20 US Cities That are Totally Affordable
21st October, 2020
20 US Cities That are Totally Affordable unsplash.com
Thinking of moving cities to save a few extra bucks while you can? Here are some cities that are comparatively affordable to live in. So, let’s get moving! So far, with everything that has happened in 2020, it is only an instinct to save money. Under these uncertain circumstances and with the current state of the economy, it is essential to make smart financial choices. Since big investments, like buying a new house, are out of the question, you have to find ways to save money. And if you live in a big city, your expenses must be high already. So, until things get back to normal and to help you save money, we have compiled a list of the most affordable cities to live in.
Memphis, Tennessee www.gousa.in
Memphis, Tennessee

Even though the population of Memphis is quite large, the cost of living doesn’t seem to be affected by it. With tax rates being among the lowest than other states, residents of this city can get a bang for their buck. It costs residents around 14 percent less to live in the city of Memphis, with the rent ranging between $683 to $1791.

Pittsburg, Kansas smartgrowthamerica.org
Pittsburg, Kansas

With noticeably lower prices for food, rent, and basic utilities as compared to the national average, this city offers a fairly suburban way of life. Pittsburg provides its residents with great healthcare facilities, educational opportunities, and assurance of public safety. Moreover, the cost of living is approximately 15 percent lower than the rest of the nation, with rents ranging between $529 to $1791.

Burlington, Lowa commons.wikimedia.org
Burlington, Lowa

Peppered with a variety of options for entertainment, the city of Burlington is known to offer an interesting and fairly suburban way of life. The prices of utilities are around 8 percent lower than average, making it considerably easier on the wallet. While the prices of food might still be higher, the residents save up enough in other areas, such as rent, which is around $481 to $1791.

Knoxville, Tennessee edition.cnn.com
Knoxville, Tennessee

The city of Knoxville offers its residents the best of both worlds, with its hustling and bustling lifestyle and a laid-back and family-oriented approach. While the rental rates range from $602 to $1791, the cost of food and utilities is about 16 percent lower than most cities. Considering that most residents own the houses they live in, the lower cost of utilities comes as a relief.

Springfield, Missouri www.imstechnologygroup.com
Springfield, Missouri

Offering a densely suburban style of living, the city of Springfield is populated with tenants. With lower prices of utilities and slightly higher food prices, the cost of living in this city is about 11 percent lower than the rest of the nation. This city is a particularly good choice, thanks to the number of employment opportunities it offers. The rent prices range between $567 to $1791.

Cleveland, Tennessee clevelandtn.gov
Cleveland, Tennessee

Known to be one of the most inexpensive cities to live in, with rent ranging between $530 to $1791, Cleveland can be a good choice for those looking to save money. The prices of food and utilities are almost 23 and 18 percent lower than the nation’s average, respectively. With the population of the city well under 50,000, this small city could be an ideal residential spot for you.

Statesboro, Georgia www.statesboroga.gov
Statesboro, Georgia

With a population strength of just over 30,000, the city of Statesboro is an excellent choice to live in. Rent ranges between $530 to $1791, and the prices of other basic utilities are about 12 percent lower than the rest of the nation. The city is home to Georgia Southern University, proving to be an ideal city for students to live in.

Omaha, Nebraska www.bradwilliamsphotography.com
Omaha, Nebraska

With a majority of its population comprising younger people and the cost of utilities approximately 14 percent lower than average, the city of Omaha is a great place to consider moving to. The rent prices range between $666 to $1791. Moreover, due to job opportunities within the city’s limits, it can be an ideal spot for people who are beginning their careers.

Louisville, Kentucky www.today.com
Louisville, Kentucky

The city of Louisville has been growing steadily over the years, yet the cost of utilities remains 6 percent lower than most cities in the country. Moreover, the rent prices range between $636 to $1791. The city also offers tremendous entertainment in the form of beautiful parks, a wide variety of restaurants, and festivals that are hosted almost throughout the year.

