20 YouTubers Who Have Built an Empire Worth Millions
18th November, 2020
20 YouTubers Who Have Built an Empire Worth Millions essentiallysports.com
They started out as ordinary people and have now formed an empire worth billions and millions. Thanks to YouTube, these people have become successful. If you want to know what real struggle is, get on YouTube. Here, you don’t need to be related to rich musicians, have a degree in astronautical engineering, or live in expensive cities. All that matters on this platform is sheer talent, hard work, and maybe (arguable) luck. YouTube has the power to make you famous in sixty minutes or less, with just one video! Here are some of the names that made it big on this platform.
Ryan Kaji – Net worth $50 million www.interviewmagazine.com
Ryan Kaji – Net worth $50 million

Ryan’s YouTube channel is called Ryan’s World and is run by Ryan Kaji, a 9-year-old. Yes, you read that right! He, like most kids, loves candy and often plays with toys and reviews them. His innocent antics have attracted 29 million+ subscribers to his channel. Ryan’s World, formerly known as Ryan ToysReview, was started in March 2015 and his videos soon started going viral. His video titled “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” has 2 billion views, making it one of the most-watched videos on YouTube. He has his own TV show on Nickelodeon and even a line of toys, accessories, and clothes! Ryan is the richest YouTuber in the world and has maintained his position since 2018. His net worth rose from $22 million to $30 million in 2020. It is estimated that he is the highest-paid YouTuber, with earnings of about $100 million so far. Apart from all the fame, Ryan has an ordinary childhood. He attends a public school and spends about three hours a week shooting for YouTube.

Dude Perfect – Net worth $50 million prweb.com
Dude Perfect – Net worth $50 million

Twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney studied together at Texas A&M University. At 56 million subscribers, they are the second-highest paid YouTubers across the world. Most of their content is related to performing tricks and stunts. They also hold several Guinness World Records and attempt to break existing ones. It all started when the group recorded and released their “Backyard Editio” video that contained basketball tricks and shots back in 2009. In a week, the video had 200,000 views! Their second video hit 18 million views, and that’s when they pledged to sponsor a child from Compassion International for every 100,00 views. They set a world record in an ESPN-sponsored segment video, which led to numerous appearances on sports channels. Dude Perfect eventually started making “battle” videos, where they would compete against each other in games but with unique rules and elements. In 2020, they started with their “Bucket List” video series in which they try to check off entries from their bucket list. Dude Perfect earned $25 million last year, making their net worth $50 million.

Nastya – $40 million influencermarketinghub.com
Nastya – $40 million

People are obsessed with this YouTuber, and rightly so. Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Nastya, is a 6-year-old Russian-American YouTuber. She has earned so much money that she would never need to work and still be able to live a luxurious life. She and her family have six channels under her brand, including Like Nastya Vlog, which is the fourth-most subscribed YouTube channel. The channel started in 2016 when Nastya’s parents decided to document her journey and treatment for cerebral palsy. When they realized that her channel started gaining a wider audience, they partnered with Yoola, a YouTube management company. Her content mainly gained momentum since it is available in seven languages. Nastya today is one of the biggest and richest YouTubers, with more than 100 million subscribers and 40 billion views. In 2019, she was the highest-paid YouTuber in the world, with $18 million in earnings. She now has a net worth of $40 million.

Rhett and Link – $40 million ($20 million each) ew.com
Rhett and Link – $40 million ($20 million each)

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal became close buddies after they were punished for making mischief in school. The two bonded over their love for mythical creatures, and the rest is history. This is why they also earlier named their YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning many years later. In college, Rhett and Link were roommates, and Rhett graduated magna cum laude in civil engineering and Link summa cum laude in industrial engineering. The duo quit their jobs to start their YouTube channel, and what a journey has it been! On Good Mythical Morning, they talk about things like famous subway sandwiches and weird foods like pizza milkshakes. Their content is very relatable and always puts people in a lighter mood. However, it’s their sense of humor and comedy that has kept the show going. Today, Good Mythical Morning has over 17 million subscribers! They are also the fourth highest-paid YouTubers, with a net worth of about $20 million each.

