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How many cameras does the Galaxy Note10 have?

The Galaxy Note10 has 1 front and 3 rear cameras. It is packed with a multi-camera system powered by the pro-grade technology that helps you convert every captured photo and video into a worthwhile experience. With this awesome movie studio technology, you can easily shoot and instantly edit without having to wait for the final output for long.

How much RAM does the Galaxy Note10 have?

With a powerful RAM of 8 GB, the Galaxy Note10 lets you download videos, photos and stream content swiftly. Moreover, you can enjoy online gaming at incredible speeds, thanks to the 2.0 LTE connection and a great processor of the Note10.

What is the internal memory of the Galaxy Note10?

Looking for a laptop-like storage space? You have it with the Galaxy Note10! Whether you want to store every photo and video captured or want to download huge data, with the Galaxy Note10, you can easily have a storage space experience of a laptop in a smartphone.

The external storage on the Galaxy Note10+ can go up to

You can choose between the storage capacities of 256 GB and 512 GB. But if you want laptop-like storage, the Galaxy Note10+ does not disappoint you. With a microSD card, you can enjoy additional storage support of up to 1TB. Store massive data or download movies and games, the storage space of Note10+ assists you with all!

How thick is the Galaxy Note10?

The Galaxy Note10 has the top-notch, premium design of the Note Series, flaunting the elegant build. Although the striking look of the smartphone is definitely a game winner, its exceptional lightweight and thin body add to the design feature, making the phone more than just looks!

What photography effect do the phones include?

With the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Series, you can add background bokeh effects to your videos too. The LiveFocus works with photos as well as videos, letting you enjoy four video bokeh effects. Blurring out backgrounds helps achieve special effects of cinematic depth of field, thanks to the pro-grade video quality.

What is the camera on the Galaxy Note10+ called?

A super cool edge to capturing image or video, the DepthVision Camera comes with a built-in 3D Scanner that lets you turn any captured content's subject as a 3D rendering that can be then added to any video or photo. This camera feature is only available in the Galaxy Note10+.

What is the “wand” in the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ called?

The super-versatile S Pen offers a fun, convenient way of navigating the phone. This "wand" boasts a durable and sleek unibody that is lightweight and just 0.35mm thick. The S Pen with the Galaxy Note10 Series is more rounded than any of its successors.

What is the gesture control on the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ called?

BLE-based and customizable gesture controls, the Air Actions are powered by the six-axis sensor of the S Pen. All you need is a flick of your wrist and you can swiftly control the music, videos, camera and more. The best part is, Air Actions can be customized, whichever way you want to.

What is the display called?

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ boast a Dynamic AMOLED display screen coupled with the Infinity-O display that offers a cinematic effect. The screens are stunning and more spacious than ever - thanks to the nearly bezel-less Infinity-O Display.

Which sound system are the phones equipped with?

Looking for an immersive sound experience? The Galaxy Note Series has it all. The Dolby Atmos audio offers better volume leveling, enhanced sound and dialogues, providing a great audio output.

How big is the display on the Galaxy Note10?

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes with a 6.3 inches FHD+, Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display that offers a near bezel-less, uninterrupted display. The Galaxy Note10 is 0.1 inches smaller than its predecessor, Galaxy Note9. So, if you are looking for performance and power in a sleek form, the Galaxy Note10 is your go-to smartphone.

Which version of Gorilla Glass protects the display?

The Galaxy Note Series flaunts the rich display powered by the Dynamic AMOLED display and bezel-less Infinity-O display. Coupled with the superior color and brightness for great picture quality, the phone also comes with the super-strong Gorilla Glass 6, both on the back and front of the phone.

How big is the display of the Galaxy Note 10+

Screen sized at 6.8 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ flaunts the sleekest design with the largest display in the Note Series. The visual experience remains expansive and uninterrupted with the Infinity-O display. It also offers lifelike color and contrast with the Dynamic Tone Mapping feature. So, your images won't be washed out irrespective of the different levels of brightness.

This technology amplifies the audio in frame

Two of the striking features of the Galaxy Note Series include Zoom-In Mic and Screen Recorder. The all-new Zoom-In Mic feature comes with an AI-backed technology that makes it a standout attribute of the series. The Zoom-In Mic amplifies the sound of the subject as you zoom in on the subject, thereby minimizing the background noise.

