20 Gorgeous Houseplants Anyone Can Grow
29th July, 2020
Netflix unsplash.com
You don't need a green thumb to keep your house plants alive — just make smarter choices. Check out these pretty greens that thrive even when left alone. Many of us dream of having at least a corner of our homes full of lush plants. But we lead such busy lives today that maintaining them becomes an issue. Luckily, you can easily choose houseplants that don’t require regular watering and can blossom in the low to medium light conditions inside. Most plants mentioned here are exactly that, and a few require just a bit of pampering, but nothing more. Moreover, all of them are incredibly beautiful. So, if you’re thinking about buying a durable houseplant soon, you can pick one or two from this list.
Aloe Vera unsplash.com
Aloe Vera
This spiky plant can blend in anywhere — your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Aloe vera doesn't need a lot of watering, once every two or three weeks is enough for it to thrive. Just ensure to place it in a spot that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Aloe plants have healing properties — juice from their leaves acts as a soothing gel for cuts, burns, and acne.
ZZ Plant lakewoodplantcompany.com
ZZ Plant
You can (but should not) neglect ZZ for months, but that won’t stop it from looking healthy and green. Caring for ZZ is simple, as it needs water only once in three or four weeks. So, it’s a great choice for frequent travelers who can’t water their plants often. Low light or bright light conditions, this plant’s survival mainly depends on its roots not staying wet all the time.
Jade Plant almanac.com
Jade Plant
The thick, glossy leaves of jade plants are unusual yet captivating for a houseplant. They need proper sunlight to grow lush and healthy, so the brightest area of your house is apt for them. The only thing to keep in mind before picking a jade plant is the water requirement. Don’t let it dry out completely, but don’t water it too often. Water when the topsoil is almost dry.
Cast Iron Plant popsugar.com
Cast Iron Plant
In extreme conditions where other plants will shrivel and die, the cast iron plant will emerge as a champion. No wonder it is loved by those who don’t have a lot of time on-hand. Although it is drought-tolerant, it can’t survive several weeks without moisture. Give sufficient time for the soil to dry out before watering again. It enjoys the shade, as direct sunlight can burn its leaves
Christmas Cactus kuaibao.qq.com
Christmas Cactus
Also known as Thanksgiving cactus or Easter cactus, this species of the cactus family fills your room with its radiance. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, the plant is very durable and requires only a little maintenance. In fact, it is one of those plants that seems to do its best when ignored. Although it can survive in low light conditions, it will effortlessly blossom if kept near the windows.
Philodendrons thespruce.com
The dark green leaves of the philodendron plants are always refreshing to look at. Even a novice gardener will have no trouble growing these because they naturally adapt to indoor conditions. You must water them only once in every two weeks or so, and allow the soil to dry out between re-watering. It is a quick-growing, trailing plant that will flourish when exposed to indirect, bright sunlight.
Snake Plant thespruce.com
Snake Plant
The snake-like leaves of this plant always seem to be reaching skyward. The snake plant is a popular and nearly indestructible houseplant that can thrive in almost any light condition. In winter months, you need to water it only once a month, or whenever the soil feels dry. It’s also a NASA-approved air purifier plant that keeps the air fresh by absorbing toxins through leaves and roots.
Ponytail Palm Tree indiagardening.com
Ponytail Palm Tree
The long, dangling leaves of the ponytail palm give it a messy look, yet it looks very cool inside a house. The recipe for a happy ponytail palm is simple: give it as much bright, indirect light as possible and never overwater it. This plant is a type of succulent, so it grows best if you let the top inch or two of soil dry completely before watering again.
Air Plants airplantssupplyco.com
Air Plants
Air plants do not require soil to grow! Fascinating, right? That’s because they don’t have long roots like other plants. They will grow anywhere in the home, just keep them out of direct sunlight. Some species of these plants can last a fortnight without needing water. But when it is time, place them in the sink, allowing them to fully soak for about thirty minutes
Red Aglaonema masterplants.vn
Red Aglaonema
The gorgeous, variegated leaves of the red aglaonema can seem like a lot of effort, but that’s not so. They will only ask for water when the soil dries out completely, meaning they can go on for weeks without hydration. The plant can grow in the shady areas of your house, but if you want to see those striking colors, keep them at a spot that receives indirect sunlight.
