20 YouTubers Who Have Built an Empire Worth Millions
18th November, 2020
20 YouTubers Who Have Built an Empire Worth Millions essentiallysports.com
They started out as ordinary people, and have now formed an empire worth millions. Thanks to YouTube, these people have become successful role models. If you want to know what real struggle is, get on YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you come from a wealthy background, have a degree in astronautical engineering, or own expensive cars. All that matters on this platform is sheer talent, hard work, and maybe (arguable) luck. YouTube has the power to make you famous in sixty minutes or, sometimes, with just one video. Here are some of the names that made it big on this platform.
Ryan Kaji – $26 million www.interviewmagazine.com
Ryan Kaji – $26 million

Run majorly by a 9-year-old (Yes, you read that right!), Ryan’s YouTube channel is called Ryan’s World. He, like most kids, loves candy and often plays with toys and reviews them. His innocent antics are what has attracted 26 million subscribers to his channel. Two years ago, he even released his own line of toys. How cool is that!

Dude Perfect – $20 million prweb.com
Dude Perfect – $20 million

These college roommates were once upon a time at the Texas A&M University. The group consists of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. At 52 million subscribers, they are among the top ten highest-paid YouTubers across the world. Most of their content is related to performing tricks and stunts. They also attempt to break Guinness World Records.

Nastya – $18 million influencermarketinghub.com
Nastya – $18 million

People are obsessed with Nastya more than they are with Kim Kardashian, and it certainly shows. Anastasia Radzinskaya, this Russian-American YouTuber, at the age of six, has minted so much money that she does not need to work a day in her life. She has six other channels under her brand, with content available in multiple languages. Talk about inclusivity!

Rhett and Link – $17.5 million ew.com
Rhett and Link – $17.5 million

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal talk about things, like famous subway sandwiches from around the world and weird foods like pizza milkshakes. Their content is very relatable and always puts viewers in a lighter mood. However, it’s their sense of humor and comedy that has kept the show going. They also have two books and a podcast under their name.

Jeffree Star – $17 million www.vanityfair.com
Jeffree Star – $17 million

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Star used to model and work as a make-up artist. Then, in 2009, he released his one and only album, Beauty Killer, but left the music industry in 2013. The following year, he founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics and went on to become the fifth highest-paid YouTuber, according to Forbes. He has surely come a long way.

DanTDM – $16.5 million twitter.com
DanTDM – $16.5 million

Formerly known as TheDiamondMinecraft, this UK-born YouTuber revealed his face for the first time only after his channel hit one million subscribers. Known for his commentaries, he has played a lot of games on his channel, including Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon. His diligence and talent show in his work, which has made him earn a whopping 23 million subscribers and counting.

PewDiePie – $15.5 million www.cnet.com
PewDiePie – $15.5 million

Felix Kjellberg’s channel is the most-subscribed channel across YouTube. At 106 million subscribers, he is one of the most famous and well-known stars. His style of content includes video game commentary, vlogs, comedy videos, and music parodies. Although PewDiePie has got himself involved in many controversies over the past few years, he remains to be one of the most influential people worldwide.

VanossGaming – $15.5 million www.celebritynetworth.com
VanossGaming – $15.5 million

Known for his eccentric video compilation and editing style, Evan Fong, a Canadian-born video game commentator, runs VanossGaming. Apart from gaming, Fong also produces music under the name of Rynx, which has also been quite popular. Fong has more than 25 million subscribers on his channel and has earned himself quite a reputation in the gaming industry, thanks to YouTube.

PrestonPlayz – $14 million www.businessinsider.com
PrestonPlayz – $14 million

Preston Blaine Arsement is a 26-year-old American Youtuber who posts pranks and gaming videos. He runs and owns five channels, each one dedicated to a particular game or genre. He plays video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite, among others. Arsement’s content is clean, and he uses no swear words. So, this channel is also safe for children browsing the Internet.

Logan Paul – $14.5 million www.forbes.com
Logan Paul – $14.5 million

Logan Paul has time and again been a focal point of controversies on YouTube. In 2017, Paul visited Japan’s “suicide forest” and posted a vlog about it. In that video, he made fun of a corpse. Despite the rage and anger received, the viral video helped him get many subscribers. This also led to a major fan following; however, the video has been deleted since then.