This S Pen feature allows you to personalize photos with drawings and animations

Offering a one-of-a-kind feature, the AR Doodle is designed to help you create Augmented Reality illustrations and drawings, effects, and animations using the S Pen. It is a fun and creative form of using your surrounding in an interactive way.

This feature allows you to wirelessly charge the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or another Qi-certified device with the Galaxy Note10.

With the Wireless PowerShare, you can easily charge your Galaxy Note10 without having to use a cable. That's not it, you can also charge your Galaxy Buds, Qi-compatible devices, or your friend's phone. However, the Wireless PowerShare is compatible only with Samsung or other brands that have WPC Qi wireless charging feature.

Your data is secure on the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ because of the security solution called

Complying by the strictest security requirements set by information technology, the Samsung Knox is a worldwide trusted mobile enterprise solution. It is a defense-grade security platform for enterprise mobile security. Providing multi-layered security, this feature protects the most sensitive data from malware and malicious threats and keeps hackers at bay!

How much RAM does the Galaxy Note10+ have?

With a RAM as big as 12 GB, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ makes browsing incredibly convenient. Downloading photos, videos, and streaming content online is quite easy, thanks to the new processor and RAM to support efficient functioning. This also makes gami

What OS do the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ run on?

Android 9 Pie enables the device to work at its maximum potential. This new Android software adapts and customizes to your preference, as you use the phone, keeping it running smoother for longer periods. Thanks to this adaptability feature, the performance of the phone remains at its best.

What new feature does the S Pen have?

Haphazardly taking down notes but need to share them with your team immediately? The new feature of the S Pen, Handwriting to Text, enables your handwriting to be converted into a neat text. You can export these handwritten notes into editable text, which can easily be shared with anyone.

What is the processor used in the Galaxy Note10 series?

This new processor uses the latest technology offered through 7nm EUV. It enhances the user experience through smooth visual performance. This is, especially attractive to those who use the device for gaming or photography features. While these can be heavy processing functions, the technology keeps your phone power-efficient.

What technology is used for making the processor?

The Exynos 9825 processor is made using the 7nm EUV technology that is responsible for delivering improved intelligent photography. This gives the product an edge when it comes to gaming and graphic performance. This technology claims to be power efficient, so, a drained battery life does not have to be your worry anymore!

How much is the front (selfie) camera?

With the placement of the selfie camera in the center of the product, the photographs allow for natural eye contact. Thanks to the 10MP front camera, the selfies look more like self-portraits, with spectacular lighting! They have also upgraded the technology to accommodate Night Mode, making low-light pictures better looking.

How much does the Galaxy Note10+ weigh?

Weighing 196 grams, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is an exceptionally thin smartphone, sure to be a lightweight device in your pocket, literally. With its slim and cinematic form, the Galaxy Note10+ makes for an aesthetically pleasing design that promises to not compromise on performance and technology.

What is the battery capacity of Galaxy Note10?

The Galaxy Note10 comes with a battery capacity of 3500mAh and a cutting-edge battery intelligence. So, you may rest assured to not be caught with a “battery low” indication. And if the battery is low, the Galaxy Note10’s 30-minute power-up will last for

How much is the ultra-wide camera of the Galaxy Note10+?

The 16MP ultra-wide camera gives a 123-degree field of vision, making the image look grand. This feature, along with the wide-angle and telephoto cameras, gives amateur photography a professional touch that is bound to leave you awestruck! Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ comes with an additional DepthVision feature.

This technology helps improve autofocus time and is present in the Galaxy Note10+ but missing from Note10

ToF or Time of Flight is an exclusive feature of the Galaxy Note10+ that allows for better depth measurement in photographs. The ToF sensor accurately measures distance, especially in low light conditions, offering an enhanced imaging output. A great feature for when you are taking portraits!

How long does it take to charge the S Pen?

Offering advanced control features, the S Pen offers customizable and BLE-based gesture controls called Air Actions. The S Pen is powered by a six-axis sensor that allows switching camera modes, music controls, and more, with just a flick of the wrist. It only requires 6-minute charge and offers a battery standby time of up to 10 hours.

The battery capacity of the Galaxy Note10+ is

Due to the cutting-edge 7nm EUV processing technology, the Galaxy Note10+ is loaded with a powerful battery that can be charged in just 30 minutes. The 4300mAh is the largest battery that the Galaxy Note Series has ever seen and is packed with the feature of storing a day full of charge.

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