40 Tips to Clean Your Makeup Accessories (And Make Them Last Longer)
18th January, 2021
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How long has it been since you last organized your makeup? Here are some tips and tricks to help you clean and care for your makeup accessories with ease. We are all guilty of constantly buying new makeup products. Whether it is that new shade of lipstick or that incredible brow gel, there is always something that catches our eye. However, many of us invest in these products only to not maintain them. This, in turn, reduces its shelf life, and your hard-earned money goes down the drain. So, to make the most of these products and avoid any unwanted skin reactions and allergies, here are a few tips.
Wash beauty blenders regularly lucytriesit.com
Wash beauty blenders regularly
The easiest way to make sure your beauty blenders are safe for your skin is by cleaning them regularly. A simple and quick way to give your sponges a good wash is by running them under some water and squeezing it out until the water turns clear. If your sponges are super nasty, you can add some soap and then rinse it out.
Use a sponge cleanser www.hipershop.es
Use a sponge cleanser
If you like to get fancy with tools and cleansers, you can get a cleanser that is meant specifically for your beauty blenders. These will help get rid of all the makeup, gunk, oil, and dead skins that accumulate on the sponge with time. You can find some excellent cleansers by well known brands that work well with makeup sponges.
Soak your makeup sponges www.saubhaya.com
Soak your makeup sponges
If your makeup sponge has a lot of stains that you cannot stand anymore, you can soak them in some soapy water. Here, you can use a liquid cleanser first and let the sponge sit in it for a couple of minutes. Then, you can scrub the stubborn stains with your fingers or run the sponge over a bar soap to give it a last deep clean before rinsing it.
Use a cleansing mat www.cdiscount.com
Use a cleansing mat
A cleansing mat is a small, flat tool with tiny grooves that helps you clean your makeup sponges more effectively without tearing and damaging them. This is also a great tool to get rid of excess water from your sponge without having to wring it out or squeeze it out, preventing further damage. This definitely helps elongate your sponge’s life.
Use a microwave diply.com
Use a microwave
If you don’t want to spend all the time scrubbing and rinsing your makeup sponges, this is a super quick way of cleaning and sanitizing them. Take a microwavable cup and add some water and soap. Now, submerge your sponge in it, let it soak all the water, and then pop this bowl in your microwave for 30 seconds. Once it has cooled, wash it, and let it dry.
Wash your sponge immediately www.pexels.com
Wash your sponge immediately
One of the easiest ways to keep your beauty sponges clean and safe for your skin is to clean them properly every time you use them. This avoids the buildup of products and oils on the beauty blender and ensures you get a clean application each time you use it. It is advisable to wash the sponges under running water and rinse them out with soap if necessary.
Dab your beauty blender www.snapdeal.com
Dab your beauty blender
When applying makeup with a makeup sponge, many of us make the mistake of smearing the makeup on instead of lightly tapping it on our skin. This action irritates the skin and damages the sponge immensely. The smearing action also adds visible marks on your makeup, and it can be very prominent if you are going for a foundation that is heavier.
Cut the edges of your beauty blender sc02.alicdn.com
Cut the edges of your beauty blender
This is a short cut for when you don’t want to get your hands messy by washing your beauty blenders. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the beauty blender’s edges that are dirty. This way, you are left with a clean, unused, trimmed edge of the beauty blender. However, we only recommend doing this in extreme situations since we know how expensive those beauty blenders can be.
Get a sponge stand shopee.com.br
Get a sponge stand
This is another tip that will keep your products clean and tidy and spruce up your vanity to make it look fancy. The benefit of having stands for your beauty blender is that this will help keep them protected from dust and germs. Moreover, it will be protected from all the other loose powder that somehow always settles in makeup bags.
Do your research www.oprahmag.com
Do your research
When you are buying tools, such as makeup brushes, make sure you do your research about the specifications that are ideal for your skin type and makeup. Certain makeup types are incompatible with certain types of bristles. It is essential that you make informed decisions, as they are an investment. Choose between natural and synthetic fibers when shopping for new products.
Buy good quality products www.saubhaya.com
Buy good quality products
Sometimes, the durability of your makeup products depends more on the quality of the products rather than how you handle and maintain them. For those who use makeup more frequently and extensively, it is recommended you invest in higher quality makeup products to keep your skin safe. Moreover, they will keep your skin protected, and their shelf life will be longer.
Sharpen your pencils bluemercury.com
Sharpen your pencils
Thankfully, many people already follow this, as regular use of lip liners, eyeliners, and brow pens make the tips blunt. Just sharpening these pencils helps get rid of a whole layer of dirt and germs. Even in the case of retractable pencils, you can just twist it out and scrape off the top bits. Wipe off any excess product with the help of a clean tissue paper.
