20 Essential Tips to Prevent Face Mask Breakouts a.k.a Maskne

15th February, 2021

Just when we thought face masks would solve all our problems, we got to know about maskne, acne caused by masks.

20 Essential Tips to Prevent Face Mask Breakouts a.k.a Maskne Shutterstock

They're real, and we gotta prevent them. Wondering how you can prevent maskne? Maintaining overall hygiene is the key tip. While your mask shields your nose and mouth from the virus, it also locks moisture in. This creates a humid space that causes bacteria to grow and cause acne breakouts. What you really need to do is keep your mask and skin clean to prevent bacteria from building up. Since wearing a mask is mandatory, let’s look at how we can keep wearing one while keeping acne away.

1. Use a soft fabric mask

The texture of your mask may be at fault when it comes to maskne. Masks made with heavy or rough fabrics can cause acne breakouts. Wear masks that are either made of satin, cotton, or silk. @beautiful.travel.food sports a silk mask she chose that helps to reduce breakouts. Such masks are made of breathable fabrics that don’t trap humidity.

2. Clean masks after use

3. Wash your face regularly

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Is your water the right temperature for washing your face?⠀⁠⠀ ⠀⁠⠀ Washing your face with water that's too hot can strip your skin of its natural oils, giving you dry, red, and irritated skin ???? ⠀⁠⠀ ⠀⁠⠀ Water that's too cold might have the opposite effect, making it hard to remove excess oils and dirt from your pores ❄️⠀⁠⠀ ⠀⁠⠀ Using lukewarm water is the best way to protect your skin. Skin Tip: if you're washing your face in the shower, turn down the water temperature – just for a second – to keep your skin happy and healthy ????⠀⁠⠀ ⠀⁠⠀ Tap the link in bio to shop @beyondcomplexion cleansers like our Green Tea & Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser to stay fresh-faced ????????⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ .⠀⁠⠀ #acne #fightacne #correctiveserum #acneproblems #cloggedpores #blackheads #blemishfree #acneproneskin #adultacne #deepcleaning #acnesolution #cysticacne #acneskincare #acnefree #acnetreatment #fightacne #oilyskin #instaface #instaskincare #blemishfree #fallskincare #washface #facewash #faceroutine

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Wash your face regularly to rid your skin of dirt that accumulates during the day. This alone will reduce the chances of acne breakouts, as scrubbing cleans the pores of your skin. @beyondcomplexionskincare suggests using lukewarm water to retain the essential oils in your skin. Washing your face won’t cost you a penny, and it is the easiest way to keep maskne at bay.

4. Use antibacterial soap

Using an antibacterial soap is a great way to fight bacteria that may have accumulated over the skin. This will help prevent acne. Choose one that’s not hard on your skin to ensure it stays hydrated. @ccscleancandles’s post features antibacterial soaps made from cocoa butter, raw cacao, kaolin clay, peppermint, and nourishing tea tree oil—all great ingredients for soft bacteria-free skin.

5. Store the mask in a pouch

6. Try Superdrops

7. Say no to makeup

Makeup can be a nightmare to acne-stressed skin. Products like foundation, concealers, and highlighters can clog your pores with their creamy consistency. @aesthetica.medical advises us to avoid makeup around the lower face! It’s better to leave your skin au-natural so that it can breathe. However, if there’s no way you can avoid makeup, try opting for products that are noncomedogenic, as they lack irritants.

8. Buy a mask that fits

To reduce the chances of chafing, buy a mask that will fit you perfectly. You want one that isn’t too big or small. Try getting one customized so that it fits properly. This will avoid unnecessary friction that can cause discomfort to the skin. You can also try buying one with adjustable straps. Don’t forget to check out @masksewing’s post.

9. Use a cleanser

10. Spray Clinisept+

11. Moisturize and hydrate

12. Try a peel-off face mask

A peel-off face mask is excellent for cleansing pores. It will be able to deeply cleanse the skin and remove oils that are clogging it. Remember to use this only on clear skin. If you already have acne, such masks can irritate your skin and cause further damage. In this post, @avonreptami uses a mineral-rich pore penetrating mask, which leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth, and soft.

13. Nourish with serum

Adding a balancing serum to your skincare routine can make all the difference. It can shield the skin from an acne breakout while deeply nourishing it. Choose a serum with vitamin A, as it is known to reduce skin conditions. This will build a protective barrier over time and safeguard your skin from maskne. Check out this post by @herbandbare for more details.

14. Remove the mask when not needed

While it is necessary to wear masks at all times when you are outside, it is also important to take it off when you’re in a safe environment, and there’s no one around. Wearing the mask for a long duration can cause acne. The moisture that is caught up inside the mask seals the pores with oil. So remove your mask when you can to let your skin breathe. Don’t forget to check out @BGailQu’s post.

15. Disinfect your mask

Disinfect your mask to avoid acne breakout. You can use the Viva UVC Sanitising Wand featured in this post by @litezapp. It gets rid of the virus and any bacteria present on the mask. According to this post, you can sanitize your mask between washes. All you have to do is wave the wand over your mask, and it’s done!

16. Avoid heavy creams

Thick creams may be great otherwise, but not when you have your mask on. Wearing a heavy face cream under the mask for extended periods can clog pores and cause skin irritation. They can also aggravate moisture build-up. Check out @TOV_organic’s post for more details.

17. Drink water

18. Buy an anti-breakout mask

19. Don’t touch your face

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I mean one of the real benefits to wearing a mask is that it covers up your acne…..but sucks if you are getting spots because of the mask, so I want to share with you my top tips for avoiding mas-cne – yes its a thing!!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 1. CLEAN YOUR MASK DAILY⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I am a huge fan of reusable masks versus disposable, so if you have the luxury of a reusable then clean it daily. If wearing for an extended period of time, change it and choose a breathable fabric such as cotton or one with an air filter like @aeibe ⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 2. KEEP MAKE UP SIMPLE⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If you are wearing a mask when in public, then why bother at all? Especially around the mouth and chin if that's a sensitive area for you. Personally I've been enjoying the glamour of bare face with vamped up eyes.⁠ ????⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 3. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE, even through your mask⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This one I really struggle with! feel like I want to itch and rub my face the minute I put on my mask…But think about it – anything that's on the inside of your mask then gets pressed against your skin. I am CONSTANTLY coaching my SKIN SOLUTIONS clients on not touching their face, this is even more important with a mask. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 4. STORE YOUR MASK IN A COTTON POUCH WHEN NOT IN USE⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ DO NOT leave it to get covered in handbag dust or floating around the front seat of your car somewhere… ????⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 5. BRUSH YOUR TEETH ⠀ ⠀ Now this isn’t something I’m seeing in the literature, as far as I’m aware there is not much out there on mascne! BUT oral health is hugely important to overall health – via the microbiome and immune system – so makes sense that bugs in your breath COULD be contributing to breakouts. Clean your teeth regularly and think about a diet for oral health….more on this to come ????⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 6. DON'T FORGET TO BREATH⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Stress also has a huge role on skin health – more of this to come in future posts – so deep breathing exercises without your mask, e.g. whilst on the toilet, can be a great way to calm the nervous system down and ensure stress isn't a contributing factor to your mascne. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Hope you find this helpful. Please tag/share/comment/save for anyone you think could benefit ⠀ ⠀ Pic is from the independent, can’t find the artist

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With an existing risk of bacterial buildup when we wear masks, you won’t want to worsen the condition by touching your face. When you bring your fingers to your face, you end up transferring dirt and oil present on your palm onto your face. @chloemanlay_skin_nutrition points out that we end up pressing the oils deeper into the pores.

20. Change your mask after repeated use