20 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Little Ones
17th December, 2020
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We love fall, and we love the seasonal celebrations that come with it. Join your little ones to welcome the harvest season with these fun fall activities! Nothing screams fall like the changing foliage, the cold air, the beautiful burst of colors, and the smell of pumpkin spice. Since we're making the most of our time indoors, it's an excellent opportunity to teach kids about the changing season. Here are 20 fun activities that will keep the kiddos busy throughout the fall season. And who says you can't keep yourself busy too? Go ahead and join them for some fun, nostalgic experiences, and unforgettable memories!
Picking pumpkins www.lakewylie.com
Picking pumpkins
Plan a day to visit a pumpkin patch. You can also wander through the corn maze, stroll through the breathtaking apple orchards, and go on those fun hayrides. After a day’s worth of pumpkin picking, you can teach your children how to scoop em’ up. We promise you; you're going to have a blast!
Leaf collage anniehpilon.blogspot.com
Leaf collage
Nature’s colors are at their best during the fall, and you could engage your kids in making a leaf collage that can later be turned into a keepsake. Take it from us, kids would love to engage in collecting differently colored leaves for their artwork. The leaf collage offers a great dimension, making it the perfect addition to their room.
Marble painting sarahkiesling.weebly.com
Marble painting
This is an excellent way to keep toddlers busy. Pick out fall-themed watercolors for them, and hand them a sheet of paper placed in a shallow cardboard box and a few marbles. Ask them to pour the colors onto the paper, place the marbles on the sheet, and shake the box until the sheet is covered in paint. The result? A lovely piece of abstract art. You can cut the paper into tiny leaves and string them together.
Make your own fall tree pixabay.com
Make your own fall tree
There are many ways to make a fall tree, and you can pick whichever is the easiest for your toddler. You can either draw a bark or use your kid’s handprint to draw one for a more personal touch. You can use orange contact paper to make the leaves. However, your little one might need help in getting the shape right.
Pinecone painting thinkcrafts.com
Pinecone painting
A few paints and a box full of pinecones and acorns is enough to bring in the fall vibe. Ask your children to paint the pinecones in their favorite colors. Acrylic paints work the best. You can stick these pinecones around a wreath or place them in a bowl on your mantel. The best thing about them is that they are easy to work with!
Yarn apple craft www.educatall.com
Yarn apple craft
It’s the season of pumpkins and apples, and no fall decor is complete without them. For this project, you might have to lend a helping hand to your little one. After you have cut out a cardboard in the shape of an apple, ask your kid to apply some glue and wrap red yarn around it. To complete the project, use a dot of glue to add a twig and a felt leaf.
Celebrate Halloween www.insider.com
Celebrate Halloween
Don’t let the lockdown keep the kids from celebrating Halloween. Pull out your costumes and join your kids in dressing up for the evening. Have the entire family partake in this fun activity this time around! Choose a theme that works for all, and arrange a barbeque evening in your backyard. Tip: Ensure you’re ready before time to take pictures and cherish this memory for years to come.
Nature’s finds robyns.world
Nature’s finds
Give your child a jar with a wide mouth to collect acorns, whole nuts, seeds, pinecones, and berries from the yard or garden. This activity will engage their minds and enhance their observation and motor skills, which is very crucial at a growing age. When they bring these home, they can paint them in their favorite colors!
Color game with leaves preschooltoolkit.com
Color game with leaves
When you’re out on a stroll with the little ones, ask them to collect some leaves. This is an excellent opportunity to teach the kids to identify the four significant shades of fall. Use a sheet of paper and divide it into four parts: green, yellow, brown, and red. Stick a sample in each section to give them a head start and ask them to sort the pile of leaves.
Leaf bracelet www.icanteachmychild.com
Leaf bracelet
Here’s a great way to get your child to collect different colored leaves. Wrap a double-sided tape or duct tape around your kid’s wrist with the sticky side turned. When you’re out on a walk, the leaves will stick to the tape, making it look like a bracelet of sorts. Plus, this is an excellent way to teach your kids about the different shades of colors.
Create a sensory bowl www.simplefunforkids.com
Create a sensory bowl
For this project, you’ll need food colors and 2-3 pumps of sanitizer to coat some rice. Once the rice is dry, season it with pumpkin spice and give it a good mix. Place a handful of pinecones, acorns, and cinnamon sticks on the rice bed, and you have a bowl that smells like fall. This is a great way to teach your kids about the ten basic smells.
Build a scarecrow www.thespruce.com
Build a scarecrow
This activity can keep your kid engaged for hours or even days. Plus, a scarecrow will make for the best fall photo prop. Ask your child to gather some hay, newspapers, old clothes, a hat, scarves, old shoes, straws, and a lean log. They will definitely need an extra set helping hands, but we assure you that the end result will be worth your time. Don’t forget to make it in time for Halloween!
Apple bobbing dayswithgrey.com
Apple bobbing
This activity requires minimal materials and effort and is a lot of fun! Fetch a big tub, ask your child to fill it with water (more than half of the tub) and apples, and scoop out the apples. By playing this popular Halloween game with your kiddos, you can teach them about the density of different substances and explain why apples float in water.
Make your own leaf pile www.terminix.com
Make your own leaf pile
Now, who would not be tempted to jump into a pile of leaves? The idea of making a pile of leaves should get the kids excited, and they would happily sweep the yard for you. This activity is great for their motor skills and will keep them engaged for a good part of the day. Plus, you get to relax while they do all the work.
Apple jar craft www.easypeasyandfun.com
Apple jar craft
Here’s another easy-peasy and fun activity for the kids! For this, you’ll need a mason jar or any baby food jar that’s lightweight; it’s best to steer clear of glass for obvious reasons. In addition to that, you’ll need watercolors, straws to make the stalk, a piece of green paper cut in the shape of a leaf, and some glue. The kids will have a ball when they get to use their hand-painted apple jar to trick-or-treat.
A picnic in the park nashvilleparent.com
A picnic in the park
Fall is the best time to be amid nature. A picnic in a park or an al fresco brunch is the best way to savor the last few days of summer. You can ask your children to help you make their favorite sandwiches and pack the snacks they love. Don’t forget to carry a camera with you! Candid pictures with the little ones make for a great holiday card!
Camp in your yard www.nationalgeographic.com
Camp in your yard
Setting up a camp in your own yard can be more fun for the kids than you can imagine. In fact, we guarantee you too will have a ball snuggling up with your family under the open sky. Nothing replaces that experience, and you can teach your kids some campfire songs and a little bit about the stars and galaxies. To successfully get through the night, remember to pack a mosquito repellent.
S’mores for the camp night homesteading.com
S’mores for the camp night
If you have your heart set on camping, don’t forget to pack some s’mores. If you’re planning to go all out, arrange a little campfire for the perfect experience. Nothing defines camping better than a campfire and the tasty s'mores. If you are skeptical about your kid being near a campfire, you can bring out a stove.
Bonfire www.plymouthmn.gov
If setting a tent in the yard is a bit of a stretch, you can simply enjoy an evening under the starry sky with a bonfire in your backyard. It’s a great way to spend a chilly night with the entire family or even invite some friends over and plan a little barbecue night where the kids can spend the evening toasting marshmallows.
Gratitude journal www.lovingloudly.com.au
Gratitude journal
Gratitude journals are a great way to teach your children to focus on the positives and value the little things in life. And you can also teach them the significance of Thanksgiving. Your kids can’t write or read yet? Doesn't mean they aren't grateful for something! You can help them maintain a journal with pictures of things that they are grateful for.