Instagram vs. Reality: Influencers Show the Difference

21st July, 2020

Jealous of your favorite Instagram influencer’s social media feed? We are here to let you see how all that glitters isn’t always gold, at first, at least!

Instagram vs. Reality: Influencers Show the Difference Shutterstock

Social media is a maze of perfect faces and perfect lives. People stuff their feeds with artisanal dishes, illustrations, sceneries, and whatnot. Looking at the splendid lives of these social media influencers can give you the biggest dose of FOMO, and yet, you find yourself unable to stop checking in on what they are up to. However, instead of only feeding into the fantasy, some influencers try to keep it real by offering us a peek into the not-so-perfect behind the scenes. Here are some hilarious instances when the social media stars let us know what really went on.

1. If you look at @ViennadoLL’s Instagram feed, a picture like this is unimaginable. While her Instagram is filled with pictures that will make you not want to look away, her Twitter is a collection of how she achieves all that perfection. One of her many talents also includes taking pictures with her feet!!! But, if someone could take this picture, why not ask them to take the actual picture instead?

2. For years we have been wondering how all these actors and influencers manage to gobble down their sundaes without smearing it on their faces. Thanks to @Karinairby, now we too know the magic trick! Not sure what we are talking about? The trick is to click as many pictures as you want BEFORE diving into the treat! And no one would be the wiser.

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Instagram VS Real Life Real talk. Try not to judge a book by its cover. We’re all guilty of it, especially in a world of Social Media. Keep an open mind that everyone is different and has a different story. Hell! People try and put me down on Social Media everyday; calling me all kinds of names and saying I’ve had all kinds of surgeries ???? They don’t know me, or what I do, or how I think. BUT if they had the chance to meet me they’d soon realise I’m just a goofy dork who designs swimwear, sings all my words loudly, and badly! They’d realise I have a serious and concerning chocolate addiction, hence my fat booty (sorry trolls it’s not fat injections) and has nightly dates with my super lame TV series. I’m an only child and love to be alone. I’m not very social and have more friends on Social Media than in real life. My work is my baby and I’m obsessed with helping it grow. I want to change the way people see beauty. Working out is my escape from reality. My hobby is giving people gifts and watching their reactions when they open it. Just like Oprah, I wish I could buy every single one of my followers a brand new car! My parents are my best friends. My Dad is a quadriplegic and my Mum is recovering from open heart surgery. My fear is bad health. I tell Ryan I love him three times before I go to sleep. I got bullied in primary school. I get bullied now. The only difference is now I don’t care and I enjoy the laugh. I wish people would stop asking me when I’m having babies because I already have three fur children. I’m happy and proud of myself and who I have become and hope everyone reading this can love themselves too. There. I bet you wouldn’t have guessed any of that from looking at my Instagram profile⚡️

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3. Not once have we seen ordinary folks like you and us look sweat-free after a run. Even in Poland! So imagine the number of people wondering how hundreds of social media influencers look as fresh as a daisy after their workouts. Thanks to @geraldinewest_ for telling us how it is, we now know how these digi-famous folks really manage to look so prettily energized.

4. If there was one Insta-famous human that we can trust fully to say it as it is, it would be @rianne.meijer. The vlogger is known for her series of pictures that depict the struggle behind getting that perfect shot for her Instagram family. Truth be told we empathize with her goofy self more than the hot fashionista side, but we love both equally.

5. Time to let the cat out of the bag, or the dog out of the plane! Whatever. We might be following more pet influencers on social media platforms than hooman influencers. And this has led to us realizing that even the most pampered pooches don’t get all the fun trips. Next time we meet an influencer pup, we’re going to give them extra belly rubs to make up for this!

6. Kim of @embracingreality is yet another influencer who is known to decode the picture-perfect secrets. If you thought you were the only one who had a weird picture taken every birthday when trying to blow out the candles, rest assured. Believe us when we say that you aren’t the only one. And if you think we are lying, here is Kim’s hilarious take on the matter.

7. Nothing seems quite as blissful as lying in a hammock on the beach with a vibrant sunset to witness. But, ever wondered how tiresome a task it is to capture that moment in all its entirety? Kate and Olly from @kotravellers were quick to burst a bubble for all of us. We can only wonder the numerous minutes they spent to have this picture clicked. Not to mention the falls.

8. Sure, kids are quick to pose when a camera is aimed at them. Or are they? Sina from @happygreylucky tells us the truth about getting a single stunning picture for her feed. The struggle is very, very real. And by the looks of it, not everyone can handle this herculean task. However, the silly pictures are a proper depiction of the craziness that the kids bring with them.

9. The conversations surrounding picture 1 and picture 2 will be wholly different, we’re sure. But one thing we can all agree on is that both, the woman and the scenery behind are too pretty for words. Not gonna lie, but had it been us in her stead, we wouldn’t have survived those 30 seconds. But we bet the view was worth it all.

