20 Bizarre Hobbies That Are Quite Popular
07th January, 2021
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Think you have got some weird hobbies? Well, we bet you anything that they aren’t as bizarre and unusual as these 20 hobbies we have mentioned below. Having a hobby is truly rewarding. After all, we all need something we’re passionate about: an activity that we can immerse ourselves into without a care in the world. Most of us are happy gardening, collecting stamps, or even knitting, but there are some for whom these pretty ordinary hobbies just won’t cut it; they need to go beyond the conventional. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the most uncommon hobbies some people pursue just because!
Bug fighting ruyandagor.com
Bug fighting
This is as strange as it gets. While some may find collecting insects a weird hobby, bug fighting is a next-level unconventional hobby. Only those who follow it understand the thrill behind this. This hobby involves breeding different species of bugs and insects. People particularly breed beetles for bug fighting. Different types of bugs are picked up to fight against each other.
Car tattooing www.leasingoptions.co.uk
Car tattooing
Some like artwork on their bodies, some like it on their cars. People draw art or graffiti on their cars or any vehicle for that matter. Nothing is out of limits—you can draw illustrations on trucks, SUVs, and even buses. The medium of designing the tattoo can be anything, ranging from permanent markers to spray paints. The stunning results will turn heads on the highway, leaving you wondering whether that’s just a car or a piece of art!
Competitive dog grooming www.mirror.co.uk
Competitive dog grooming
Taking their dogs to the groomer gets a whole nother meaning for competitive dog grooming enthusiasts. This is a peculiar hobby with a competitive edge. Dog parents get their fur babies groomed and styled in multiple hues and colors. This hobby is not as obscure as it sounds. In fact, there are several events happening all over the world where the best-groomed dog takes away a prize of nearly $30,000!
Duck herding www.acfteambuilding.co.uk
Duck herding
This is another peculiar hobby that is a competitive sport too! Just like folks herd sheep and cows, duck herding is also a thing. People pursuing this hobby learn to herd ducks. Quite recently duck-herding has become popular in corporate outing events as a team-building exercise. Not sure how this inspires team spirit, but it sure is fun watching people run behind waddling ducks.
Element collecting 9gag.com
Element collecting
Perhaps the pro-level of pebble or mineral collecting is element collecting. People pursuing this unusual hobby have to be perfectly well-versed with the periodic table. Samples of elements from the periodic table are collected from all over, but radioactive and other unstable elements from the table are strict no-nos for these hobby enthusiasts.
Extreme ironing www.vudaf.com
Extreme ironing
Thought ironing was just another chore you want to get it done with? Think again. Some super-adventurous people have turned this mundane task to something exciting…like extreme ironing. The goal is not so much to remove creases from your shirt but to explore new places and situations while “ironing” your clothes. People have done it underwater, on the top of a mountain, near a river, in the middle of a river, and where not!
Fork bending www.novini.london
Fork bending
We’d like to think this was inspired by the Wachowski’s Matrix trilogy. Fork bending, which is more popular in Japan than anywhere else, is exactly what the name suggests: a fork has to be bent. However, this does not involve any physical force using hands. Rather, one is expected to use psychic powers. Sounds pretty strange for a hobby. One has to concentrate really really hard to bend a fork with the least amount of physical effort.
Geocaching www.visitrichmondbc.com
If you think treasure hunts are fun, wait until you see what geocaching is. It is a treasure hunt taken to a whole nother level. It looks like more of a real-life game than just another peculiar hobby. Players try to find caches using satellite tech. These are small containers that can have anything from a trinket to other objects as treasure. Once a box is found, the treasure inside can be exchanged for another one. The container also has a logbook for each player to sign.
Hikaru dorodango therockstaranthropologist.wordpress.com
Hikaru dorodango
Most of us are quite happy turning random trash, such as bottles, papers, and cartons, into craft and art. What if we told you can turn mud into something worthy? We’re not talking about sculptures— we’re talking about Hikaru dorodango. This peculiar hobby involves making mud balls and dehydrating them. After that, dust is sprinkled on the balls. The result is shiny décor-worthy pieces of art.
