20 Awwdorable Pictures of Dogs Before and After Adoption

15th February, 2021

Rescuing a pet sure comes with many responsibilities, but it’s the most fulfilling feeling there is. Here are a few pictures that will warm your hearts.

20 Awwdorable Pictures of Dogs Before and After Adoption Shutterstock

Seeing dogs in the most neglected conditions and knowing they’ve found a loving family is nothing short of heart-melting. From being stuck in a cage to freely playing in the open and from being timid to turning into a people-friendly dog, this list covers it all. Our compilation of before and after adoption pictures prove the power of a nurturing loving home and the impact it can have. This list will leave the toughest of toughest bawling.

1. Vida, the well-fed Staffordshire Bull Terrier

It just breaks your heart to see a dog starving. But, thankfully, she has a new home that’s treating her well. And we all can see the difference a loving home has made for this rescue dog. @streettails ensured she found a permanent home, caring parents, and a happily ever after. We love to see Vida in her element.

2. Poppy – from cell to a happy home

Oh, how we love this little golden pooch with the tee on! @cubic_d adopted this golden retriever from the Humane League of Lancaster, and it has made such a difference to Poppy, as we can evidently see. From living in a cell to being a celebrated member of the family, Poppy couldn’t ask for more. P.s: her tee is such a mood.

3. Neck cone to a party hat; it’s been quite the journey

Who wouldn’t want to bring home this bright-eyed innocent pup! @venomous.rat adopted this pup four years ago, and he’s been a part of their family since. Swipe through this gallery to see how far this doggo has come and also for an extra dose of cuteness. Moreover, that yellow sweatshirt just adds to the cuteness!

4. Helpless to poised – Arya’s transformation

It’s hard to believe that both pictures are of the same dog. From having hardly any fur, being abandoned and sick, and covered in fleas to growing into a healthy dog with lustrous and well-groomed hair, this is quite the transformation. Thank you, @brutus_and_arya, for sharing this story. And we can’t help but admit that Arya’s poise puts us all to shame!

5. Lapek found a new home too

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♥️♥️♥️ It’s official! ♥️♥️♥️ Łapek zostaje z nami. Już nie potrafimy go nikomu oddać. ???? Adopcja pieska jest wspaniałą przygodą, którą z całego serca polecam każdemu. Trafił do nas zupełnie nieoczekiwanie i nie odrazu wiedzieliśmy co z nim zrobić i jak to będzie. Ale czasem trzeba po prostu działać. Łapek potrzebował pomocy medycznej, jedzenia, dachu nad głową, a najbardziej miłości. Miał ogromne szczęście, że trafił w ręce @fundacja_przytul_psa która wyciągnęła go z okropnego schroniska na wzór Radys, a następnie pod opiekę fantastycznych weterynarzy i w końcu znalazł się na naszym dywaniku łazienkowym obok kanapy. Z każdym dniem ma więcej sił, energii i radości z życia. Przeżył nawet swoje pierwsze wakacje nad morzem. A my się cieszymy, że jeszcze długa i piękna podróż przez życie przed nim i przed nami razem z nim. ❤️ Wrzucam kilka zdjęć PRZED i PO adopcji. . . . #adoptdontshop???? #adopciak #adoption #niekupujadoptuj #piesekwarszawski @piesekwarszawski #piesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #piesek #szczeniak #pieskiezycie #szczesliwypies #piesnajlepszyprzyjaciel #piesnaurlopie #piesnawakacjach #przedipoadopcji #beforeandafteradoption #przedipo #gooddeeds #dobro #doglovers #funnydogs #adoptujpsa #flightattendantlifestyle

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Here’s another journey of the rescued dog and the family who adopted it. Looking after an abandoned life and nurturing it with love changes the rescuer’s life just as much as it changes the life of the animal. It’s a beautiful journey of love, and @olhabosova gave as much as they could. Lapek needed medical help and a caring family, and he finally has it all.

6. This transformation just took a year

@locationxhunter, it indeed is incredible progress. Kudos to you! Looking after a rescued animal demands far more nurturing, effort, dedication, and time than anyone can imagine. It takes a toll physically and mentally, and rescuing them involves dealing with their mental health, too. We cross our fingers and hope more animals find their forever home.

7. Another happy ending

8. Harper is happy to be out of that cage

9. Pearl, our favorite rescue story

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Before and after one year of love and rehab ❤️ One year ago this little girl came to us as our first foster. We failed horribly at the temporary part of the agreement though when we decided to keep her, but it’s been the best year for all of us because of it. She spent the first 10 years of her life in a cage pumping out puppies until she couldn’t anymore, and Marley’s Hope saved her life by rescuing her from Quebec. She could barely stand on her crippled little legs, wouldn’t eat and cowered when people would come into the room. Now she runs full tilt in the grass, her eyes are bright, she sleeps in a king sized bed, her aunt and uncle take her to the beer garden for sunny snuggles, she eats all the tasty snacks, and dances so hard in her bed when anyone comes into the room that she almost falls out. Pearl, we love you so much, and I hope this year of love from everyone has at least diminished the memories of your past, and you wake up wagging your tail every day like you do now for the rest of your life. #chihuahuasofinstagram #marleyshope #fuckpuppymills #beforeandafteradoption #bestlife #secondchild #dogaunt

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This is the real deal! Pearl, here, was captured in a cage for ten years just to give birth to litters. She has finally been adopted by a nurturing family, and if that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will. We’d bring home this four-legged button in a heartbeat. We’re glad her battling days are behind her. @dalleyllama, we respect your perseverance.

