Best Patriotic Movies to Stream This 4th of July
03rd July, 2020
Netflix Sony Pictures Releasing
Fourth of July is as American as the day gets! Celebrate this holiday with the right amount of patriotism and set of movies to make your day a fun one. Common for every Fourth of July celebration includes fireworks, family and friends gathering in backyards, an unending supply of food and drinks, and at least one person manning the BBQ. Did we mention fireworks? The traditional Fourth of July celebrations are here to stay, and we are all about it. This year, however, the world is going through a different crisis. So, staying indoors is possibly the best option. Instead of venturing outdoors, spend this holiday and take advantage of your streaming-platform subscriptions. Here is a list of movies that are an absolute must-watch this Independence Day!
Independence Day 20th Century Fox
Independence Day
If you’re not watching Roland Emmerich’s disaster epic Independence Day, you’re celebrating independence wrong. This ‘90s classic, with a swell dose of patriotism to the mortal American, features Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and just the right amount of sci-fi. Put your Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes subscriptions to good use this 4th of July and listen to Bill Pullman deliver a rousing speech.
Zero Dark Thirty Sony Pictures Releasing
Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty retells the accounts of one of history’s greatest manhunt. The movie takes you through the journey of how the U.S. military tracked down Osama Bin Laden, the man behind the attacks of 9/11. The movie is a sure-fire way of leaving you hanging by a thread waiting for what’s to come. You can get your fill of this thriller on Netflix and Amazon.
Forrest Gump Paramount Pictures
Forrest Gump
Tom Hanks has hardly ever not nailed a role, and his depiction of Forrest Gump is a true testament of his acting genius. Run through the life of this adorable character and witness the Vietnam War along with some other monumental events of American history. Stream Forrest Gump on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix with your family and learn how “life is a box of chocolates.”
National Treasure Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
National Treasure
Nicholas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates in this wildly popular heist. He believes that there is a treasure map at the back of the Declaration of Independence. Wild, right? Leap into this unexpected adventure as he plans and plots to steal and decode this map. There are chances you might run out of popcorn halfway through the movie when you stream it on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.
Hamilton Disney+
A special entry on this list is something we are all collectively and eagerly looking forward to. Hamilton, in all it’s original Broadway glory, will be coming to Disney+ on July 3rd. Watch the story of one of our founding fathers with your family on Independence Day. Originally set to release later during the year, consider this a gift from Lin Manuel-Miranda.
The Patriot Columbia Pictures
The Patriot
A Fourth of July favorite with minimum historical accuracy but maximum patriotic feeling The Patriot is a sure must-watch this Independence Day. Starring the likes of Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, this movie hits all the right notes of pride one needs to feel for their country. So, if you don’t mind the inaccuracy, you can stream it on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.
Miracle Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
One of the greatest sporting victories in the history of America was the country’s win in the 1980 Olympics. The “Miracle on Ice” hockey team was made by bringing students together to bring home a victory cherished even today. Revisit this epic win with your family over the Fourth of July holiday and chant “USA! USA! USA!” while it streams on Netflix.
Glory TriStar Pictures
Glory is the story of an all-black volunteer company during the Civil War. With actors like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Andre Braugher, the movie does justice to a story worth telling. The role of Silas Trip also got Denzel Washington his first Oscar. Available to stream on Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes, the movie title is what you’ll feel for your beloved nation.
Hidden Figures 20th Century Studios
Hidden Figures
Thanks to the highly successful Apollo 11 mission, astronauts could step on the moon. But, while we are all busy remembering Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Hidden Figures tells us about the African-American women and their math genius who played a key role in the success of this mission. Available on Amazon, FX, and iTunes, you really must watch it while you celebrate the successes of the country.
Captain America - The First Avenger Paramount Pictures
Captain America - The First Avenger
Steve Roger’s rise from a gangly small-framed kid who is enthusiastic to serve his country to a solider-cum-superhero is a sight to behold. Chris Evans does a mighty job of invoking all the patriotic feels, making Captain America: The First Avenger a swell Fourth of July watch. Assemble all your avengers and enjoy it on Amazon or iTunes.
Lincoln Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Abraham Lincoln is definitely one of the most beloved presidents of all time. The 2012 movie Lincoln is available on Amazon and Netflix.Feel for Mr. Lincoln as he strives and struggles to end the Civil War and abolish slavery. His dedication to rebuilding the nation is sure going to touch your heart, and so is his kindness and humanity.
Young Mr. Lincoln 20th Century Studios
Young Mr. Lincoln
Another story about President Abraham Lincoln? Count us in! Young Mr. Lincoln acquaints us with the life of Lincoln before he reached the White House. It tells us about the time Mr. Lincoln was a lawyer based in Illinois, and how he rose to power. Henry Fonda beautifully fills into the role of a boy destined to achieve things beyond ordinary. Watch this biopic on Amazon or iTunes.
The Sandlot 20th Century Studios
The Sandlot
The Fourth of July marks the Independence of America, and the date holds a lot of significance. But to kids, it also means that their summer vacation is soon coming to an end. The Sandlot makes you relive your childhood in the best way possible and gives an insight into the beauty of Fourth of July fireworks. You can enjoy it on Amazon and iTunes.
Air Force One Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Air Force One
A political thriller featuring Harrison Ford opposite Gary Oldman, need we say more? Now that is one movie you cannot let miss this Independence Day. Air Force One has been a winner since its release in 1997, and it never gets old to watch POTUS James Marshall fight off all the baddies. You can relive Harrison Ford’s dialogue delivery of “get off my plane” on Amazon and iTunes.
The American President Columbia Pictures
The American President
Michael Douglas plays the role of a widowed POTUS who has a challenging choice to make. Would he choose a second chance at love or presidency? The stakes are nail-bitingly high and make for an entertaining Fourth of July watch. Enjoy the presence of Annette Bening, Martin Sheen, Richard Dreyfuss, and Michael J. Fox in The American President with Hulu or iTunes.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Columbia Pictures
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
What can be better than watching an unexpecting American rise from the ranks of mere mortals and play for the Senator seat? In the classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington we get to witness exactly that. Add it to your watchlist if you are looking for some real feel for your Fourth of July Movie-thon. Tick off this classic by streaming it on Amazon or iTunes.
A League of Their Own Columbia Pictures
A League of Their Own
A League of Their Own is a story of women gathering to play ball when the men are off to battle during World War II. Tom Hanks plates the role of a drunken baseball player alongside talented stars like Ginna Davis, Madonna, and Lori Petty. Watch Hanks on Amazon and iTunes as he tells everyone, “There’s no crying in baseball.”
Saving Private Ryan Paramount Pictures
Saving Private Ryan
Private James Ryan needs saving from the enemy, and Captain John Miller is on the mission with his troop. One hell of a tear-jerker, this movie is a drama set during World War II and features Tom Hanks. Grab some tissues before tuning in to Amazon to watch Tom Hanks embark on a journey to save Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan.
Born on the Fourth of July Universal Pictures
Born on the Fourth of July
Oliver Stone did a mighty fine job bringing forth the triumphs and failures of this great part of American history. Born on the Fourth of July is a masterpiece that reminds us how history and freedom are not just the glory of a win we think it is. Witness Tom Cruise in possibly one of the best performances of his career on Amazon.
Yankee Doodle Dandy Warner Bros.
Yankee Doodle Dandy
A great American classic and well-loved movie Yankee Doodle Dandy is a light-hearted and fun musical to watch. The black and white movie is a great experience to share with your kids along with your off-tune singing and dancing to all the classic patriotic songs. The movie is available on Amazon and is the right way to end your intense Fourth of July movie marathon.