In-flight sick bags collecting subnivean.com
In-flight sick bags collecting
Yes, this is a very unusual but very serious hobby that some pursue. In fact, there is a whole website dedicated to people who collect in-flight sick bags. These people are called “baggists.” Through the website, baggists can purchase or even trade sick bags, much like baseball cards. Apparently, the original “Baggist” is a person from Singapore. The person has collected a whopping 388 bags from at least 186 airlines!
Milk-bottle collecting news.bbc.co.uk
Milk-bottle collecting
It is not unusual to collect glass bottles. Many people collect wine bottles. But these collections are mostly for functional purposes, that is, to use the bottles as planters or for storage purposes. However, there are some who collect milk bottles as a serious hobby. This peculiar hobby is as serious as stamp or coin collecting. Some people are so invested in collecting milk bottles that one man actually collected nearly 10,000 milk bottles and built a museum.
Mooing www.peimag.com
If you thought mimicking animal sounds is just another party trick, wait until you read this. Some people are too skilled at making mooing sounds. So much so that this strange hobby has turned into a competition. Competitive mooing has become a bizarre but quite popular activity. These events usually take place in a rural setting in places that are well-known for farming.
Soap carving vadav.weebly.com
Soap carving
ASMR videos in which folks slowly carve soaps are all the rage on social media. But did you know some even pursue soap carving as a hobby? In fact, flowers hand-carved from soaps are quite popular in night-markets in Thailand. While soap-carved flowers are pretty common among enthusiasts, some extend their creativity to create more fascinating objects like animals, people, and more.
Toy voyaging healthunits.com
Toy voyaging
If you have seen the Oscar-nominated French movie Amelie, you’ll be familiar with this hobby. In the film, a garden gnome travels around the world, and photographs are sent to the person who owns the gnome. Toy voyaging is something similar. People send their toys to travel around the globe. Well, the toys don’t walk around themselves. There are companies that take these globetrotting toys to different destinations. Tourist-y photos are sent to the toy owners.
News-bombing www.bt.dk
There have been so many memes on photobombing that we have lost count. Aren’t we all familiar with kids and pets video bombing on Zoom calls? These are all accidental, of course. But do you know some people deliberately appear randomly on other people’s videos? News bombers are people who deliberately appear on news reports and live broadcasts as bystanders.
Snow-globe making celebrity.dearjulius.com
Snow-globe making
Snow-globes are not just toys for kids. Playing with snow-globes is surely fun, irrespective of your age. But for some folks, making snow globes is even more fun. These people make snow-globes as an ardent hobby. One of the most famous snow-globe making enthusiasts is Taylor Swift. The singer crafts home-made snow-globes. Her festive globes are quite a rage among the Swifties!
Tape art persa-y.livejournal.com
Tape art
Remember those magnetic tapes that were used to make mix tapes? Well, these tapes are seeing a huge revival since some years now. Not for listening to music, but in the form of an unusual hobby called tape art. It involves pulling out the tape from cassettes and making art. The result is very fascinating. People have created impressive portraits of celebs and stunning landscapes.
Tree shaping fishki.net
Tree shaping
One of the most peculiar and fascinating hobbies that a few people have is tree shaping. This rare activity is usually inspired by the need to preserve trees. Trees are transformed into living sculptures using methods of grafting and pruning. People who pursue this hobby work on one tree for years. One of the most famous tree shapers was Axel Erlandson, a Swedish American farmer.
Trainspotting www.telegraph.co.uk
Nope, this peculiar but interesting hobby has no reference to the Danny Boyle film. Trainspotting is, in fact, exactly what the name suggests—spotting trains. Trainspotting enthusiasts watch trains just for fun. Many note down the number and model of trains to keep records. For many trainspotters, spotting trains is like collecting information on trains: the types and models. Some even travel to special places to watch rolling stock from a particular company!
Ghost hunting twitter.com
Ghost hunting
Did you know real-life ghost-busters actually exist? Yes! Some folks have taken their hobby interest to the world beyond the living. We kid you not. This is definitely not a hobby for the faint-hearted ones. Although many pursue ghost-hunting as a hobby, some are so serious that they have turned it into a real career! What’s more is that there are several paranormal teams that organize events and take people for investigating spooky locations.