37 hours ago

Guess the powers of these Pokémon

22 hours ago

Can you complete these famous movie dialogues?

Memorable movies often leave behind certain moments you simply can't forget. From famous quotes to interesting tidbits about the actors and the movie, we present a quiz that will thoroughly entertain you. Let's see if you can guess all 45 dialogues correctly to claim the title of ultimate movie buff!
27 hours ago

How well do you know your spellings?

Google stumped users when it released its spell trends. Users were apparently googling the spellings to words like schedule and even decision. Do you think you know better? Take this basic spell test to find out how good you are!
40 hours ago

Guess these US state abbreviations

On the 1st of July in the year 1962, the USPS department decided to introduce a 5 digit ZIP code, which meant they had to revise their state abbreviations due to space constraints. Now, each state has its unique postal abbreviation and if you don't want to lose your mail, you must get the postal abbreviations right. Do you think you know the abbreviations to ALL 50 states? Take the quiz to find out.
34 hours ago

Use Your Noodle and Ace this Food Quiz

If you’re on a health kick and fancy yourself as an amateur nutritionist, this one is for you. Take this quiz to find out how well you know your food. Food is not just flavors and smells, and it does not just satiate your hunger. There is a plethora of nutrients that make up the food you eat. For a super-healthy diet, you need to know which vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients are found in which foods. What you put on your plate determines how healthy you will be. Take this quiz and find out if you know all about these foods that you put on your plate pretty much every day.
24 hours ago

Can You Ace This Number Sequence Game?

This game is the ultimate test for those who claim to be good with digits and their sequence. Also, it's more difficult than you think, especially with the clock ticking!
22 hours ago

The ultimate American general knowledge quiz

America is a land of diversity and the second largest democracy in the world. The great nation plays host to various cultural groups and is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and locations in the world. But just how well do you know the history of your country? Take this quiz to find out if you can answer all 45 questions correctly.
34 hours ago

Can you ace this easy-peasy science quiz?

There was a time when everyone wanted their secret laboratory like Dexter or couldn't wait for "Mythbusters" to start on the Discovery channel. If you have loved science irrespective of the mind-boggling equations and unpronounceable names of plants, then you will definitely enjoy this quiz. Take this quiz and find out how well-versed you are with the various facets of science.
48 hours ago

Think you can nail this BoJack Horseman quiz?

Netflix’s most popular animated comedy series, BoJack Jackson follows the misadventures of an anthropomorphic horse who once starred in a '90s sitcom. The show is highly praised for its realistic depiction of issues such as sexism, racism, childhood trauma, mental health, sexual orientation, and more. It has won numerous accolades from Writers Guild of America Awards, Annie Awards, Critics' Choice Television Awards, and Gold Derby Awards.
  • 21 hours ago

    Can you ace this noice Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz?

    With the 99th Precinct watching the streets of New York, no criminals can escape! Isn’t it “noice” to have such great detectives battling all sorts of trouble in their uniquely witty way? If you have guffawed at Holt’s deadpan expression or admired how tough Rosa is, or say “cool, cool, cool, cool” every time you are anxious, then take this quiz and find out how well you know Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So, ready, set, NINE-NINE!

  • 42 hours ago

    How well do you know Rick and Morty

    If nihilistic optimism were to be explained in various ways, this show would definitely be an out-of-this-world example. Rick and Morty has received love from around the globe for its gripping story structure and the mindblowing adventures that the protagonists venture into. It is a show that explores possibilities, philosophical ruminations, despair, and even drama to keep you entertained. Think you've followed enough of the show to know everything about it? Take this quiz!

  • 21 hours ago

    Can you ace the number game?

    Numbers can get confusing at times and might make you wonder if you are dealing with an integer or a fraction, a rational number or a negative? But if you think you have a way with numbers, we have the perfect quiz for you. See if you can ace the quiz that features math history, prominent mathematicians, mathematical expressions and so much more.

23 hours ago

How Many of These Synonyms Can You Get Right?

Playing with words is an art, but are you an artist? Well, you won’t know until you test yourself with this ultimate quiz designed to challenge the limits of your vocab. Score 30 or more, and the drink's on us!
42 hours ago

Can you ace this world trivia quiz?

Can you identify all the flags of almost all the countries in the world? Do you know all the wonders of the world? If you think you know the world around you far better than your friends, work buddies, and family, take this world trivia quiz and find out for yourself!
17 hours ago

The ultimate quiz about the Joker-verse

Released in October 2019, Joker redefined the way we saw Gotham's worst villain. If you are equally enthralled by the origin story of Joker, take this quiz to find out how well you know the movie and Batman's archenemy.
22 hours ago

How math savvy would you call yourself?

Commonly defined as the science of numbers and their operations, mathematics is an old, vast area of study with its uses in almost all aspects of life. Its concepts and theorems are applied to other disciplines such as physics, engineering, and astronomy to name a few. But, many of us have lost touch with the beauty of this subject. Take this quiz to find out how well you remember your math!
48 hours ago

Just how much DO you know US History

Pride yourself as a history buff who dominates trivia night at the bar every time? Or does the thought of history tests back in high school chill you to the bone? It doesn't matter whether you love or hate history, we are sure you'll be able to answer these simple questions about America's unforgettable past. Take this quiz and prove us right!
45 hours ago

The ultimate Terminator quiz

Everyone's favorite robot hero is back! With Terminator: Dark Fate hitting theaters worldwide, it's time for a trip down memory lane. If you've been following the T-800 and Sarah Connor's journey since you first saw them on screen, take this quiz and find out whether you're on par with the many journeys they took to avert the impending apocalypse. Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the latest installment of this epic franchise.
46 hours ago

WW2 - Only 1 in 50 can pass this test

World War II was one of the most significant events in world history. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about one of the biggest wars among nations.
34 hours ago

Guess the capitals of these countries

You may know the names of many countries, their prominent landmarks, and even recognize famous personalities who hail from these places. But can you guess their capital cities? We bring you 50 countries of the world in this ultimate world capitals quiz. Play now and find out how many you can get right.
49 hours ago

The ultimate Walking Dead Quiz

Do you think that you are well-versed with Rick Grimes and Co.'s journey through all the 9 seasons? If so, take this quiz and find out how well you know the post-apocalyptic zombie drama?
50 hours ago

The ultimate cartoon-catchphrase quiz

Cartoons have always defined and influenced our childhood in many ways. Some can relate to the gentle comedy of the Looney Tunes while others watched shows like Ninja Turtles and X-Men. These cartoon serials became an integral part of our lives which is why we can still recall some of the most obvious and iconic instances of our favorite shows. Take this quiz to find out exactly how well can you associate the cartoon to their iconic catchphrase.
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