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37 hours ago

Guess these 30 ecotourist spots

16 hours ago

Can you guess these kitchen tools?

Cooking is fun, but it is a lot of work too! Fortunately, it has become a bit simpler due to the introduction of a wide range of tools and utensils. Think you might be able to guess them all? If yes, take this challenge and find out!
44 hours ago

Test your knowledge of high-end food and drinks

We usually expect the rich to spend their money on sports cars, vacation homes by the coast, high-end clothes, or jewelry. You'll be surprised to know that the same amount of money or even more is spent on food and drinks. From the biggest tuna to the rarest mushrooms, there is a wide range of food and drinks that come with unbelievable prices tags. Think you can guess them all? Take this quiz and find out!
26 hours ago

When Wrong is Right - Movie Quiz

Guessing the correct answer is passé. Think you can rewire your brain to give us only and ONLY the wrong answers? Makes guessing that much more fun right? There are three correct answers to each question, and only one wrong answer. You need to pick the wr
38 hours ago

How well do you know the sports world?

Do you love sports? Are you always hooked on to ESPN and NFL Network and think you know all about sports, athletes, and world championships? Take the ultimate sports quiz and prove your knowledge!
24 hours ago

Know your OS from your HDD? Find out!

From connecting people round the world to helping us discover worlds beyond our own, computers have enhanced our lives in unimaginable ways. But how well do you know this marvelous piece of technology? Take this quiz and update your knowledge of the electronic brain
36 hours ago

Lets check your fitness IQ

Eating right, sweating it out in the gym, running every morning with an envious dedication is what makes you a fitness freak. If youre someone who loves hitting the gym every day, this fitness quiz is for you. Take this ultimate fitness quiz to find out your fitness IQ.
16 hours ago

Guess these high-end vacation spots?

What makes travel more enjoyable? Getting your hands on the most exclusive experiences ever, of course. When money is no object, the most luxurious amenities and trips can be bought. Whether you're looking to swim with dolphins, gaze at historical monuments from your hotel window, or dance in a carnival till your feet hurt, there's something for every vacationer. Take this quiz and get inspired to plan your next vacation!
29 hours ago

Can you name all these 'now obsolete' technologies?

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds - this has led to recently developed technology becoming outdated very soon. How many obsolete technologies can you correctly guess? Take this quiz to find out.
  • 17 hours ago

    Can you name all these fitness fads?

    All of us who had a television around remember those late night infomercials that sold the latest fitness trends to make us healthier, happier, and fitter pretty quickly than we could imagine. How many of these fitness fads do you remember?

  • 47 hours ago

    Can you ace this ultimate quiz on Fashion?

    Are you someone who's insanely in love with fashion and brands? Well, go ahead and challenge yourself to the ultimate fashion quiz and test your fashion IQ.

  • 34 hours ago

    Are you a Botany buff? Well, find out!

    Limited space is one of the main problems gardeners face in an urban setting. But does that mean you stop spending time with your beloved plants? Not necessarily. Urban gardening is the answer! But how much do you know about the plants, tools, skills required, and types of gardening in an urban setting? Take this quiz to find out.

36 hours ago

WW2 - Only 1 in 50 can pass this test

World War II was one of the most significant events in world history. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about one of the biggest wars among nations.
44 hours ago

The things we do for beauty... Wanna guess?

The beauty and wellness industry has seen the introduction of a number of innovative routines and treatments. From being just trends to actually producing great benefits, there is a plethora of treatments you can choose from. Think you know every beauty treatment out there? Take this quiz and test your knowledge.
43 hours ago

Just how much DO you know US History

Pride yourself as a history buff who dominates trivia night at the bar every time? Or does the thought of history tests back in high school chill you to the bone? It doesn't matter whether you love or hate history, we are sure you’ll be able to answer these simple questions about America’s unforgettable past. Take this quiz and prove us right!
46 hours ago

We name the artwork, you name the artist

'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'', which is why beauty is quite subjective. However, there are awe-inspiring artwork across the world that we collectively agree is beauty personified. These pieces of art have punctuated the pages of history since they were created. If you are an art-buff and an afternoon in the museum is the idea of a perfect evening, this quiz is for you. We�ll tell you the name of the artwork, and you guess the genius behind the artwork!
50 hours ago

Can you smash this Wimbledon quiz?

For every tennis fan, the commencement of the Wimbledon Championship is no less than a festival. You may find yourself grasping hard with every smash and celebrating every ace. Not matter who you root for, you can't help but revel at every win. Do you think you can ace this Wimbledon quiz? Game, set, match!
39 hours ago

Guess these super-healthy foods

Food isn't necessary to just prevent hunger but also to provide the body with essential nutrients required for it to function. Know all the nutrients each food item on your plate brings? Take this quiz to find out how well you know your diet.
24 hours ago

Go for Gold – Ace this Olympics quiz?

The Olympic Games have been testing sportsmanship and physical endurance for a long time now. Do you think you are sporty enough to ace this quiz? Play to find out!
36 hours ago

The ultimate Disney quiz

Who says that Disney movies are only for kids? Almost everyone grew up wishing they had a magic lamp like Aladdin, and as adults, most of us need one now more than ever. Disney movies are timeless and have been transporting viewers to a different realm since their inception in 1923. If you are a die-hard Disney fan, then this Ultimate Disney Quiz is for you. Take this quiz and find out how well you know your Disney movies!
29 hours ago

Can you match these festivals to their right country?

One of the most eccentric aspects of every country is its culture, wonderful and weird, at the same time. And there's no doubt, the best way to explore a place is through its culture. If customs and traditions have always fascinated you, then we reckon you'll enjoy this quiz. Let's see if you can match these festivals to their right country.
25 hours ago

Guess the location of these 50 natural wonders

America is a land with abundant natural beauty. From undiscovered landscapes to some of the most iconic landmarks, you'll find a natural wonder in every state. Can you guess all fifty of them? Take the quiz to find out.
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