Q-tips for lipsticks image.made-in-china.com
Q-tips for lipsticks
Many of us tend to ignore lipsticks and chapsticks, especially the ones that don’t have a proper container. These can catch a lot of dust and dirt. An easy way to clean out any buildup from your favorite lipstick is by simply scraping off the upper layer with a q-tip. Make sure you twist out your lipstick to the very end to reach the deeper bits.
Foundation applicators www.instyle.es
Foundation applicators
Liquid foundations come in a variety of packages. Some products have a wider mouth and are easy to clean with tissue paper. However, some may be difficult if they have a pump or applicator. If your foundation comes with an applicator, make sure you clean it every once in a while with the help of some q-tips or alcohol wipes.
Pressed makeup powders visagehall.ru
Pressed makeup powders
Pressed powders are essentially products such as eyeshadows, compacts, blushes, bronzers, or dusting powders. These also attract germs and dirt very quickly since they come in contact without dirty brushes and makeup sponges more frequently. Thankfully, they can be cleaned easily by lightly scraping off the top layer with the help of a blunt knife, or you could use rubbing alcohol.
Sanitizing lip products www.brownthomas.com
Sanitizing lip products
When it comes to sanitizing lip products, one of the easiest methods of doing that is by spraying a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on the lipstick. You can then wipe it off with a clean tissue. Make sure you wait until the product dries down completely before using it so that there are no alcohol remnants on your lipstick at the end.
Sanitizing liquid products beauty.vogue.it
Sanitizing liquid products
When it comes to liquid products that come in bottles and pots, there is no fool-proof way to sanitize them from the inside. It is essential to remember that products such as foundations, concealers, or highlighters should always be used with applicators and brushes that are clean or sanitized regularly. Avoid using your hands and fingers as much as you can.
Sanitizing powders market.gob.sv
Sanitizing powders
If you have scraped off the top layers of your makeup with the help of a butter knife and wish to sanitize these products further, you can lightly spray them with some alcohol and let it dry on its own. If you have sensitive skin, this technique will help you avoid nasty breakouts and skin conditions from the excess dirt and bacteria that buildup on such products over time.
Fixing a dry mascara whatkimmididnext.blogspot.com
Fixing a dry mascara
If your mascara has gone dry because it has expired, throw it away without even thinking about it. Nobody wants to catch an eye infection, especially over some dry mascara. However, if your mascara has gone dry before the expiry date for some reason, you can try to bring it back to life by adding products like aloe vera gel.
Expired products www.more.com
Expired products
All makeup products that you own have an expiration date, even foundations! Using makeup and beauty products after their expiration date could be really harmful to your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you carefully check the expiration date of each and every product before you use them. This way, you will keep your skin safe and healthy.
Observe the texture of your makeup in.pinterest.com
Observe the texture of your makeup
Another useful indicator of spoiled makeup is texture. Sometimes, even if your product is far from its expiration date, external factors such as temperature, humidity, and improper storage could cause damage to it. Such factors could also affect the shades and fragrance of beauty products. So, if you feel like something smells funky in your makeup drawer, better clean it all up and find the source.
Traveling with makeup www.travelfashiongirl.com
Traveling with makeup
Traveling with expensive makeup can be very risky if you are not careful about the way you pack your products. The best way to make sure they are protected is by securing them in bubble wrap before putting them in your luggage. You can also wrap your products in a giant, soft hoodie or sweatshirt that will ensure minimal impact on your products.
How frequently should you clean brushes? clairemurraymakeup.blog
How frequently should you clean brushes?
This highly depends on how much you actually use your makeup brushes. By a general rule of thumb, you should be washing and cleaning out your beauty tools once every week or every other week if you can. However, if you use makeup frequently or every day, it is recommended you clean out your supplies every day to avoid the buildup of bacteria and excess dirt.
Separate your brushes www.acrylicdisplayer.com
Separate your brushes
The easiest way to avoid clutter in your makeup bag or drawer is by organizing it. Keeping your makeup space tidy not only helps with easy access but also keeps your products clean and secure. This way, your brushes will last longer as well. So, consider separating your makeup brushes into different piles, like foundation brushes and eyeshadow brushes, for easier access.
Dry brush cleaner www.byrdie.com
Dry brush cleaner
This type of brush cleaner works just the way dry shampoo does for your hair. This spray helps clean out your brushes in a simple and effective way. All you need to do is spray it a few times on the brush and then dab it off on a clean tissue or paper towel to get rid of any excess product. You can find many such products at Sephora.
Use a mini washing machine for your brushes www.popsugar.com.au
Use a mini washing machine for your brushes
This product is super helpful if you don’t have enough time and don’t want to spend an hour or two washing brushes and sponges in the sink. Moreover, these types of gadgets are super easy to use. All you have to do is insert the brush or sponge in the machine and let it do its magic. This keeps your hands clean, too.
