Get Ready to Be Blown Away with Netflix's July Line Up
01st July, 2020
Netflix Netflix
With movies and shows like The Last Dance and The Umbrella Academy, among others, Netflix is set to blow you away. So, make some time and get to watching! One of the many things keeping us sane in these testing times is cinema. Netflix, obviously, is our number one provider, feeding us fresh content to live off every four weeks or so. With July over the horizon, the streaming service has gone ahead and released a list of shows and movies we can binge-watch starting July 1. And there something for everybody, right from ardent sports lovers to those interested in the unknown! Let’s get right into it, shall we?
Cleo & Cuquin - Season 1 (July 1) Netflix
Cleo & Cuquin - Season 1 (July 1)
Yet another binge-worthy series for the children, Cleo & Cuquin tells the tale of six siblings, who try and resolve issues by role-playing scenarios. Cleo, the eldest, has a vivid sense of imagination that transforms every minor conflict the siblings encounter into an adventure. The show has a Spanish-Mexican origin and contains 88 episodes split over the course of two seasons.
Anne Frank - Parallel Stories (July 1) Netflix
Anne Frank - Parallel Stories (July 1)
Released just a few months ago, the documentary sheds light on the troubled and tortured life of Anne Frank and four other similar victims. Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren beautifully narrates the tale from Frank’s diary, which contains invaluable accounts of the horrors inflicted by the Nazis and their search for power. The film takes the viewer through different places vividly mentioned in Frank’s work.
Abby Hatcher - Season 1 (July 1) Netflix
Abby Hatcher - Season 1 (July 1)
Created by the same people who made PAW Patrol, Abby Hatcher focuses on the eponymous seven-year-old, who helps and befriends every fuzzy creature she finds along the way. These unique characters, somewhat similar to Pokemon, have miraculous powers that include flight and ridiculous flexibility. Hatcher, along with Bozzly, the first fuzzy she encounters, goes on many adventures.
A Thousand Words (June 1) Netflix
A Thousand Words (June 1)
The plot and Eddie Murphy’s comic-timing are enough to sell this 2012 movie to anyone. Jack McCall (Eddie), a literary agent, often bends the truth to get book deals. After he tricks a spiritual guru named Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), his life is turned upside down. Jack soon learns that his life depends on the number of leaves on the tree.
A Touch of Green - Season 1 (July 1) Netflix
A Touch of Green - Season 1 (July 1)
Based on a short story by Pai Hsien-Yung, the drama series portrays the intense life of three World War II pilots and their partners. The latter is the cornerstone of the entire narrative, delving into their transformation from school girls to wives of military men, which is easily the most fascinating aspect of the series. A Touch of Green has won as many as six Golden Bell Awards.
Chico Bon Bon - Monkey with a Tool Belt - Season 2 (July 1) Netflix
Chico Bon Bon - Monkey with a Tool Belt - Season 2 (July 1)
After the first season became a big hit among toddlers, season two was, of course, inevitable. Moreover, the fact that Netflix has decided to add it to the list in less than three months after the first part speaks volumes about the show’s popularity. Chico Bon Bon is the main character and savior of Blunderburg, leading a quirky pack who operate out of Bon Bon Labs in Tool Force One.
Killing Hasselhoff (July 1) Netflix
Killing Hasselhoff (July 1)
The 2017-action comedy is centered around a nightclub owner, who loses everything in a death pool. He later learns that the only way to get it all black is by killing David Hasselhoff, a celebrity. WWE Studios, the producers behind the film, originally afforded Hulk Hogan a role, but later had to remove all his scenes after Hogan’s contract was terminated.
Patriots Day (July 1) Netflix
Patriots Day (July 1)
Based on Casey Sherman’s book named Boston Strong, the 2016-movie tells the riveting, powerful real-life tale of the events that followed the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) plays a police officer, who along with his company, helps the FBI find the Tsarnaev brothers, the men responsible for the terrorist attack. The city-sized manhunt takes unwanted turns, which will keep you on edge constantly.
Sucker Punch (July 1) Netflix
Sucker Punch (July 1)
Directed by Zack Snyder, Sucker Punch is an action-fantasy movie fixated on the imaginary world of its lead character, Baby Doll (Emily Browning). Stuck in a mental asylum and days away from a forced lobotomy, the young girl escapes into an alternate dimension, where she encounters four similar girls, hoping to break free. The gang, however, must first overcome great virtual odds before they escape the asylum.