10. Bailey, we love your bow

11. Lina regained her confidence

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A little #beforeandafter of Lina. The shelter do what seems like an impossible job. They have so many dogs to look after yet somehow they manage. However, they are the first ones to state that a dog should live in a home and not a shelter. Lina was affectionate but quite fearful and reticent. She can still be scared of other dogs, but when she's with us, she clearly feels protected. With people, well… She LOVES people. When we take her to the park, she goes up and says hello to everyone. Her confidence has soared and she is a happy, loved dog. I wish we could adopt all the dogs there. If you're thinking of getting a dog in Lisbon (or elsewhere in Portugal, for that matter) please pay the @uniao.zoofila a visit. Se pensam em adoptar um cão, por favor, deviam ir à União Zoófila, que faz um trabalho muito importante e que cuida de muitos cães que merecem uma casa e uma família. #beforeandafteradoption #dog #doggo #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #instadog #doglover #petsofinstagram #animallovers #cutedogs #heterochromia #husky #muttsofinstagram #linielou

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It must be quite the roller coaster ride for Lina and her new parents to get to know each other and feel secure in each other’s company. Thankfully, those days are behind them, and Lina has grown into a confident, people-loving dog. @kammakams, give yourself a pat on the back for Lina’s progress and all the hard work put in by you and your family.

12. Teddy, it’s only looking good here on

A lot of work goes into making a rescue dog feel at home. The early days sure are a struggle, but it looks like it’s all in the past for Teddy and his new family. We’ve got to hand it to you, @Carrie.613; we see nothing but pure joy on Teddy’s face. So he is feeling protected, secure, and all those magical things you want him to feel.

13. This little terrier is having a ball

Standing on his twos, pleading to be adopted, and that genuine innocent face; who could resist bringing this furball home? We would just not have the heart to pass on this one. We love how the little girl and the rescued dog snuggle and enjoy each other’s company. @rose_n_jane, we have not even met him, and we already adore him!

14. Luna rocks her new haircut

It breaks our hearts to even see the before picture of Luna in that condition. Clearly, she went from being just skin and bones and neglected to getting blow-dried and fresh haircuts. We, undoubtedly, heart this transformation. @nashvillefosterdogmom, this truly is a great progress for four months. Luna found her fur-ever home, and she makes us want to adopt a doggo, too.

15. Droopy, sad ears to happy ones

This powderpuff has been through the worst, and our heart goes out to her. Kudos to the family, hailing from Florida, who dedicated a great deal of time, effort, and money to regain this pup’s ability to use its paw again. @lucky_finnley won our hearts with their resolute intent to give this pooch a better life.

16. Mimi melts our hearts with her puppy eyes

This is such a moving picture! Our hearts ache at the sight of these siblings being scared, stuck, and helpless in the drain. Thankfully, they were rescued. Here’s a picture of Mimi, who found a secure shelter that she can now also call her home. @dotoly, thanks for sharing this heart-warming picture. It’s going to be days before we get over this pup.

17. Goose Goose got its fur back

@adventuresofgoosegoose, you couldn’t have said it any better. It’s just been four months, and he looks like the happiest pup ever. He’s seen some speedy recovery, and Goose Goose couldn’t have it any better. The furry doggo seems to have made itself comfortable in its new, friendly home. We wish the family a life full of adventures, mischief, joy, and love.

18. His ear-to-ear smile says it all!

He, hands down, is the happiest boy in town! @dta2269 and the family certainly did well. His dapper look in the blue neck collar has us going all mushy. We honestly want one of our own. Just the before and after picture has us feeling content, and we can only imagine how fulfilling the pet’s parents must feel.

19. Lemon the little princess

Neglected to the extent of being just skin and bones, Lemon is now having the time of her life. The before and after pictures are taken just a year apart, and we see a stark difference in her health and body language. This is the power of a loving family. To see more adventures of Lemon, checkout @lemonwiththeears’s Insta gallery; it’s awwdorable!

20. Timid pup turns mischievous

We stand by @ivanina.yankova’s quote: You can’t buy love. Adopt it. Just this one picture makes us feel so many emotions, it’s difficult to get our eyes off it. If only words could describe how content we feel, seeing this pretty pooch emitting nothing but pure joy. Are you ready to move on from this picture yet? Yeah, us neither.