Jeffree Star – $200 million www.vanityfair.com
Jeffree Star – $200 million

Jeffree Star, born and raised in Los Angeles, used to model and work as a make-up artist. He joined Myspace in 2003 to promote his music career and soon became the most followed person in three years. In 2009, he released his one and only album Beauty Killer but decided to leave the music industry. The following year, he founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics from his life savings. He joined YouTube to promote his brand and went on to become the fourth highest-paid YouTuber with $17 million in earnings in 2019. Today, Star is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, with $15 million in earnings. In an interview, Star said his make-up empire has a net worth of $100 million! He has invested his money in real estate and merchandising. Star presently lives in a 25,000 square feet, 8-bedroom, and 13-bathrooms home in Hidden Hills, California, and owns a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming. His net worth is about $200 million.

DanTDM – $35 million twitter.com
DanTDM – $35 million

Daniel Middleton, who runs DanTDM, revealed his face for the first time only after his channel hit one million subscribers. He plays games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and Tomodachi Life on his channel. Middleton initially devoted his channel solely to playing Pokemon back in 2010. However, he soon shifted his focus to Minecraft and started targeting children aged 5-10 years. In 2020, Middleton set out to complete all the achievements in the Hardcore mode of Minecraft, which earned him worldwide fame. Middleton’s diligence and talent show in his work, earning him a whopping 26 million subscribers! In 2016, he set a Guinness World Record for having maximum views (7.9 billion) and also published a graphic novel Trayaurus and Enchanted Crystal, which became a New York Times bestseller. In 2017, he earned $16.5 million and became the richest YouTuber in the world. As of 2019, he earned $12 million from his merchandise and YouTube ads. Daniel Middleton’s net worth is $35million.

PewDiePie – $40 million www.cnet.com
PewDiePie – $40 million

Felix Kjellberg’s channel is the most subscribed channel across YouTube. At 110 million subscribers, he is one of the most famous and well-known stars. His style of content includes video game commentary, vlogs, comedy videos, and music parodies. Although PewDiePie has got himself involved in many controversies over the past few years, he remains to be one of the most influential people worldwide. Kjellberg launched his channel in 2009, and by 2013 he became the highest-paid YouTuber. His channel is one of the fastest-growing ones, with numbers shooting up from 3.5 million subscribers to a whopping 19 million. He had a subscriber rate of 1.037 per second for a year and gained 1.3 billion views from all videos combined. Kjellberg has his own line of merchandise, which includes gaming keyboards and accessories. In 2020, he announced his break from YouTube. PewDiePie since then has returned to YouTube and continues to dominate the platform. Felix Kjellberg typically earns $450,000 for each sponsorship and has a net worth of about $40 million.

VanossGaming – $25 million www.celebritynetworth.com
VanossGaming – $25 million

Evan Fong, also known as VanossGaming, became well-known for his eccentric video compilation and editing style. The Canadian-born video game commentator runs VanossGaming. He was introduced to gaming by his father and eventually dropped out of university to pursue his YouTube career full-time. He even named his YouTube channel after his father’s username (vanoss62) as a tribute. In 2015, Fong’s channel hit 11 million subscribers, which put him on the list of Top 25 YouTubers. Apart from gaming, Fong also produces music under the name of Rynx and has been quite popular. In his free time, he likes playing ice hockey and the guitar. Today, Fong has more than 25 million subscribers and has earned himself quite a reputation in the gaming industry, thanks to YouTube. He has 12 billion total views on his channel and a net worth of $25 million, making him one of the highest-paid and richest YouTubers.

PrestonPlayz – $19 million www.businessinsider.com
PrestonPlayz – $19 million

Preston Blaine Arsement is a 26-year-old American YouTuber who posts pranks and gaming videos. He runs and owns five channels, each one dedicated to a particular game or genre. He plays video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite, among others. Arsement’s content is clean and cuss-free, so it’s also safe for children as well. He joined YouTube about a decade ago and created a channel called TBNRfrags. In 2012, he changed the name to PrestonPlayz and started posting videos of him playing Call of Duty and Minecraft. He upgraded his game when he shifted his focus to kid-related gaming content. Arsement claims that he read, analyzed, and researched before changing his strategy to help him gain more followers and views. He wasn’t always earning as much, but after modifying his tactics, he slowly started gaining more followers. He is now one of the richest YouTubers, earning $19 million in 2020.