Markiplier – $13 million www.wired.com
Markiplier – $13 million

Have you noticed that most YouTubers are involved in gaming, and this alone speaks volumes about how gaming can bring in good money. Mark Edward Fischbach, who runs the channel called Markiplier, is known for his horror video game commentaries. He has a line of collaborations under his name and surely a long and successful career ahead. He currently has 26 million subscribers.

Roman Atwood Vlogs – $11.8 million www.facebook.com
Roman Atwood Vlogs – $11.8 million

Ohio-born YouTuber Roman Atwood is known for his family-friendly pranks and vlogs, which he used to post daily once upon a time. However, he has not posted in a while. Thankfully, the views from his previous videos have still kept him in the game. We cannot wait to see him more and are excited to know what kind of new content he’ll bring to the platform.

Jake Paul – $11.5 million roguerocket.com
Jake Paul – $11.5 million

Actor and musician Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s younger brother and first gained popularity due to Vine. However, his music video content received severe backlash after his brother’s scandal, and he later went to have one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. He has managed to bag a huge number of subscribers, which currently stand at 20 million and counting.

Jacksepticeye – $8 million teneightymagazine.com
Jacksepticeye – $8 million

Sean McLoughlin, who runs a peculiar YouTube channel called Jacksepticeye, is an Irish-born YouTuber. His vlogs and gaming content is what earned him money and fame. In 2018, he even started his own clothing brand together with fellow YouTuber Markiplier. He has a subscriber base of 24 million and counting and has also participated in several charities to raise money.

David Dobrik – $5.3 million i.pinimg.com
David Dobrik – $5.3 million

Slovak-born Youtuber, David Dobrik, has had a huge fan following since Vine, a social networking platform that has now been discontinued. He posts content on cute animals, vlogs, and various funny videos. In 2019, his channel was the fifth-most viewed creator channel, and currently, he has 8 million subscribers. The 24-year-old has gained quite a lot of success at a very young age.

Shane Dawson – $7.2 million heavy.com
Shane Dawson – $7.2 million

This American YouTuber has a subscriber base of 21.6 million. He usually posts funny videos of him impersonating celebrities. In 2015, Shane started his conspiracy series, which was a major hit and made his work viral. He has three YouTube channels and two best-selling books under his name. In June 2020, YouTube suspended his channels due to his past racist comments and pedophilia-related remarks.

James Charles – $5.6 million www.seventeen.com
James Charles – $5.6 million

This makeup legend is a YouTube sensation and is one of the best beauty bloggers out there. Born in New York, Charles is openly gay and the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl, a cosmetic brand. He became one of the rare YouTubers to lose a million subscribers in a day after a controversy. However, he has bounced back successfully and currently has 21.2 million subscribers.

Ali-A – $4.7 million en.wikipedia.org
Ali-A – $4.7 million

British gamer and vlogger Alastair Aiken has a subscriber base of 17.3 million. He owns another YouTube channel called MoreAliA, which has over 6 million subscribers. His content style is family-friendly, and he is best known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries. He also holds two Guinness World Records that clearly reflect his abilities. A legend, indeed!

The Dolan Twins – $1.4 million www.cosmopolitan.com
The Dolan Twins – $1.4 million

Run by twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan, these 21-year-old YouTube stars have a loyal army of around 11.1 million subscribers. They post comedy videos and have won five Teen Choice Awards over the years. In February 2020, they launched their first podcast called “Deeper With The Dolan Twins,” where they talk about their life experiences. At such a young age, the twins surely handle fame with ease.

Lilly Singh – $1.3 million variety.com
Lilly Singh – $1.3 million

Better known by her pseudonym “Superwoman,” Lilly Singh has more than 14 million subscribers on her channel. She posts funny videos, which will leave you in splits of laughter at any time of the day. She also spreads the message of self-love. Apart from YouTube, she owns a women’s soccer team, is a successful talk-show host, and has won many awards.