20 Devastating Pictures of the Raging Wildfires in California

10th September, 2020

As if 2020 isn’t tumultuous enough already, another set of wildfires in several different areas in the state of California has added fuel to the fire.

20 Devastating Pictures of the Raging Wildfires in California Shutterstock

The entire region of Northern California has been engulfed in tragic wildfires since the beginning of September. Through the first week of September, the fire had spread across several regions and covered over 2.2 million acres of land. With this sudden onset of fires across the state, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has declared 2020 as the year of the largest conflagration recorded in the state’s history so far.

1. California Fire

The fires erupting through all the different parts of the state have definitely put the residents in a great state of fear. People have lost their homes, their belongings, and also their loved ones in these tragic incidents, and the firefighters of the state, as seen in @quipquotes’s post, have played a massive role in bringing that under control.

2. Alpine Valley

The Alpine Valley Fire, which started in San Diego on 5th September, has spread across several surrounding regions and resulted in the destruction of at least 11 homes and 25 outbuildings. So far, 3% of these fires have been contained. As seen in @hike.sandiego’s post, the fire crews and first responders have been working around the clock to contain the damage.

3. San Diego

One of the major factors that caused increased fire activity in the area of San Diego was that several trees near these regions had died in the recent days due to an infestation of bark beetles. This made them highly flammable and resulted in huge fires that spread rapidly burning down several acres of land. This image was taken by @gocchito.

4. August Complex Forest Fires

5. Yucaipa

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A pyrotechnic device used for a gender reveal party near El Dorado sparked a massive fire. It then spread to neighboring areas, making it extremely difficult for the locals and authorities to contain it. It had grown to over 9000 acres in two days. These images by @filamanchik show the continual efforts of the military and firefighters to douse the wildfires.

6. Bear Creek

The wildfires from all around the state, regardless of whether they are contained, have set an atmosphere of terror in the affected regions. They seem to have been engulfed by a sea of smoke and dust. Northern California, where the fires were started by lightning, is still under the Red Flag Warning. Check out @kprc2’s post for more information.

7. Santa Cruz Mountains

8. Santa Cruz Mountains – 2

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Photos by @FransLanting The fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains were seeded by a lightning storm unlike anything we had ever seen. Thousands of strikes hit within a few hours, and they set off fires on a horrendous scale. Fear gripped us as they turned into firestorms with billowing clouds blowing embers that started even more fires. Air turned into smoke. The sky looked like Mars. Now, at last, that smoke is clearing, and we can begin to make sense of what happened and why. Our own place is safe for now, but we mourn the losses of many hundreds of homes nearby. If a heroic band of neighbors had not joined together to fight the fire on their own, in the absence of outside support, things could have turned out differently for us. We look at our landscape and our community differently now. More than ever, we realize that the source of this cataclysmic event and others like it is rooted in the climate chaos we have brought upon ourselves. The new normal is looking ever scarier. We will have to fight much harder to prevent air from becoming smoke everywhere. Follow @FransLanting for more stories from the fires. #Wildfire #California #CZULightningComplexFire #californiafires #santacruzfire

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The fires that began in the Santa Cruz mountains as seen in @natgeo’s post were sparked by a massive lightning storm. The area was burnt down because of the incessant lightning that struck the region within a span of a few hours. Thousands of homes were lost, the area was engulfed in smoke, and the air quality was at an all-time low.

9. LNU Complex

Quite a few fires erupted across several spots in Napa, Lake, Yolo, Solano, and Sonoma. The LNU Complex fires were among the major wildfires that flared up in the state of California. They spread across 375,209 acres within the first week of September. More than 1,500 structures were destroyed. This image was taken in Potter Valley, California, by @5.6photography.

10. LNU Complex – 2

So far, the fires in the LNU complex have spread over 375,209 acres. Fortunately, out of these fires, about 91% have been contained by the fire department. The firefighters played a pivotal role in managing this disastrous situation and they continue to tackle the situation with great strength and courage. The image was taken by @cole_euken in Middletown, California.

11. LNU Complex – 3

Despite the fact that this was one of the largest wildfires in the state of California, it was efficiently contained by the local fire department. Even though the winds aggravated the situation, by the next day everything was under control, and all the evacuation warnings and orders were lifted. However, the people residing in the area were asked to remain vigilant. This image was taken by@cole_euken.

12. Farms in California

Farmlands across the state took the biggest hit from the raging wildfires around California. Almost all the produce and lands were completely destroyed. The fires burnt down people’s homes, crops, tractors, and all the surrounding areas, forcing them to evacuate their homes and look for shelter elsewhere. This post by @caff_famfarms talks about a website specifically designed to help farmers prepare and respond to sudden wildfires.

13. Half Moon Bay, California

All these different wildfires have left a blanket of smoke over the state of California. This is even more hazardous to health amid a global pandemic. Thousands of people have been asked to evacuate and find shelter elsewhere. This image, showing a humongous cloud of smoke spread across the sky, was taken in Half Moon Bay, California, by @natescovillphotography.

14. CZU Lighting Complex

These fires turned out to be the worst in California’s history and have put several regions in a state of emergency. Several counties including Lake, Monterey, Napa, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma have experienced severe wildfires sparked by lightning strikes. This post by @bhushan_nyc mentions how the winds exacerbated the problem.

15. Creek Fire

16. Creek Fire – 2

The dangerous Creek Fire rapidly spread over the Sierra National Forest, leaving over a thousand people stranded near the Mammoth Pool reservoir. Many of them sustained some serious injuries. In this post by @calfire, you can see the destruction caused by the wildfires. California is now under a Red Flag Warning.

17. Huntington Lake

18. San Bernardino

The story about how the fires originated in San Bernardino is quite interesting. It is understood that they originated in El Dorado, near Oak Glen, and broke out due to a smoke generating pyrotechnic device that was being used for a gender reveal party. The post by @arven.g.photography shows the devastating effects of the fires.

19. Pie Ranch

This photograph, taken by @smoaks_, a firefighter, shows the image of the Pie Ranch burning down. Many families have lost their homes, and the military is still evacuating those who are stranded. Continual efforts are being made to contain the fire.

20. Lyons Valley Road