10. Getting the right angle and the right lighting is a task all in itself. Add in a horse or two into the equation and you’ve got yourself a pickle! You never know how your four-legged friend is going to react, making clicking pictures with them a whole show that deserves its own fandom. Give us a minute to go grab our popcorn.

11. We are all aware of the contentment a quiet bath can provide. So does Lauren of @lauren_and_3under2. But her 3 under 2 seem to have a different plan. And that involves interrupting their mother’s quiet time and oh do we feel bad for her! This whole post is basically a hint for you all to enjoy it while you still can.

12. Seen any pictures on your feed that said: “felt cute, might delete later?” Yeah, we belong to the same clan. Posting pictures of yourself only to take them down later is a common problem with those of us who live our lives based on how well we can overthink. But, what’s the problem with being barefaced and proud? @izzierodgers here tells us to embrace all kinds of days.

13. Some of us often plan our pictures and even go to the lengths of arranging photoshoots based on what the influencers are doing. But would we do the same if we had equal access to behind the scene bloopers like we do with the final result? One look at @lelena13_’s face in the right picture tells us we aren’t all too keen about hanging out of a car.

14. Watching Hannah Colin dance is a treat all by itself. Watching her be real about her Instagram pictures only takes her adorableness up a few notches. Do you think they had to stop their boat in the middle of nowhere to finally get a picture? Or did they manage to have it clicked after a dozen falls into the water?

15. There are probably a million pictures on social media that show people posing with flowers, in front of sunsets, or even both. But very few pictures seem to capture a sense of serenity the way Kassandra’s does. Or is this not serenity, but barely covered chaos we sense? Scroll to the next picture you know what we are talking about.

16. Glamorous pool pictures are what our Instagram dreams are made of. And, had we stopped at this first picture of @yamina.niya we would forever be cribbing about the lack of one on our feeds. But, here, we kept scrolling and witnessed our dreams drown in the same pool. Can someone help us remove our rose-tinted glasses permanently? Thanks.

17. If the famous rugby player @george_north cannot get his kid to cooperate, we do not know for sure if anyone else stands a chance. If Instagram was a thing of the past, Mr. North would have spent a whole camera film roll trying to get a perfect picture with his kid. And there is no telling if he would have succeeded at it.

18. Stella Sieger’s Instagram feed is full of her looking her best. But, look carefully and you will be able to spot quite a few posts where the influencer can be seen in a candid moment. Here is the German influencer spitting more truths about what shoots in the pool are really like! It cannot be easy to look picture-ready every second and we understand that very well.

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The daily Instagame ???? Irgendwie nerven mich inzwischen oft all die perfekten Menschen mit ihren perfekten, immer lachenden Gesichtern und ihren ach so tollen Leben. Kann ich gar nicht mehr richtig hinschauen oder es glauben. Ist auch einfach unlogisch. Ich würde mir wünschen, viel mehr Menschen würden auch mal zeigen oder erzählen, wenn etwas nicht so gut läuft. Die richtige Mischung zu finden ist schwer, ich kenne das selber, man will sich ja von seiner besten Seite zeigen und die eigenen Probleme gehen andere ja im Prinzip nichts an und ausserdem gucken schließlich so viele Menschen zu! Der Druck auch so ein tolles Leben ohne Probleme zu führen wie Person XY oder so auszusehen und so dicke Lippen zu haben wie YZ, wird gefühlt immer größer. Egal wie groß das Selbstbewusstsein ist, je länger man Instastories/ Beiträge von ‚perfekten‘ Leben konsumiert desto mickriger wird das Gefühl, dass man selbst – und das was man hat, genug und auch ziemlich cool ist. Das man zufrieden sein darf, so wie man ist, mit dem was man hat. Früher hat man sich vielleicht mit Freunden verglichen und zu Stars aufgeschaut, aber ich wäre nicht im Traum darauf gekommen mich mit den Black Eyed Peas zu vergleichen. Heute fühlt sich alles so an, als könnte jeder alles haben, da alles so nah privat und menschlich dargestellt wird, nur man selbst schafft es nicht, seine Probleme in den Griff zu kriegen, jeden Tag Sport zu machen, nur Smoothies zu trinken und die neusten Klamotten mit dem tollsten Schmuck und der Markenhandtasche plus Auto und Traumhaus zu besitzen. Kein Wunder fühlen sich über 80% der Instagramuser schlecht, wenn sie die App verlassen. So schade. Ich hoffe, ich kann euch mit meinem unperfekten Leben ein besseres Gefühl vermitteln ???????? Lieber unperfekt & ehrlich und dadurch angreifbar, als perfekt & falsch in einer Scheinwelt ???? || #instavsreality #instagame

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19. Danielle from @ahomefitforkings is also here to take us behind the scenes. A co-host of @myhousethroughalens, she has an eye for rustic home decor and posts pictures of her stunning cottage, which is what had us stalking her ‘Gram for hours. And there, she showed us how a peaceful bathtime picture could be hiding frantic BTS activities! Look at her ruining our tub dreams!