20 Fun Halloween Games Kids Will Love
08th January, 2021
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Don't limit Halloween celebrations to fancy costumes and trick or treating. Make Halloween even more special for kids with these scary, fun-filled games. When you have little energetic monsters at home, a mundane Halloween celebration with spooky costumes and bucket loads of chocolate is just not enough. To make Halloween celebration full of giggles and entertainment, you might want to introduce your kids to various amusing games that are perfect for Halloween. Since October 31st may look a little different this year, let’s spice things up. We have rounded up some of the most amazing Halloween party game ideas for your kids.
Candy Jenga pbs.twimg.com
Candy Jenga
There is no shortage of candies during Halloween. So why not use this opportunity to play the game that will keep your kids engaged and entertained for hours? Instead of using the regular Jenga blocks, get some Kit-Kats or Hershey bars and start building the tower. The one who knocks down this tower loses, and the winner gets the candy.
Skeleton scavenger hunt easypeazyfamilybreaks.com
Skeleton scavenger hunt
Everybody, from kids to adults, loves a scavenger hunt! It's a perfect family-friendly game for Halloween night. Grab a few plastic skeletons from a store and disassemble them. Hide the skeleton parts all around the house and yard, then let children search for the bones and assemble the skeleton. For an added scary element, hide some parts in dark rooms.
Pin the bowtie on the skeleton decorgan.com
Pin the bowtie on the skeleton
This game will make everybody in the room laugh when they try to stick a bowtie on the skeleton. For this game, you need to hang up a paper skeleton on the wall and blindfold the kid. Then, give them the bowtie and ask them to pin it to the skeleton’s neck. Whoever gets their bowties closest to the skeleton’s neck wins.
Monster freeze dance www.decoracionestilo.com
Monster freeze dance
Do your kids love to dance? Actually, that’s not the skill they need to have for this competition. Even the one with the silliest moves can win! Play some upbeat dance tunes and have your kids show off what they’ve got, but only until the music stops. When the music stops, they have to freeze. Anyone caught moving while the music is off is eliminated from the game.
Bean-bag toss pumpkins www.shinzoo.com
Bean-bag toss pumpkins
Pumpkin carving is a prevalent Halloween tradition. And if you’re an expert in the art, then this game is easy for you. Cut a hole in the bottom of one large and one small pumpkin and carve eyes in both. Stack the smaller pumpkin on top of the larger one, and you’re done! Toss tiny bags of beans into the pumpkin’s mouth to win.
Mummy sack race www.deliacreates.com
Mummy sack race
This is a sack race with a Halloween twist! Wrap each kid's leg with white crepe paper and watch these little mummies participate in a race. The goal is to cross the finish line first while keeping the wrappings on and not tearing them apart. This is a fun activity for all kids and will sure crack up the audience. Plus, it does not require much preparation time.
Spider web walking game www.notimeforflashcards.com
Spider web walking game
Like making intricate designs? It’s time to show off your skills by creating an intricate spider web out of tape. Put your kid’s balance and problem-solving abilities to the test. This game requires your little one to pick up all the plastic spiders and dodge ghosts en route to the finish point without falling off and stepping off the tape. Make it a timed challenge to increase the fun.
Mummy bowling tipjunkie.com
Mummy bowling
Suitable for kids and adults, this game will make your Halloween party an instant hit. All you need to do is buy plastic bowling pins from the store and wrap them with toilet paper. You can even add googly eyes and a few bows. Then, set up these bowling pins and have your little ones knock them over. Reward the first person who knocks down all of the pins.
Jack stack www.countryliving.com
Jack stack
This game will tell you how quickly your little ones can think and crack this puzzle made from disposable orange cups. It’s a fun, family-friendly game, so even you and your spouse can participate in opposite teams. To win the challenge, you have to get the orange cups in the correct places before the other team does. If playing individually, give your kid 60 seconds to complete the challenge.
