Get the Best Use Out of Your Social Media

08th May, 2020

Social media is full of interesting things to look at ranging from food, fashion, home décor to memes. So much so that we don’t know how time whooshes by.

Get the Best Use Out of Your Social Media

All we know is that we’re not getting back the last three hours of our lives that we spent on IG. Be that as it may, who said you can’t put social media to good use? Your feed is one of the hottest places to fuel and channel your creativity. If you’re stuck indoors for the long haul, leverage your platform to make the best use of your time.

1. Draw away

2. Follow art challenge prompts

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A popular art challenge is #36daysoftype. In this, you’re supposed to draw or illustrate a letter every day and give it your own twist. Another fun challenge is #drawthisinyourstyle. If you like to follow prompts, check out #marchmeetmaker on Instagram.

3. Watch some rad movies with other people

If you’re a movie buff, this one is for you. Join one of the many virtual film clubs on Twitter or Facebook and enter the world of your favorite characters. Sit at home in your jammies, watch a movie, and jump in the discussions.

4. Sing it out loud

Singing is one of the best stressbusters. There are tons of apps where you can sing along to your fav song and post it on your feed. To make it more interesting, you can tag your friends and encourage them to join you.

5. Download these karaoke apps

A singing app that has been gaining popularity is Smule. Another great Karaoke app is Yokee. There are millions of songs on these apps that you can choose from. Share your own version of the song with the hashtag #smule on Instagram.

6. Play some cover tunes

What better way to flaunt your musical prowess than covering your favorite songs. Whether you play the ukelele, drums, piano, or guitar, you can cover your favorite artist or band’s songs. Share your work on your feed and tag the artists whose songs you’ve covered.

7. Activities and games to cover music on social media

A lot of musicians are doing pass-it-on style cover games on Instagram. If you’re a music lover, you can start something similar. Do a cover of your favorite songs and tag your friends to take part in this challenge or do a collab with you.

8. Dance the blues away in your kitchen

Don’t like dance challenges, but still like to boogie-woogie? Shake a leg in your kitchen or living room and join a fab dance party. There are tons of collab dancing accounts on social media that are gaining popularity. Check those out!

9. Follow collab dancing accounts

An awesome account to follow on Twitter is Big Kitchen Disco. The account picks a song and asks you to go to your kitchen and start dancing! We think it’s a great way to bust some hot moves and shed those extra pounds.

10. WFH chill scenes

Working from home can be a bit boring sometimes. Add some fun to your routine by following some WFH hashtags. Show off your WFH outfit, flaunt your work desk, or do an impromptu dance challenge at your desk.

11. Fun WFH activities to do

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FINE, RUB IT IN COLIN @stolincokes

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A quirky account on Instagram is Working From Home Fits (@wfhfits). Get in your best work from home outfits, take a mirror selfie, and tag them. Other fun accounts to check out are @wfhmeals, @wfhfood, @wfh_pets, and @wfhset for some much-needed work desk inspo.

12. Next level dancing challenge

Thinking about doing a trendy dance routine? Just take up a dance challenge. Whether you like to get moving or are more of a hands-only dancing person, you will find something perfect for yourself. Tag your friends and family to jazz this challenge up!

13. Follow these trendy dance challenges

Whether it is a solo routine or a group routine with friends and family, you can do your own dance challenge and get it trending. Need some ideas? Check out #shuffledance, #dubstepdance, and #ohnananachallenge on Instagram.

14. Creativity and more

15. Follow these handles on Instagram to make your home beautiful

Like quilting? Join Quilt Maker Mag’s #scavengerhuntquilt. All you need is some scraps of clothes or quilting material. There is an entire section for DIY on Instagram ranging from pottery to cross-stitching. What are you waiting for? Start creating!

16. Read more books

George R.R. Martin had once said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” With that in mind, check out some reading challenges on Instagram. There are also bookstagrammers who give out prompts every day.

17. Workout challenges

Thinking of working out, but can’t go to the gym? Well, you can do your own workout routine right at home! Join some fun sessions on Instagram. You can also ask your friends to join in to keep you motivated and not give up.

18. Follow these awesome workout challenges

Of all the workout challenges out there, #splitchallenge and #plankchallenge are quite popular on Instagram. If you’re into yoga, you can search for #yogainspiration and #yogaeverydamnday on Instagram. Just pick a challenge, do it, post it on your feed, and tag your friends!