20 Vintage Items That Are Absolute Gold
21st October, 2020
20 Vintage Items That Are Absolute Gold unsplash.com
Archaic items may not seem fancy, but they sure do cost a bomb. These common antiques you find lying around the house are a favorite among buyers. Throwing away old products to make way for new ones is quite common, given that we have only so much space? Unless, of course, you're a hoarder, and you can't seem to part with things you don't use them anymore. That being said, you might want to consider holding on to specific objects, such as the ones listed below. These common household articles from the bygone years are considered to be quite valuable and can fetch you tons of money if sold to the right buyer. Like they say, "Old is gold."
Adverts www.smashingmagazine.com

Before the age of the Internet, companies promoted their products through physical adverts. These would be hung at places where people gathered in huge crowds. In today’s market, these pieces of paper are considered antiques. Depending on the brand, they can sell anywhere between $200 to $600 and sometimes even more! So, if you ever find them lying around your house, don’t throw them; sell them!

Boy Scout memorabilia www.skinnerinc.com
Boy Scout memorabilia

If someone would’ve told us back then that all those badges would readily sell on the Internet for quite a few dollars, we would’ve laughed our hearts out. However, the reality is that Boy Scout medals and badges are one of the highest-grossing vintage items in the market. Some of them even sell for more than $1000. Boy, oh boy, that’s a lot!

Classic cameras blog.louisphilippe.com
Classic cameras

Cameras, which were invented more than two centuries ago, have undergone tremendous evolvement. So much so that modern-day equipment is capable of capturing distant galaxies. Despite the evolution, retro cameras are worth hundreds of dollars. If they’re in proper shape and work well enough, they can sell for anywhere between $100 to $5000. Because let’s be honest, how much ever we try, we can never recreate those grainy film photos.

Comics www.hindustantimes.com

First edition vintage Marvel and DC Comics are like gold dust. These coveted copies can earn you some serious money. This is because fans are always waiting for the opportunity to prove to others that they are the biggest stans of a particular comic verse. The book, however, must be in near-mint condition.

Crockery theblissprojectblog.wordpress.com

Back in the day, people served and ate food in intricate dishes, designed in accordance with the style and decor of the time. Today, vintage tableware can sell for exorbitant rates! In fact, people are more than willing to buy these items for such high prices. Pottery from a certain period can be more expensive than the other; however, the rate will depend on its condition.

Dolls libreshot.com

As long as it ain’t Annabelle, there would be many takers for a vintage doll. Actually, that’s not true. There are some people out there who wouldn’t mind owning a scary doll. The worth of these playthings depends on whether or not they are in proper shape, the period they belong to, and if they were owned by an icon of the time.

First edition books www.bbc.com
First edition books

Even though people are relying more and more on digital books, there are quite a few who still enjoy reading physical copies of books. The opportunity to own a specific first edition book is, hence, more appealing than you can imagine. A first edition copy of a Stephen Hawking or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, for example, would cost anywhere near $500 or even more than that!

First gen electronics www.pixuffle.net
First gen electronics

Although it makes sense to replace old devices with newer versions, throwing them in the bin isn’t the smartest idea, as they can fetch you quite a chunk of money. Lots of people have a penchant for such products and are willing to pay serious cash to get their hands on the item. iPod Classic, Sony Walkman, and Bakelite phones are a few such electronics that might make you rich.

Kansas quarters coins.thefuntimesguide.com
Kansas quarters

Three glaring errors on a few of these coins have driven up the price of the Kansas quarters. A smudge in the pressing machine fainted the “T” in the official motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The coins read “IN GOD WE RUST”. Thankfully, the mistake was rectified as soon as it was detected. A few other coins also have some hilarious mistakes and are worth a few hundred dollars.

Tools and weaponry www.auctionzip.com
Tools and weaponry

Traditionally, knives, swords, or any sort of weapons were used in war and for hunting. Historians will be happy to part with their dollars to grab a piece of history. In case you find these lying around in your house and have no use for them, sell them to a buyer who knows the worth of these tools.

Old bottles unsplash.com
Old bottles

Ever found a random rum or perfume bottle in the attic or your grandfather’s trunk? Here’s hoping you didn’t throw it away, as these can sell for some serious money in the market. The chances are that the bottle might have a particular design made by a company, which in the current age, can make you stinking rich.

Ornaments steemit.com

Unlike the 21st century, where a T-shirt does the deal throughout the day, people of yesteryear had multiple garments for each day. They wore fancy and elaborate ornaments, which, now, are worth bazillions in the current market. Most bidders would be interested in knowing the history of the pieces and pay extra cash if it was made by a high-end designer.

Paintings weburbanist.com

Vintage paintings can easily sell for thousands of dollars today. The name of the artist obviously matters. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sell Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to get a lot of money. Do keep in mind that the artwork should be in good condition. It also helps if you know a little bit of history and information about what you’re selling.

Postcard postcardiness.wordpress.com

With no phones and emails to keep in touch, letters and postcards bridged the communication gaps in the not-so-distant past. People have actually preserved these postcards. Today, these are worth quite a few dollars, and their prices increase exponentially, depending on the content and stamps on these cards. Something that has historical and national significance might bring in even more cash.

Pokémon cards timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Pokémon cards

Remember the countless days spent collecting Pokemon cards and then trading them with your friends? What fun! Well, as it turns out, those are actually in demand right now and can make you richer by hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on the kind of pack you have. A few other cards might not fetch as much, but they’re still valuable.

Stamps alternativeinvestmentcoach.com

A lot of people collect stamps, but not many understand the true worth of their hobby. Postal stamps are quite popular and in demand. In fact, a single Inverted Jenny stamp cost more than $1 million in 2016. Older stamps, especially the ones before 1900, sell for much more compared to the contemporary versions. Blue Hawaiian Missionary Stamp and Almanac Stamp of 1766 are among the most coveted ones out there.

Typewriter www.thesprucecrafts.com

No matter how convenient and pain-free it is to type on a laptop, it will never be able to provide the same effect as a typewriter. You’ll be surprised to know how many people are willing to invest in a vintage typewriter. If you happen to find one in your attic, make you sure it’s working, and sell it to someone who’s willing to pay you a good price.

Video games www.digitalgeeky.com
Video games

The charm of classic games such as Super Mario and Chrono Trigger remains unmatched, even as we stare towards an age of 4K gaming. A copy of such historical games is a coveted asset for enthusiasts, who’d happily charge into a bidding war to buy these bad boys. These games, among others, are quite rare and can make you richie rich!

Vinyl records dimitridube.com
Vinyl records

Before Spotify took over, musicians recorded their melodies in phonograph disc records, which were later converted into many copies and sold everywhere around the world. These discs could sell for exorbitant rates, especially if the artists or bands were well-known. If you sell a Beatles, Queen, or Nirvana record, you can actually make a downpayment for a house.

Watches www.thriftyfun.com

You’d be surprised to note just how much people would be willing to pay for a vintage watch. The timepiece, which was discovered all the way back in the 16th century, ages like fine wine. Depending on the design and the year it was made in, watches can fetch from a few thousand to millions of dollars. So, watch out for that money!