Exotic Beaches to Add to Your Post-Quarantine Bucket List
25th June, 2020
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Across several continents, these exotic beaches and islands offer you the perfect opportunity to kick back and let nature soothe and rejuvenate your soul. What is your ideal beach getaway? Is it enjoying a pina colada and getting a tan? Or do you prefer indulging in adventure sports and exploring the coral beauty of the Caribbean? Whatever your choice, the world has no dearth of stunning beaches that offer gentle sunshine, sparkling waters, and a magnificent horizon to gaze upon. Narrowing down the list of potential vacation spots is an arduous task but fret not, we have done it for you. After scouring the internet (and getting distracted just twice), here are 25 locales that beckon tourists to witness their alluring beauty.
Bay of Bengal’s Jewel unsplash.com
Bay of Bengal’s Jewel
Ngapali is Myanmar’s premier getaway with a stunning 15 miles of white sand beaches and palm trees nestled along the coast. They provide the perfect cover for some idyllic bathing in the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal!
Watersport Haven unsplash.com
Watersport Haven
The pristine island of Boracay located in Philippines’ Arkan province is also home to its crown jewel — White Beach. Pick the perfect spots for scuba diving and snorkeling between the months of December to May or revel in the other treasures of this beach.
Spectacular Beauty of Costa Rica unsplash.com
Spectacular Beauty of Costa Rica
One of Costa Rica’s most famous beach locations, Playa Manuel Antonio is the perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts. There is no better time to visit than between the months of November and May for surfing in the Pacific, so save the date early on!
Crescent Splendor www.shutterstock.com
Crescent Splendor
Located on the southern coast of the exotic island in Cape Verde, Prai Da Santa Maria attracts tourists from all over the world. Its crescent shaped coastline runs along the roaring waters of the Pacific and is full of fun beach activities to explore.
Tranquil Corners unsplash.com
Tranquil Corners
Camps Bay beach lets you enjoy the tranquility and majesticity of the ocean quietly. Additionally, tourists can choose to dance or shop the evenings away at stores, clubs, and cafes nestled in the beautiful backdrop of the mountains on the edge of Cape Town.
Pride of the Caribbean www.shutterstock.com
Pride of the Caribbean
Explore scuba diving, fishing charters, snorkeling, and parasailing in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. At the end of the day, pop into one of the many shacks to have a cold one while enjoying the sunset and people-watching.
An Adventurous Getaway www.shutterstock.com
An Adventurous Getaway
Fig Tree Bay, on Cyprus' coast, is the perfect exotic beach location with tons of water sport facilities. You may run out of time but never will run out of options to further explore the clear waters and golden sand coastline of this haven.
The Best of the French Riviera www.shutterstock.com
The Best of the French Riviera
Surf, sun n’ sand, and lots of food is what La Cote des Basques offers those who avail the pleasures of this locale. Whether you want to fancy it out with a cocktail or click pictures everywhere, the perfect vacay is yours to have!
Paradise Down Under unsplash.com
Paradise Down Under
The coast of Whitsunday Islands may offer just 4 miles of beach to cover, but Whitehaven beach is without a shadow of doubt one of the cleanest and purest white sand paradise spots located just off the northeastern coast of Australia.
Royal Legacy www.shutterstock.com
Royal Legacy
Anakena beach is almost mystical and legend says the first Rapa Nui king, Hotu Matu'a, disembarked at this very place nearly 1000 years ago. Today, the sacred lands of this stunning locale makes for one of the most popular beaches in Chile.
Clearwater Heaven unsplash.com
Clearwater Heaven
Anse Lazio is the perfect clear water spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, if you ever visit the northwestern parts of Praslin Island in Seychelles. Tour the beautiful natural arrangement of granite boulders before venturing into the undisturbed blue waters surrounding the cove.
Surf n’ turf on the Gold Coast unsplash.com
Surf n’ turf on the Gold Coast
Located on the exotic gold coast of southern Australia, Surfers Paradise beach is the ultimate surfing destination. Explore miles of pristine sands contrasted by tempestuous waters that are straight out of every pro surfer’s wet dream.