Under the Riccione Sun (July 1) Netflix
Under the Riccione Sun (July 1)
This Italian Netflix Original movie features a group of teenagers, who land at the Riccione beach for a summer vacation. Love is in the air, and the teens help each other fix their romantic issues, indirectly transforming one another before their stay ends. There’s a whole lot of drama (Duh!), but the movie seems like fun for not just teenagers but everyone.
Unsolved Mysteries - Season 15 (July 1) Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries - Season 15 (July 1)
Making a comeback after almost a decade, Unsolved Mysteries will tread familiar grounds and bring 12 fresh episodes. The show began all the way back in 1990, reporting innumerable cold cases and unexplainable events right up until 2010. Now, Shawn Levy, the maker of Stranger Things, aims to kick the show back in action and give us an insight into the unknown.
Winchester (July 1) Netflix
Winchester (July 1)
Starring the legendary Helen Mirren, the 2018-horror movie delves into the life of Sarah Winchester, the infamous mysterious woman who built a sprawling mansion, which was later named Winchester Mystery House. Despite receiving $20 million in fortune, Sarah’s life was far from ideal, with dreams of Winchester firearm victims constantly meddling with her peace. The movie provides the closest possible insight into Sarah’s personality and reasoning behind the house.
Desperados (July 3) Netflix
Desperados (July 3)
If now is not the perfect time to sit back on your couch and enjoy a comedy, then when else? A woman, desperate to salvage her relationship, runs away to Mexico with her girlfriends to delete an email, and experiences all kinds of challenges along the way. Desperados is just the kind of movie you need to loosen up. Follow the ladies on their adventure on July 3.
How Do You Know (July 7) Netflix
How Do You Know (July 7)
Any movie that stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson is bound to be a perfect blend of exceptional acting with a feel-good setting. How Do You Know, released in 2010, tells the tale of an unexpected love triangle. Lisa must choose between George and Matty, who come with their own set of problems. Need more reason to watch? This is Jack Nicholson's last cinematic appearance.
Stateless (July 8) Netflix
Stateless (July 8)
Australian TV was blessed with a gripping drama series earlier this year, created by the one and only Cate Blanchett. And now, we all will get to see this much-talked-about series in July. Taking inspiration from Cornelia Rau's real-life, the series follows the lives of four strangers whose paths entwine at a detention center. Surviving under uncertainty and awaiting their fate, an emotional bond begins to form within the group.
The Old Guard (July 10) Netflix
The Old Guard (July 10)
If you want a reason to watch this movie, we’ll give you one: Charlize Theron. Produced by and starring one of the best actresses in the business, The Old Guard is more of an adventure. When century-old immortal mercenaries realize that their freedom is at risk, they must protect their kind at all costs. What follows is an epic battle of survival that will keep you hooked.
The Last Dance (July 19) Netflix
The Last Dance (July 19)
Every once in a while comes a series that is supposed to be loved by a niche of fans but ends up being on everyone's watchlist. The Last Dance is one such show that has gone beyond just sports fans. This ten-part docu-series looks at Michael Jordan's rise as an NBA player and his outstanding leadership that won Chicago Bulls their sixth championship in 1998.
The Kissing Booth 2 - Going The Distance (July 24) Netflix
The Kissing Booth 2 - Going The Distance (July 24)
Elle, Noah, and Lee are back with the sequel to their mushy love story with The Kissing Booth 2: Going The Distance. Taking off from where the story ended in the prequel, Noah and Elle's love faces the challenge of long-distance as Noah heads to Harvard while Elle stays back to complete her senior year. The future holds a lot for them, hopefully not heartbreaks.
The Umbrella Academy - Season 2 (July 31) Netflix
The Umbrella Academy - Season 2 (July 31)
Last year we were introduced to the story of the Hargreeves siblings who barely escaped the apocalypse. And now, our favorite team of siblings/superheroes are back for yet another exhilarating adventure with the second season of The Umbrella Academy. The siblings fight against all the odds and are alive, but for how long? We'll have to wait until the end of July to get all the answers.
Wizards - Tales of Arcadia - Season 1 (TBD) Netflix
Wizards - Tales of Arcadia - Season 1 (TBD)
The third and final installment of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy created by award-winning director Guillermo del Toro is set to be released in July. After Trollhunters and 3Below, Wizards will see the supernatural world of Arcadia Oaks in an ultimate showdown between humans, trolls, aliens, and wizards, where the world is most likely going to perish. Witness the uncertain fate of Arcadia.