Monstera Plants dekoruma.com
Monstera Plants
The monstera plants add a touch of the jungle inside a home. You may not believe it, but taking care of these dark green leaves is no hard work. You only need to give them a little water in a week or so, allowing periods of drying. It’s a tropical plant that thrives in a humid environment and must be kept in an area illuminated by indirect sunlight.
Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) amazon.in
Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)
The variegated leaves of the dieffenbachia give a tropical look to the room, and growing this plant is a breeze. The plant gets the name “Dumb Cane” owing to its milky sap that can cause a temporary inability to speak, ensuring it’s not ideal in a house with children and pets. Droopy leaves indicate that it needs water, and lots of indirect sunlight is a must.
Dragon Tree (Dracaena) crocus.co.uk
Dragon Tree (Dracaena)
With spiky leaves that have a bloody outline, the dragon tree sure looks menacing. It can survive in dim light, but it grows best in bright light. Those spiky leaves can get burnt under direct sunlight, so don’t keep it in your open garden. The dragon tree doesn't need much water, so you need not worry about it dying if you miss a watering or two.
Peperomias anselandivy.com
There are over a thousand species of peperomia, and all of them feature thick, fleshy, waxy leaves that are stunning to look at. The succulent leaves of the peperomias indicate they’re better off when watered less. The plants need medium to bright light to look healthy. Keeping them in dim light can result in leaf drop. Because they’re tropical plants, they flourish in warmer conditions.
Prayer Plants waitrosegarden.com
Prayer Plants
The prayer plants feature some of the most mesmerizing leaf patterns that you cannot find elsewhere. What’s great about these is that they are incredibly easy-going, low-maintenance houseplants. You only need to prevent their beautiful leaves from facing direct sunlight as it can burn them or lighten their color. Overwatering or keeping them dry are both not good, so water the plant when the soil just begins to dry out.
Chinese Evergreen architechturelab.net
Chinese Evergreen
As the name suggests, the Chinese evergreen looks refreshingly green in almost any condition, be it poor light, dry air, or drought. The plant remains happy with moderate watering, with drying periods in between. Since it can survive in low light conditions, you place it in the corners of your room. It’s tremendously pretty with broad leaves painted in the shades of green, silver, cream, and gray.
Yucca amazon.co.uk
The sword-like leaves of yucca are something nobody can ignore. The plant is among the most drought-tolerant plants and stores water in their trunks. The secret to keeping the yucca happy is more and more sunlight. They look particularly healthy if watered about an inch per week. The plant doesn’t require any pruning, you need to just remove the dead leaves while cleaning.
Pothos unsplash.com
This trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves is one of the most forgiving houseplants you can buy. Bright light or low light, pothos can tolerate all conditions and can be placed anywhere. But, areas that receive bright, indirect sunlight, such as your living room window, give the best results. It only needs water when the leaves start drooping, so it’s okay if you forget watering for a day or two.
Spider Plant atriumplants.co.za
Spider Plant
The long, thin, arched foliage of spider plants is very easy to take care of. Just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight, and it will flourish. Spider plants don’t need regular watering, in fact, excess water rots their roots. Wait for it to dry out thoroughly before re-watering. During springtime, the plant produces flowers, which ultimately develop into babies, or spider plant spiderettes.
Bird's Nest Fern goodearthnj.com
Bird's Nest Fern
Wondering about the name? It is because the center of the plant appears like a bird’s nest. It is a jungle plant, so you will need to keep the soil moist most of the time, but avoid overwatering. If you want to see it grow to its full potential, place it near the window to give it bright light. Also, the plant loves humidity and thrives in a warm environment.