preceding numbers. The progression follows a fixed pattern.

This number series is represented using geometric shapes

The name, figurate was developed by mathematicians hundreds of years ago when they thought about the multiplication and square roots in a geometric way. The figurate number represents numeric sequences using commonly recognized geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and tetrahedral shapes to simplify the meaning of the sequence.

How many sides does a Nonagon have?

Also referred to as an Enneagon, a Nonagon is a polygon with 9 sides. The three properties of a regular nonagon are the interior angle, exterior angle, and the area. Nonagons have various types of applications in mathematics and geometry to quantify.

It is the basic unit of mass in the metric system

Different counties in the world follow different units of measurement based on the type of system. A kilogram is the standard unit of metric measurement to determine the volume of any object. Smaller units of weight are measured in grams and milligrams for better accuracy and estimation.

What is the symbol for millimeter?

A millimeter is a standard unit of measure that is a thousandth part of a meter. This means a meter is equivalent to a thousand millimeters. It is most commonly used in countries that follow metric systems to calculate very small and precise distances. Computing with millimeters increases the accuracy of the distance or length being measured.

How many years are there in a single decade?

A decade is commonly used to express a period of 10 years. The origin of the English word decade can be traced back to the Greek word “Dekas” which means “a group of ten”. In calendar years, a decade is used to describe a specific period. So, when someone

This triangle has only two equal sides

Triangles make up for an interesting shape as they allow several of them to link with each other seamlessly. The isosceles triangle has two equal sides with two equal angles. The angle, area, and perimeter determine the shape of the triangle and there are quite a few common shapes including the isosceles, equilateral, scalene, acute, right, and obtuse triangle.

One of the first women to teach mathematics

Hypatia was regarded as one of the earliest female mathematicians in the history of Alexandria. She has earned credits for her contributions and writings in Conics (geometry) and Arithmetic (number theory) among other important fields of study in math. She was also an astronomer and philosopher.

Who invented the number zero?

Aryabhata is one of the earliest known Indian mathematicians who discovered the number 0. He also introduced various concepts of decimal points in division and devised algorithms to derive the square and cubic roots using this system. The mathematician was quite famous in South India and he influenced many more to follow in his footsteps.

How many sides does a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon has six equal length sides at equal angles. However, this interesting shape also comes in irregular forms, some even featuring concave and convex angles. In nature, the shape can be found in honeycombs where hexagons interlink with each other seamlessly to form the complex structure of the beehive.

The only number that is twice the sum of its digits

There is only one positive integer that is exactly the twice of its digits. It is possible to express this in the form of an equation. Many have tried to find out other numbers that can be rearranged to achieve this result. But 18 is the only number whose result can be proved with a mathematical equation.

Zero and natural numbers are known as ___

In algebra, all numbers are natural numbers that you can add up to infinity. However, all natural numbers including zero are known as whole numbers. These numbers are positive numerical and don’t have a decimal place or represented in fraction form. Whole

This is the official association of mathematics research

The American Mathematical Society is a professional organization established in the year 1888 to make progress in the study of mathematics. At present, the organization is made up of 30,000 individuals and 570 institutions with a global presence who publish and advocate mathematical research, education, and skills.

When was the first Fields Medal awarded?

The First recipient of the Fields medal in the year 1936 was Lars Valerian Ahlfors, a Finnish mathematician. Ahlfors is well known for his work with Reimann Surfaces and his achievements later also won him the Wolf Prize in 1981. The second recipient of the Fields medal in the same year was Jesse Douglas.

This number, when multiplied by itself, gives you 12345678987654321

This is one of the biggest palindromic numbers and is obtained when you multiple 111,111,111 with itself. The sequence for this multiplication can start at 1x1 and go up to the maximum possible number that you can calculate using a scientific calculator. Beyond a certain number of digits it may not be possible at all.

Symbols that are used to represent numbers are___

Primitive numeral systems were first used in ancient Egypt and the Grecian lands. After the development of simple numerical systems, the Babylonians, Greek, and Romans then introduced their version of the symbolic representation of numerals in groups. Each had subsystems to quantify different mathematical applications.

X, M, V, and L represent this type of symbolic numerical system

The Romans came up with this numeric notation based on an ancient system to represent numeric value. This means instead of writing the number 10, the Roman numeral X can be used to indicate the same value. The most commonly used symbols include I, V, X, L, C, D, and M to represent 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000.

This field of math uses advanced computing techniques

Computational mathematics has numerous applications in fields like game theory, fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, optimization, probability theory, statistics, cryptography, mathematical finance, mathematical physics, and even control theory among others. These concepts are solved by applying the principles of math to arrive at a logical conclusion.

These type of numbers read the same from left to right & vice versa

A Palindrome refers to any word, sentence, verse or even number that reads the same forward and backward. These are not very hard to come by as commonly used words in the English language like madam, radar, civic, etc. are palindromes. Similarly, in mathematics, certain computations can result in palindromic numbers like 17371.

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Can you ace the number game?
Can you ace the number game?
Can you ace the number game?
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