Pumpkin patch stomp www.countryliving.com
Pumpkin patch stomp
Kids love anything that includes loud noises, and this game gives the perfect excuse! Buy a pack of orange balloons, some candies, and grab a few small coins. Before inflating the balloons, stuff them with all these items. Now, all there is left to do for the kids is to clobber these pumpkin-like orange balloons and claim the prize inside each balloon.
Poke-a-pumpkin www.countryliving.com
If you don’t want to blow up balloons, then this mystery prize game is the perfect alternative. Fill plastic cups with Halloween trinkets like spider rings or candy pumpkins, then wrap an orange tissue paper around a paper cup. Stick the cups to the poster board in the shape of a pumpkin, and one by one, let each kid poke a hole through the tissue paper and collect what’s inside.
Donut-eating race oaklandcountyblog.com
Donut-eating race
There ain’t no kid in the world who’d say no to a donut, even when it is hanging from a tree and hard to reach. For this challenge, string up some donuts from a tree or a sturdy rod, and have each kid reach for a donut. Remember, using hands is not allowed, so get ready for tons of laughter as you watch them enjoy their messy Halloween treat.
DIY Halloween piñatas www.countryliving.com
DIY Halloween piñatas
This Halloween pinata is very easy to make and doesn't require any craft skills. It is made from a toilet paper roll and crepe paper, so make sure you have enough rolls saved up to make several of these. Stuff the rolls with Halloween candies and little toys, and decorate them as a ghost. At the party, have each kid pull the string and collect the loot.
Pass-it-on ghost story partfy.com
Pass-it-on ghost story
Kids may be afraid of ghost stories, but they are always excited to hear more of them. This spooky game is not for all and requires candles or any other source of light. The idea is to blow one candle as each participant tells or reads a spooky story, making the atmosphere darker and scarier. Sure, count us all in!
Wiggle worm race www.weekendnotes.com
Wiggle worm race
Have a big yard and many little guests at home? Try this crazy Halloween race that requires kids to form a human worm. Split the groups into two, and ask each member in the line to put their left hands down while other kids grab it with their right hand. The team that crosses the finish line first with their worm still intact wins!
Candy count game www.countryliving.com
Candy count game
The reward for this game of chance is every kid’s fantasy—a jar full of lip-smackingly delicious candy! Fill a jar with a mix of Halloween candy, and don’t forget to count the number of candies you place inside. Keep that number a secret and lock the jar. As your guests arrive, have them guess how many candies are inside. The one with the closest number gets to keep the jar.
Halloween charades www.goodhousekeeping.com
Halloween charades
Regardless of what type of celebration you’re having, charades is a perfect party game that engages people of all ages. To add a Halloween twist to this traditional game, write dark words and names of Halloween movies in the index cards, and put them in a bowl. For new and hard-to-guess words and movies, use the Internet! Charades can go on for hours and still be entertaining.
Halloween eyeball slime www.countryliving.com
Halloween eyeball slime
Kids love playing with slime! So, why not make this eerie, gooey glob of eyeballs for your little demons at home? It’s also fun to prepare and doesn’t take much time. Simply pour two bottles of red glitter glue into a plastic bowl and add some water and starch. Then, put a few eyeballs into this mixture and keep stirring until the glue and eyeballs start to form a blob.
Halloween bingo www.countryliving.com
Halloween bingo
Looking for a game that barely needs any prep time but is still super fun? Halloween bingo is a great choice! You just need to print these free colorful Halloween printables and use candy corns as markers. Plus, kids can eat them later. Cut out all the pictures from the printable and use it as a draw pile. The first kid to get five in a row wins!
Glow-in-the-dark ring toss homebnc.com
Glow-in-the-dark ring toss
This is yet another fun party game that people of all ages will love. Wrap glow-in-the-dark duct tapes around a couple of glass bottles and bend some glow sticks into rings before giving them to each participant. Line up the bottles in any format you like. Then, each player will take turns throwing rings to get it around the bottles.