A Warm Welcome unsplash.com
A Warm Welcome
If blue is the warmest color for you, then Bournemouth Beach is the best place to visit on your next trip. Enjoy some of the warmest sea temperatures off the coast of the UK alongside seven miles of sandy beaches. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
They Say T-Rex Was Here! unsplash.com
They Say T-Rex Was Here!
Do you ever wish you could have met dinosaurs? Well, you still can’t TBH but the next best thing is definitely this uniquely shaped cliff along the coastline resembling the t-rex! It is located at Kelingking beach, just off the coast of Bali in Indonesia.
Turquoise Waters and White Sands Beckon www.shutterstock.com
Turquoise Waters and White Sands Beckon
Playa de Ses Illetes is undoubtedly the most visited beach destination in Spain and if you haven’t been there yet, you're missing out. The white-sand coast beautifully compliments the pale turquoise waters of the Caribbean, making for perfect pictures to show the family back home.
Seven Miles of Coral Beauty unsplash.com
Seven Miles of Coral Beauty
The picturesque coral beauty of the Grand Cayman Islands attracts tourists to this exotic hotspot of the seven mile beach. It is also one of the best spots for snorkeling, letting you dive deep into the sea and explore marine life in its natural habitat.
All-Weather Vacation unsplash.com
All-Weather Vacation
Bavaro beach has great weather all year round, making it one of the popular destinations to visit in the Dominican Republic. Leave the clouds behind and embrace the blues of the clear turquoise water where you can go scuba diving and snorkeling.
Deep Dive in 1..2..3! unsplash.com
Deep Dive in 1..2..3!
Divers, assemble! Your next mission is to explore the underwater paradise of Playa Flamenco, one of the most exotic locations for coral exploration off the coast of Puerto Rico. The white sand beach is contrasted beautifully by the backdrop of green mountains inland.
Surfer’s Paradise at Tortuga Bay unsplash.com
Surfer’s Paradise at Tortuga Bay
Gigantic waves curling inward and racing towards the coast make Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay a true surfer’s paradise. Swimmers and divers can also explore the marine life that has been protected fiercely to preserve the serenity of the island.
The Real Jade Paradise unsplash.com
The Real Jade Paradise
The beautiful islet of Elafonisi is home to over hundred species of lush green flora. Wade into the shallow, calm waters of the Mediterranean or grab a romance novel and let the backdrop help you get into the mood for love!
An Authentic Mexican Getaway www.shutterstock.com
An Authentic Mexican Getaway
Strategically located in the Gulf of Mexico, the year-round beach hotspot is the ideal getaway for your next beach trip with a ton of sporting activities with excellent food and nightlife. In fact, tourists call it a piece of paradise on the Mexican-Caribbean coast!
The Pride of Biscay www.shutterstock.com
The Pride of Biscay
Interested in simply lazing at the beach? Then Playa de La Concha, on the northern coast of Spain, is the best place to be. Plan a trip between June and September and gift yourself at least a week of chill. You’ve earned it.
A Picturesque Beauty www.shutterstock.com
A Picturesque Beauty
The picturesque shoreline of one of Brazil’s top beach getaways is divided by a single natural rock formation. Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia features calm green waters — a refreshing change from the usual blue, and diving and bathing spots galore.
Beach Town of Southern Europe unsplash.com
Beach Town of Southern Europe
Falesia beach is another exception, featuring scenic red-sand cliffs running along the entire shoreline of calm blue-green waters. The beautiful coast begins at Barranco das Belharucas Beach and extends all the way to Vilamoura. One trip may not suffice, if you ask us!
A Siesta of its Own www.shutterstock.com
A Siesta of its Own
Tourists regularly flock to Siesta Beach along the coast of Florida. The nearby Siesta Key Village is lined by restaurants, shops, cafes, and tennis courts you can spend hours in. But, you can also choose to ditch all that and just take an afternoon siesta!