Birmingham, Alabama greathomesalabama.com
Birmingham, Alabama

One of the most defining features of living in the city of Birmingham is the fact that there are over 500 restaurants scattered all over the city. The cost of living is about 9 percent lower than the national average, and the rent ranges between $702 to $1791. This city is a great option to consider when looking for affordable housing opportunities.

Buffalo, New York www.tripsavvy.com
Buffalo, New York

If you are looking for an affordable place to live without leaving the Big Apple, the city of Buffalo can be a good place to consider living in, with rent ranging between $657 and $1791. Moreover, the city has plenty to offer with a myriad of entertainment opportunities like museums and sports teams. And, the cost of utilities is just 5 percent lower than the national average.

Dayton, Ohio www.dayton.com
Dayton, Ohio

The city of Dayton is well known to be one of the most affordable cities to live in. The cost of utilities is about 16 percent lower than the national average, and the rents are anywhere between $495 and $1791. The educational institutions in the city offer a wide variety of programs related to arts and other subjects. The city also offers great opportunities for small business owners.

Harlingen, Texas www.myharlingen.us
Harlingen, Texas

The city of Harlingen is known for its affordable housing opportunities, with rents anywhere between $630 and $1791. With the cost of food and utilities being about 12 percent less than the national average, it is fairly inexpensive to live in this city. Located in the central region of the Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen is an ideal spot to live in if you want to move away from busy cities.

Kalamazoo, Michigan www.gousa.in
Kalamazoo, Michigan

For those of you who love nature just around the corner of your house, Kalamazoo is the city for you. With the rates of utilities about 20 percent lower than the natural average and rents between $528 to $1791, the city is a great place to save money. Moreover, the city is known for its farmers’ markets and beer, making it an ideal city to live in.

Colorado Springs, Colorado www.planetware.com
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Known to house several military bases and college campuses, the city of Colorado Springs has a considerably low rate of unemployment. The cost of utilities is about 26 percent lower than the national average, and the rent ranges between $769 and $1791. The city is also the hub for adventure lovers and ski-enthusiasts, as it has some of the best ski resorts.

San Antonio, Texas www.inspirato.com
San Antonio, Texas

Considered among the fastest-growing cities in the nation, the city of San Antonio is gaining popularity due to its commitment to maintaining an excellent art community. Moreover, its solid foundation in the healthcare sector and the medical infrastructure is impressive. The rent in the city may range between $718 and $1791, and the cost of living in San Antonio is about 14 percent lower than the national average.

Fayetteville, Arkansas arkansasrazorbacks.com
Fayetteville, Arkansas

The city of Fayetteville is commonly known for its friendly residents and neighborhoods. With a lower cost of living, rents vary between $570 and $1791. It is no wonder Fayetteville is gaining popularity by the day. Due to its entrepreneurial history, an active art community, variety in food, and enthusiasm for music and festivals, it is a great location to consider when looking for a new home.

Conway, Arkansas conwayarkansas.gov
Conway, Arkansas

The city of Conway is really affordable to live in. But, what’s shocking is that its residents don’t have to travel out of the city for work. With the costs of living approximately 22 percent under the national average and rent prices ranging between $597 to $1791, the city appears to be self-sufficient and offers excellent amenities, such as education, shopping, and healthcare, among others.

Greenville, South Carolina www.visitgreenvillesc.com
Greenville, South Carolina

Formerly known only for its textile production, the city of Greenville has now grown to be one of the most rapidly growing metropolises of the nation, with the cost of living approximately five percent lower than the national average. With a merciful climate, a wide variety of food markets, and entertainment facilities, the city is now attracting people from all over the nation.

Lima, Ohio en.wikipedia.org
Lima, Ohio

Situated along Northwest Ohio, Lima is a small city that was known for its impressive production of automotive parts. In the past, it was known for its steam engines. The cost of living in this city is approximately 11 percent lower than the national average, and the rent starts at about $527 to $1791. It is apparent why it is one of the most affordable cities to live in.