18 'The Walking Dead' Deaths That Got Us Right in the Feels
17th June, 2020
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If there is one show that can top The Game of Thrones in the surprising and brutal killing off of much-loved characters, it’s AMC’s The Walking Dead. While the finale of Season 10 is stuck in post-production owing to the pandemic, we can’t help but wonder which beloved character(s) will bite the dust this time. Mid-season and season finales have always brought bloodshed and with it the bumping off of some of the our faves - Herschel, Carl, Glenn and all those who had their heads on pikes (sob… damn you Alpha). Even Rick’s ambiguous departure left us a bit shaken. While we wait for the battle between Hilltop and the Whisperers, here’re 18 exits that caught us right in the feels.
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Andrea’s younger sister, Amy was one of the first ones to perish in TWD. She was caught off guard by a walker while leaving Dale’s RV. The young girl was bitten twice and eventually died in her sister’s arms. The worst part about her death was that the next day was her birthday. A saddened Andrea puts a necklace around her mummified sister’s neck and shoots her through the head.
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Sophia Peletier
None of us had the slightest idea that even kids would be subjected to such horrors in the show. Sophia’s death is a prime example and opened the curtains to immense pain in the following seasons. Carol and Ed’s daughter, Sophia had disappeared in the forest and landed straight inside Hershel’s barn mid-way through Season 2. She’d been reanimated, forcing a stunned Rick into shooting his son’s dear friend.
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Lori Grimes
Rick Grimes’ wife and one of the lead characters, Lori died in Episode 4 of Season 3. Her transformation from a cheating wife to a caring mother was inspiring and made her death a bit hard to digest. What’s even worse was that she died while giving birth, and her son, Carl had to shoot her in the head so she wouldn’t reanimate. How heartless!
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Dale Horvath
Dale would still be alive if Carl Grimes hadn’t turned away from killing that walker. Turning up from behind, the walker leapt onto Dale and ripped his innards out. Daryl (Dixon) intervened and killed the walker, but it was too late. He eventually shot Dale out of mercy. This was the end of Dale’s storyline wherein he served as an elderly voice and the father figure to Andrea and Amy.
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Shane Walsh
Now, some might have reservations about Shane being on the list. But seeing Rick stab his dear friend and then Carl shoot him in the head is a very sad conclusion -- even by Shane’s standards. Rick’s former partner had invited trouble since he began sleeping with Lori, with his character heading closer to his demise with each passing episode. His treatment of Otis didn’t earn him many followers either.
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Denise Cloyd
A classic rendition of what TWD is all about. Strong, lovable, and super-caring, Denise had become a doctor at the Alexandria Safe-Zone after the death of Pete Anderson. Initially insecure, she had grown confident through seasons and was finally coming into her own. That was until the showrunners decided to stick an arrow through her head -- quite an undeserved end for a lovable character.
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Nicholas! That’s the only name that comes to mind when we remember the horrific and needless death of this character. He was a close friend of Beth and very instinctive in nature. Noah was killed in a revolving door where he was devoured by a gang of walkers. It remains the most traumatizing and chilling death scene in TWD history.
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Beth Greene
It all happened so fast that it didn’t seem real at all. But the truth is, Beth died the most unnecessary but heart-wrenching death, which gives us the chills even to this day. She stood for Noah and freed the Grady Memorial Hospital from Dawn Lerner, in retrospect. Her death could have been avoided, and it left Daryl and Maggie shattered in every sense. The latter’s reaction was especially saddening.
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Contrary to the comics, Andrea meets her fate pretty early in the show. Her attempts to unite the Atlanta survivors and the Woodbury communities by befriending The Governor didn’t yield the best outcome. The Governor killed Milton Mamet and left him to rip Andrea open. She did put up a fight but failed to avoid a bite. To avoid turning into a walker, she shot herself.
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Lizzie Samuels
One thing was abundantly clear since the first episode of the show: it wasn’t a place for characters who had a different understanding of reality. Therefore, Lizzie’s story was destined to end in tears as the young girl didn’t see the walkers as threats. Her time came when she killed her sister, Mika off-screen to prove her point, thus forcing a tearful Carol to execute her in the woods.
Tyreese Williams the-walking-dead-tvseries.fandom.com
Tyreese Williams
Unlike so many others, the show beautifully portrayed Tyreese’s journey through seasons. Flashbacks to his former friends and loved ones brought tears to our eyes. They were a solid tribute to a character who was a specimen of selflessness. He died after being bitten by a walker on his arm. His death had a profound effect on his sister, Sasha.
Theodore Douglas (T-Dog) culturewarreporters.com
Theodore Douglas (T-Dog)
TWD’s Hodor moment, T-Dog died while protecting Carol from walkers. Despite being at the forefront when things got heated and the group needed protection, T-Dog was a quiet and religious man. He said that God was watching him all along. His heroic sacrifice was a hard watch and easily one of the most emotional deaths on the show.
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Abraham Ford
His execution at the hands of the chief antagonist, Negan at the beginning of Season 7 is too brutal, even by TWD standards. Negan smashes Abraham’s head with a baseball bat covered with barbed wires until he’s absolutely decimated -- a very disappointing end for a character who had already gone through a lot. However, Abraham was defiant even in the face of death and refused to bow down to Negan.
Glenn Rhee walkingdead.fandom.com
Glenn Rhee
As if killing Abraham wasn’t enough already, Negan unexpectedly, and rather tragically for all of us, turned to our hero and smashed his head into bits. The turn of events was most saddening as Glenn had become pretty much the favorite for all of us -- the equivalent of Tyrion Lannister. Glenn had saved Rick and he made a beautiful couple with Maggie Greene.
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Sasha Williams
Fierce and practical, Sasha Williams was skilled in many aspects. She’d suffered a lot leading up to her death: elder brother Tyreese and boyfriends, Bob Stookey and Abraham Ford had perished before her. She committed suicide inside the coffin Negan locked her in, with the hope that she might kill Negan after turning into a walker. Her sacrifice almost worked.
Paul Rovia (Jesus) www.express.co.uk
Paul Rovia (Jesus)
Paul “Jesus” Rovia was one of the more charming characters on the show. He had introduced Rick to other communities and was left in-charge of Hilltop after Maggie’s departure with her son. His passion for his friends eventually led to his death in Season 9. Thinking that he had killed all walkers, Paul became complacent and was stabbed by a Whisperer. Sadly, therefore, we couldn’t see much of his leadership.
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Hershel Greene
The fact that Rick was ready to forget it all speaks volumes about the kind of character Hershel was. Besides being the father of Maggie and Beth, Hershel was also the guiding hand behind the group. He was kind, compassionate, and fiery when needed. Therefore, his death at the hands of the evil Governor is one of the saddest deaths on TWD that continues to be heart-wrenching.
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Carl Grimes
One of the leading characters on the show, Carl died sometime after being bitten by a walker. His condition progressively worsened with each passing day, and he used it to prepare for his death. He wrote letters to his dear ones and dreamt of a day when all communities would be at peace. Like Andrea, Carl put a bullet through his head, thus ending his glorious story on TWD.