20 times Pets Faced Hilarious Consequences for Their Naughtiness

15th February, 2021

The best way to shrug off the mid-week blues is with some paw-some content. Here are 20 #PetShaming posts for a dose of wholesomeness only pets can provide.

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There is no denying the love we have for our pets. The furballs keep us entertained and make us feel wanted all the time. Except on occasion when we aren’t paying them the attention they want. Which is all the time? Because our pets are fans of constant attention and we have a job to keep. This has put us all in that awkward position where we want to scream and yell at the mess they make but can’t help falling more in love with them. Here are some #petshaming instances that will have you howling with laughter with tears streaming down your face.

1. The handsy fellow

Meet this tiny four-legged kid of @DaisyDucati. Look how elegantly he is sitting with a bow tie around his neck. Not gonna lie, the bow tie just adds to the cuteness quotient. But that is not what we are here to discuss. Take a look at what lies beside them. Going by the #petshaming placard, the puppy dog eyes are to get him out of trouble.

2. An honest crime

A viewer sent this to @9NEWS, and we have to say, “Not all bad things are intentional, momma!” Look how sorry the dogs look. Is it possible that they mistook the guinea pig for their chew toy? It’s possible, right? We mistake things for something else all the time after all! Yes, we are sure that is what happened! Although, we are sorry about your guinea pig.

3. Is the treat around the corner?

Not offering a dog with treats is a serious offense. And the punishment this little fur kid decided on for the UPS man left everyone in stitches. Must have been a nice surprise for the UPS guy when he turned around and saw a paw-some grinning face. Thank you @AmyInJetsLand for sharing it with us.

4. Work-shmurk

With the increasing workload, our pets now feel left out. No, the belly rub from an hour ago does not count. You want to know why? Because you have been at it for the last 60 minutes. @K_T_Przz, your feline is just trying to tell you what is more important, and they believe it is them and not the presentation.

5. Human: 0 Rabbit: 1

We are saddened to hear about the untimely demise of your device. Although, Mr. Price, you have to agree that Mr. House Rabbit did not do this intentionally. The adorable Mr. Rabbit was just trying to make friends with Alexa. It was their traditional approach to the modern-day tech that backfired. We are sure this wouldn’t happen with the next device you purchase @RichardPriceUK.

6. The modern bird

“Larry bird, Larry bird, what did you order now?” Excuse us for that, we just couldn’t help the Phoebe Buffay fan inside of us. Seriously though, it is kinda genius of Larry to put in all the efforts to learn Alexa’s name. Bet if their parents knew what was going to happen, they wouldn’t have depended on this gadget all that much. With ease comes a price, @Speak2Alexa’s #petshaming post is the proof.

7. Wow, from the other side

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A post shared by Sheniq W (@sheniqimages) on Sep 23, 2020 at 4:09am PDT

“I am telling you, friends, it was paw-some. My parents were freaking out, and I just wouldn’t let them in. Initially, I thought it would be a nice little prank, but the longer it went on, the more amusing it became. And then they called a locksmith! You really should have seen their faces when I finally rolled down the window!” @Sheniqimages, this is how the story is being told at the dog park!

8. The one in the hospice

Well, to be fair, your pet never promised to behave. Maybe the bird was scared of this new human entrant that was standing over pappy. What if they were just trying to tell them to stay away from their beloved Pappy. There are just too many possibilities @VannahBlack29.

9. Poop-tales

@chrisdipiazza here has an enchanting poop story to tell us! We would have loved to have a day off just because a pet in the lab could not hold it in! Seriously, just think of the horror story the professor would be telling his co-workers. “Can you believe it, I had to cut the lecture because Freddy the turtle stunk up the whole class!” Why wasn’t Freddy in our school?

10. The precious lessons

11. You snooze, we sneeze

If there is one thing all of us can collectively attest to, it is this—cats love being jerks. Don’t get us wrong; we still love the fur monsters, but that does not mean they don’t have us on our toes trying to save ourselves from the destruction they keep planning. Believe us or not, we think cats would be the ones ruling the world soon. @kittykarma.co, you should think about keeping that urn in a much safer place.

12. The fart-tastic incident

Holy hell! Please give us a few minutes to collect our backsides from the ground. Good lord, this one has us rolling on the floor. We can’t imagine the fright of this one pet parent. We dearly hope you had as good a laugh as us once you recovered from the initial shock. Poor doggo did not intentionally do it. @codylab, your horror movie increased your furball’s flatulence. It did!

13. One epic story

Listen up children, this is how the story goes. Back in 2020, the whole world was locked up inside on account of a deadly virus’s global march. Nobody could step out without risking their lives, and shopping for essentials was the only risk anyone took. Those were the times when people started hoarding the all essential toilet paper. That is when @aryaandthegand decided it was time to rebel against their parents!

14. Solving this puzzle mystery

Oh no! Imagine putting in hours and hours of hard work to end up with something like this. We would be heartbroken. Having said that, did your dog really eat them, or did you lose them and are blaming the poor furball, @cjenglishauthor? Did you manage to find them, say under the couch?

15. The case of the missing offsprings?

@Nutmegkk41, are we sure that they are the ones eating their offsprings? What if it is like that part in Finding Nemo. The fish have been jumping out of the tank and into the toilet to flush themselves out into the open waters? What if it’s a plan the tank mates devised in a bid to attain freedom, and you just haven’t been noticing?

16. This fish doesn’t share!

Every time we look at someone’s pet, we keep wishing we had one too. But these #petshaming posts are going a long way to remind us that it’s not all fun and games. Or maybe it is! For @ericas_ducks, it surely is fun and games. Why else would anyone nibble their sister’s toes—especially in the pool—where momma can’t look? This is one evil sibling we tell you!

17. When you have been left out of plans

Remember when we said earlier that we couldn’t think of anything to say other than “savage”? Well, scratch that; this is savage! We believe this is what all the successful people mean when they keep telling us to seize the opportunity. We are so very sorry about your passport @whipp.it.lucy.real.good. Excuse us while we shop for a safe to hide our documents.

18. Water bully

We are quick to assume that fish make great quiet pets. But these seemingly innocuous beings can be nasty to each other. If you are one of those people who ever had pet fish, you know what we’re talking about. And, if like us, you have always wondered how fishy one can be, take a look at this #petshaming post by @friendscallmememil.

19. Poor lil’ elf

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95 days till Christmas ???? and you’re welcome

A post shared by Sheryl Miller (@thehippiehavenmaven) on Sep 21, 2020 at 4:58pm PDT

Meet these two doggos. They were jealous and insecure of the attention elf on the shelf was gaining, come festival season. Therefore, they decided to set the record straight. It involved taking matters between their own jaws and letting everyone know who’s the boss. It might seem a bit cruel, but @thehippiehavenmaven, they did what needed to be done.

20. Hisssy fits

Here is some variety to your #petshaming gallery. We all saw how notorious cats, dogs, and even fish can be. But here is this human with three snakes, publicly shaming them! Bless you, human; we would have been scared with just one, and you are nurturing three that know very well how to mark their territory. @Leolupus, we are in awe of you.