19 Mythological Figures and Their Stories That’ll Leave You Stunned
20th July, 2020
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A mischief-maker whose father was a giant, a woman with snakes for hair. Mythology across cultures has fascinating figures we know you'd love to check out! From a god controlling thunder to a mortal woman carrying around a jar of troubles, mythology is full of unbelievable stories and figures. Maybe that's why several aspects of pop culture have taken inspiration from it. From Dungeons & Dragons to American Gods, even characters from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe are based on Gods and Goddesses. In fact, phrases and idioms like "Achilles' heel" to "Sisyphean task" are also derived from mythical figures. Curious to know how interesting these millennia-old tales and personalities can be? Here are some of the most popular mythological figures from around the world!
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Ever heard of the phrase, "Achilles' heel"? It refers to an individual's vulnerable point. The term comes from the story of the mythical Greek warrior Achilles. According to legend, his mother Thetis was keen to make her son immortal and dipped him by his heel in the River Styx as a baby. Thus, he came invincible everywhere except for that part since it was untouched by the water.
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A major Egyptian deity, Amun was the patron saint of Thebes, the ancient Egyptian city where the pharaoh resided with his family. Amun joined Ra, the Sun God, and the two became Amun-Ra, the king of Egyptian Gods. What Zeus was to Greek mythology, Amun-Ra was to Egyptian mythology. Also, known as The Hidden One, Amun-Ra was depicted in pop culture with the popular franchise movies The Mummy.
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The Egyptian God of the Afterlife and Mummification, Anubis is the patron god of the helpless and lost souls and has many epithets. The original Egyptian names Inpu or Anpu have been translated into Greek Anubis, by which this ancient Egyptian God is known. Depicted as a man with a canine head or as a canine, Anubis was also popularized in modern culture by The Mummy movie series.
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Arguably the most popular of the twelve Olympians of Greek mythology, Apollo is often shown as very good-looking with sharp features and lustrous curly hair. He has the ability to foresee the future and is invincible with his bow and arrow on the battlefield. In Greek mythology, he is also called the God of Healing and Medicine. Apollo's also a mean poet, with that being one of his godly powers!
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According to Greek legends, Athena was born out of Zeus's stomach and is one of the three virgin goddesses. This may be why she was his most favorite child! Known to be a ruthless warrior and a brilliant strategist, Athena was fierce, wise, and brave. She was the female counterpart of Ares. The city of Athens in Greece has been named after her.
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The Roman God of Desire, Erotic love, Affection, and Attraction has become famous thanks to Hallmark greeting cards and movies. The son of the God of War, Mars, and the Goddess of Love, Venus, Cupid, is also known by his Latin name, Amor. Often portrayed as a chubby winged infant, he carries a bow and arrow. In Greek mythology, Cupid is known as Eros.
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The Epic of Gilgamesh was based on this ancient Mesopotamian poem. The epic, written in the Akkadian language, is one of the oldest epic literature in the world. The poetic work describing the odyssey of the semi-divine figure from ancient Mesopotamian mythology predates Homer's Iliad by nearly 1500 years! Gilgamesh was the hero king of Uruk who searched for the meaning of life and immortality.
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Despite popular notions, Hercules is not the same person as Heracles. Blame this mistaken identity on pop culture that popularised Hercules through comics, movies, and video games. Hercules is not Greek but is the Roman equivalent of Heracles and has a pretty similar story. Both Heracles and Hercules were known for their supernatural strength, and both are portrayed as symbols of strength and heroism.
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Also known as Her, Hor, Har, and Heru, the Egyptian God of Vengeance is portrayed as a falcon-headed being with a white and red crown. Horus was also worshiped as a God of the Sky, War, Protection, and Light. If you have observed the hieroglyphics on pyramids or other aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, you'll notice Horus's prominent appearance. In Egyptian mythology, his left eye stands for protection and restoration.
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So many of us had a massive crush on Loki from Marvel's Cinematic Universe thanks to the dapper Tom Hiddleston playing the infamous God from Norse mythology. Loki is called the trickster and has the ability to shape-shift and change his appearance easily. Loki is also known as the God of Fire and is counted among the Aesir. He is the father of Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld.
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Mami Wata
Representing the spirit of water, Mami Wata is an important mythical figure among the African diaspora in the Americans. She, and sometimes, he is worshipped in contemporary Vodoun practices. In popular culture, she is often depicted as a mermaid or snake charmer. She is known to be volatile, seductive, and protective. As water soothes and rages, so does Mami Wata experience extreme temperaments.
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One of the three Gorgon sisters, Medusa was born to Ceto and Phorcys. Her sisters Graeae, Ladon, and Echidna were monstrous beasts, whereas she was a beautiful mortal maiden. The legend of how she was cursed by Athena to become a vicious monster with snakes for hair varies. According to some, Athena cursed Medusa due to her pride. Others indicate Athena's envy was due to Poseidon's pursuit of Medusa.
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The ruler of Asgard, Odin, is the father of Thor and Loki. Like Loki, Odin also is a shape-sifter. Known as one of the most revered figures of Norse mythology, Odin is called the God of War. Ironically, he is also known as the God of Poetry and of Magic. It is said that the day of the week Wednesday has been derived from Odin's Germanic name Woden.
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The hero of Homer's epic poem Odyssey, Odysseus was the wily Greek king of Ithaca. He was known for his courage, intelligence, and leadership. Also known as Ulysses in Latin, he was often depicted as patient and charming. The son of Anticlea and Laertes, Odysseus, plays a significant role in Homer's Iliad. According to legends, he was the one who convinced Achilles to join the Trojan war.
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Did you know that "Pandora's box" is an actual object and not just a phrase? According to Greek mythology, Pandora was created out of clay by Hephaestus on the directions of Zeus. The first mortal woman in Greek mythology, Pandora was blessed with beauty and cunning and came to Earth with a storage jar filled with evils and diseases. On opening it, Earth was plagued by the suffering of mankind.
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Known as the Greek God of the Sea, Storms, Earthquakes, and Horses, Poseidon belongs to the Big Three of ancient Greek mythology and religion. The other two are his brothers Zeus and Hades. Poseidon was in control of water all over the world, while Hades ruled the underworld, and Zeus took control of the skies. Poseidon is the protector of sailors and seafarers, and his main weapon is the trident.
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The story of Sisyphus is often cited as an example of hopeless and futile work. According to Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the founder of the city of Ephyra. He was a sly and deceitful figure who incurred the wrath of Zeus. The ever-powerful Olympian decided to punish Sisyphus by making him push a boulder on his back uphill eternally. That's why we call a futile task as being Sisyphean!
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The flamboyant Chris Hemsworth made the mighty God of Thunder, Thor, a hyper-popular part of today's pop culture. The defender of Asgard, Thor Odinson, is one of the most powerful mythical figures of Norse mythology. The son of Odin is famous for his strength and owns one of the most fearsome weapons, Mjöllnir. Whenever Thor strikes his hammer, thunder plays out across the skies. Dramatic much?
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The supreme deity in ancient Greek mythology and religion, Zeus, is called the Father of the Greek pantheon. Also known as the King of Olympus, he is the God of Thunder and husband to Hera. He is popularly portrayed in art and literature with a thunderbolt in one hand and a scepter in another. A symbol of authority, Zeus, has immense power and controls the skies.