Here's All the Celebrity Motivation You Need to Stay Indoors RN

17th April, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all countries of the world - some more than others. With more than 300,000 confirmed cases, and millions hunkered down to avoid spreading or contracting this highly contagious disease, the need of the hour is observing social distancing and self-quarantine.

Here's All the Celebrity Motivation You Need to Stay Indoors RN Shutterstock

Staying indoors has become an absolute necessity with world leaders urging people to comply. Even celebrities are chiming in reminding their fans via social media that quarantining themselves is the only way to slow down the spread of this deadly virus. In that vein, here're a few of our favorite PSAs from our favorite celebs.

1. When Mother Monster says so, you do so

She loves the world! She also posted about self-quarantine on IG.

2. Lady Gaga also added these words of encouragement

Playing video games and cards with your loved ones sounds like a plan!

3. Our pop princess didn’t just tweet this to be ignored

It could be the best time to start that long-distance relationship, stay indoors!

4. And Dua Lipa now has New Rules for EVERYBODY!

You better be counting them!

5. Forget “Happy Birthday,” Local Natives motivated us to wash hands the RIGHT way

On Megaton Mile, we wash your hands right!

6. Kasey Musgraves gave us the necessary motivation to do nothing

By doing nothing, we are actually doing everything to save the world!

7. When Lil Nas X gave money to people who needed it to survive and stay safe indoors

**We’re literally sobbing RN** Humans can be unselfish, if they want to!

8. Our girl Kehlani encouraged us to not panic or horde

Well, someone had to! Remember there are others out there too, let’s not be selfish!

9. And Katy Perry gave China the much needed support

Yes, we are going to get through this, all of us!

10. Miley Cyrus didn’t mince her words as she told us what was what


11. And then Miley shared this important sanitary advice

Always carry a sanitizer everywhere and also use it!

12. Tay Tay encouraged us to be like Meredith

Let us all make self-quarantine a way of life!

13. Alicia Keys sent much-needed positive vibes into the world!

We know staying indoors can be difficult but let us accept the light.

14. And our ex-Fifth Harmony girl, who’s giving love and advice

Get those immune boosters, stay indoors, and don’t panic!

15. Even Fall Out Boy double downed on UN’s message

Guys, please, wash your hands!

16. And you know this s***t is real when the Terminator has terminated social contact

Pets make the best company in isolation and do listen to the experts. They’re experts for a reason

17. Tom Hanks has been giving us weekly updates and positive vibes despite testing positive!

Here’s when he and his wife tested positive

Here’s the latest update

We stan for the Hanks. They don’t just preach, they set an example

18. Idris Elba and his wife, both who tested positive, have also inspired people to stay indoors

Stay home people, just because you have no symptoms, doesn’t mean you cannot be a carrier or transmit the disease!

19. And this Bachelor who tested positive is also staying positive

It does not discriminate, so take care of your loved ones by staying indoors.

20. Even, Charlotte Lawrence who tested positive is out here informing people about the power they possess

Think about the elders and the children!

21. And our favorite Daniel Dae Kim who has recovered is sending love and prayers to everyone affected

Support is essential, so do your part!

22. Also, this Bond girl has completely recovered from COVID – 19

It is nothing short of a miracle to see people power through this, we’re so glad!

23. And The Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani made a very good point

We knew this would happen! Come on, you didn’t believe those lies about it being the flu, did you?

24. Elizabeth Banks partied in self-isolation

Just because you are alone, does not mean you cannot dance!

25. Even Chris Evans chimed in and encouraged the music

It was beautiful to watch, our hearts go out to Italy

26. And Whitney Cummings was just trying to lift morale

Well, research suggests that singing is a natural anti-depressant and can instantly lift your spirits!

27. Even Professor X is using the elbowshake, so take a moment to think about that

Avoid direct contact, use telepathy!

28. It’s so bad RN, that even Olaf had to step up

Remember, there are people out there constantly working to save lives.

29. Mindy Kaling asked everyone to get into their PJs

‘Pajama Day is on 16th April, but this time around, we’re already celebrating!

30. The Hulk encouraged everyone to help medical professionals get what they need

Donate to ensure the safety of the warriors fighting this deadly disease on the frontlines!

31. Lastly, this tweet that you should read in his and his voice alone

It is important to remember that everything is in our hands. We have the power to turn this around!

Stay indoors, stay safe, and don’t forget to do your bit, everyone!