Logan Paul – $19 million www.forbes.com
Logan Paul – $19 million

Logan started creating and posting videos on his YouTube channel called Zoosh when he was just ten years old. However, he got his break on Vine, a now-discontinued app. Logan has had his fair share of ups and downs, but he continues to be one of the most popular YouTubers amid it all. After a major scandal broke out, Logan apologized, and he has donated more than $1 million to numerous suicide prevention groups. This did not make a hole in his net worth. In fact, in 2018, he earned a revenue of $14.5 million that put him on number 10 in the Richest YouTuber list even though his viewership dropped to 630 million. He has 23 million subscribers on his channel and has earned $10 million in 2020 through the platform. Like his brother, Logan has also stepped into the world of professional boxing. Logan’s net worth is $19 million, and it will only continue to increase.

Markiplier – $35 million www.wired.com
Markiplier – $35 million

If you enjoy Youtube, you’d know that most YouTubers are involved in gaming, and this alone speaks volumes about how gaming can make you a rich YouTuber. Mark Edward Fischbach, who runs Markiplier, is known for his horror video game commentaries. He started his career as a voice-over artist by working for LORE, a YouTube channel, and then got on board with Red Giant Entertainment in 2014. He plays games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Minecraft, and Slender: The Eight Pages in a segment he calls “Let’s Play.” He also makes comedy sketches and animated parodies that are worth a watch. His channel started gaining many subscribers within no time, making him one of the highest-paid YouTubers. In 2018, he was estimated to have earned $17.5 million! Markiplier also has a line of collaborations under his name and a successful, long career ahead. He now has 29 million subscribers and a net worth of $35 million.

Roman Atwood Vlogs – $14.5 million www.facebook.com
Roman Atwood Vlogs – $14.5 million

The Ohio-born Roman Atwood is known for his family-friendly pranks and vlogs. He has over 15 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. Atwood started vlogging in 2013 and went on to become the first YouTuber to use the 360-degree camera. He has also appeared in a reality prank show with Howie and Alex Mandel and has produced a DVD series known as The Nerd Herd. Some of his popular videos include an insane toilet paper prank, plastic ball prank, anniversary prank, and pee prank on cops. Atwood once used to upload videos every day but has since stopped posting as frequently. Recently, in January 2020, he stopped posting for a brief period without any explanation. During his time, he spent some quality time in his luxurious house and still managed to earn a six-digit revenue from YouTube ads. Now, Atwood is back and earns about $10 million annually, thanks to his wise investments. Atwood’s net worth is estimated to be around $14.5 million.

Jake Paul – $20 million roguerocket.com
Jake Paul – $20 million

If you’re familiar with Vine, a now-discontinued app that featured short videos, you already know the Logan brothers. Actor and musician Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s younger brother. Jake began his career in 2013 and was offered a role in Disney’s sitcom Bizaardvark. However, he was fired in the second season after he landed himself in a bit of a pickle. Jake also began his music career and released a video, “It’s Everyday Bro,” which received 70 million views within a month. In 2017, he created Team 10, a digital marketing company that promoted entertainment for teenagers. Despite the love/hate relationship people have with him, Jake’s numbers have continued to rise. We’re talking 20 million subscribers and counting! In April 2021, he posted a video in which he claimed that he had earned a whopping $65 million, and his net worth stands at $20 million. Jake has now entered the world of boxing and is already making headlines.

Jacksepticeye – $16 million teneightymagazine.com
Jacksepticeye – $16 million

Jacksepticeye, or Sean McLoughlin, is an Irish-born YouTuber. His vlogs and gaming content is what earned him money and fame. He joined YouTube in 2007 but only started posting in 2012. However, he started gaining a fanbase after PewDiePie mentioned him in a video. After that, his subscribers jumped from 2,500 to 15,000. By 2015, his channel had a billion views from all videos combined. Jacksepticeye is now known for hosting live stream events on YouTube for charity. He once raised $100,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and $250,000 for Crisis Text Line, a charity that provides on-the-clock assistance for people in crisis. In 2018, he started his own clothing brand called CLOAK with fellow YouTuber Markiplier. In the same year, he raised $225,000 for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As of 2021, he has a subscriber base of 27 million and a net worth of $16 million. He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers across the globe.

David Dobrik – $20 million i.pinimg.com
David Dobrik – $20 million

The Slovak-born YouTuber, David Dobrik, has had a huge fan following since Vine. He posts content on cute animals, real-life situations, semi-scripted scenarios, vlogs, and various funny videos. Dobrik is one of the richest YouTubers with annual earnings of about $15 million. In 2016, he created his second YouTube channel, “David Dobrik Too.” He typically posts blooper, challenge, and direct sponsorship videos there. Dobrik has his name included in PAPER‘s “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise.” In 2019, his channel was the fifth-most viewed creator channel, and currently, he has 18 million subscribers. Dobrik became a TikTok sensation after a video featuring a large elephant toothpaste experiment went viral and got 17.5 million likes and 180 million views. The 24-year-old has a net worth of $20 million and recently bought a $9.5 million 7,800 square-foot mansion in Sherman Oaks, California. However, after a recent controversy, Dobrik no longer posts on YouTube.