DIY cleaning solutions mybios.me
DIY cleaning solutions
Soap and water are like the holy grail of cleaning makeup stains and traces off of your tools. Never underestimate the power of a good mixture of soap and water. You can use it to clean your makeup brushes, sponges, face cloths, and other items. Other cool ways of cleaning your tools are by using micellar water or rubbing alcohol to get a deeper clean.
Cleansing sprays headtopics.com
Cleansing sprays
There are a wide variety of cleansing sprays available in the market that are specifically made to help you clean your makeup tools, such as brushes, applicators, and sponges. It is very easy to clean your brushes with these sprays because all you need to do is spritz some of the product on the brush and massage it gently so that your brushes are clean.
Cleansing wipes www.werfwerz.xyz
Cleansing wipes
Cleansing wipes for makeup brushes work just like cleansing wipes do for faces. These are compact and easy to travel with, which makes them very convenient to have in your makeup bag. All you need to do is clean your tools with these disposable wipes gently and wipe down your makeup brushes until you get rid of all the dirt from the bristles.
Make your cleaning solution www.apartmenttherapy.com
Make your cleaning solution
All you need to do is soak your stained brushes, washcloths, or beauty blenders in a solution made with some vinegar, lemon juice, and water. This cleaning solution helps clean your makeup tools and also helps get rid of any stubborn makeup stains off of your clothes. Once they have soaked for a few minutes, rub a little detergent over the stain, and wash it off.
Use mild dish soap or shampoo grandmasthing.com
Use mild dish soap or shampoo
If you think you need to go and buy expensive cleaning supplies for your precious beauty products, then think again. If you have some dish soap or mild shampoo in your home, you do not need to buy anything else. However, we would not recommend using a shampoo, unless it is really mild and inexpensive. Dish soap works just fine.
Replace your makeup brushes www.insider.com
Replace your makeup brushes
Sometimes, you just have to make that call. We know how precious these brushes are and how much money you may have spent on them. Frayed brushes can make it really difficult to get the desired look and will often leave you frustrated and annoyed. So, if it’s been well over a couple of years and your brush is fraying, it is probably time to say goodbye.
Invest in a vanity www.amazon.com
Invest in a vanity
A vanity is great and will help you keep your makeup products organized and clean for a longer time. Plus, it’s an excellent addition to your room. Having a spacious and efficient vanity will also make sure that your most used makeup products are in sight and will save you the trouble of digging through your bag or a drawer.
Use drawer organizers www.amazon.com
Use drawer organizers
When you take it a step further and build or buy a vanity, you should think about investing in a nice set of drawer organizers that fit in these drawers. If you are someone who owns a lot of makeup, having an organized system for each product will keep your products more clean and tidy. Plus, you will reach out to all products as they are on display.
Buy Mason jars jmmagazine.co.kr
Buy Mason jars
While we’re on the subject of storage, buy a nice set of simple mason jars for your products. This way, even if you do not have a vanity, you can organize your products. Using clear mason jars will keep these products in your sight, and it will also add a pop of color to your table if you have a lot of lipstick shades.
Use a shower caddy www.meijer.com
Use a shower caddy
This tip is ideal for skincare products that you use before getting to the actual makeup. But if you are someone who uses makeup every day for work or school, this is a great tip to keep your products clean and organized and also to help you keep the space around your bathroom sink clean. You can get shower caddies made out of metal or plastic.
Store your brushes in a holder bellatory.com
Store your brushes in a holder
We are all guilty of having way too many makeup brushes, and yet somehow, we end up using the same three brushes every time. An easy solution to this is putting all your makeup brushes in little jars on your vanity or your dressing table. You can also get a fancy brush holder for your brushes if that suits your style more.
Arrange products in the order of use www.sale2021.pl
Arrange products in the order of use
This is probably one of the most efficient and helpful organizing tips for people with a lot of products in their collection. More often than not, we end up using the same set of products except for special occasions. Arranging your products from the most used to least used will prevent clutter, and each product will have its own space.
Pour out the foundation www.beautynesia.id
Pour out the foundation
When you are applying liquid foundations or concealers that are in a bottle, instead of dipping your finger in or touching your brushes and sponges to the lid, you should try pouring it out on a clean surface. Then, use that surface as a palette to dip your applicator. This way, the rest of your product does not come in contact with any external contaminants.
Buy cruelty-free www.belvibio.com
Buy cruelty-free
We understand people have different lifestyles, but many people are often allergic to makeup products derived from animals. While these products are great in quality, when it comes to makeup applications, they could be harmful for your skin and are definitely harmful to the environment. That is why it is always better to go for cruelty-free makeup products for safety and ethical reasons.