Shane Dawson – $12 million heavy.com
Shane Dawson – $12 million

This American YouTuber has a subscriber base of 21.6 million. He usually posts funny videos of him impersonating celebrities and music videos, too. Dawson first started making videos for his school project and soon launched his first YouTube channel in 2008 called ShaneDawsonTV. He soon started uploading daily vlogs and one video every week in which he worked with other famous YouTube personalities. He was named the 25th Most Famous Web Celebrity by Forbes in 2010. Soon, he started producing pilot episodes, successful music, and a partnership to make films and series with Sony Pictures. In 2015, Dawson started his conspiracy series, which was a major hit and made him work. Dawson has also won the People’s Choice Award for the Social Star of 2018. However, in June 2020, YouTube suspended his channels due to past racist comments and inappropriate remarks. However, he still earns millions from past projects and has a net worth of about $12 million.

James Charles – $22 million www.seventeen.com
James Charles – $22 million

This makeup legend and YouTube sensation is one of the most-followed beauty bloggers out there. Charles, born in New York, is openly gay and the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl, a cosmetic brand. He launched his career in 2015 on YouTube, where he started posting videos on beauty and makeup. He soon bagged many deals and went on to become a brand ambassador of So Lashy! Blastpro Mascara. He also did the makeup of rapper Iggy Azalea for her music video “Sally Walker.” Charles has also launched an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics that fully sold out in 6 minutes flat. He is also the only YouTuber who was invited to the MET Gala. This goes to show how popular he is. However, problems stop for no one, and Charles is no exception. He lost about a million subscribers after a controversy broke out. Despite that, Charles has a net worth of $22 million.

Ali-A – $14 million en.wikipedia.org
Ali-A – $14 million

British gamer and vlogger Alastair Aiken has a subscriber base of 17.5 million. His content style is family-friendly, and he is best known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries. Aiken created his YouTube channel back in 2006, but he started posting only in 2009. He gained subscribers after people took notice of his unique style of playing Call of Duty. Moreover, Aiken’s tricks, hacks, and reviews were a bonus! He owns another YouTube channel called MoreAliA, which has over 6 million subscribers. There, he posts videos of games like Minecraft, Mario, and Pokemon Go. Aiken has even hosted two gaming tournaments on his channel, which turned out to be a huge hit. After all, he did beat TWiiNSANE. So, it should be no surprise when we tell you that Aiken also holds two Guinness World Records, thanks to his gaming skills. His net worth amounts to $14 million.

The Dolan Twins – $6 million ($3 million each) www.cosmopolitan.com
The Dolan Twins – $6 million ($3 million each)

Twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan are 21 years old and have a loyal army of around 10.5 million subscribers. They post comedy videos and have won five Teen Choice Awards over the years. Their career took off when they partnered with AwesomenessTV back in 2015. At first, they attracted 6 million Vine followers and soon got on YouTube, too. A year later, the Dolan twins did the 4OU world tour. Soon, Twitter took notice of them and signed them on for a feature campaign. Ethan and Grayson often engage in competitive sports, and Grayson has even gone on to win a medal for a wrestling tournament. In February 2020, they launched their first podcast called Deeper With The Dolan Twins, where they talk about their life experiences and pop culture. At such a young age, the twins surely handle fame with ease and are now worth 3 million each.

Lilly Singh – $20 million variety.com
Lilly Singh – $20 million

Lilly Singh, better known by her pseudonym “Superwoman,” has more than 14 million subscribers on her channel. She posts funny videos, which will leave you in splits any time of the day. Lilly started making videos for YouTube in 2010 and soon fell in love with the process. A year later, she began doing cameo roles for movies. For the next four years, she appeared in various movies and music videos. In 2015, she embarked on a world tour where she performed shows that were a mix of comedy, dance, and more. Lilly soon relocated from Canada to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Since then, she has written a best-selling book How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life, bagged endorsement deals, and done many voice-over roles. Apart from YouTube, she owns a women’s soccer team, is a successful talk-show host, and has won many awards. She is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, earning $10 million through the platform alone! Her net worth stands at $20 million.