18 Magical Creatures From Potterverse That Left Us Spellbound
17th June, 2020
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Vicious trolls, birds born from ashes, and tiny bank workers, remember the fantastic (and terrifying) creatures from the spellbinding world of Potterverse? Swishing robes, flicking wands, butterbeer, talking books, flying cars, rebellious trees, and floating ghosts! No Potterhead can ever forget the wonderful world of Hogwarts and Potterverse. The best bits of this magical world were all the awesome (and some sinister) creatures and beasts. From giant droll-some trolls, elegant owls, terrifying soul-suckers, to mischievous little pixies, Harry’s wizarding world is full of creatures that are still memorable. Check out some of the most awesome magical creatures that simply took our breath away!
Acromantula harrypotter.fandom.com
Thought Spiderman’s spidey sense was awesome? Then you’ll find acromantula’s sense mind-boggling. Aragog and his huge hairy brood possess near-human intelligence. No wonder they were capable of human speech too! Also, they have eight eyes that symbolize the number eight of the runic alphabet. However, these are man-eating creatures and hence, highly dangerous. Only someone as brave as Rubeus Hagrid would ever think of these giant spiders as furry pets.
Basilisk harrypotter.fandom.com
We all held our breath when the monstrous Serpent of Slytherin made her appearance in the Chamber of Secrets. As we all found out later, the “horror” within the Chamber was a basilisk placed inside Hogwarts by Salazar Slytherin. Did you know that the first basilisk was bred by an Ancient Greek Dark Wizard called Herpo the Foul? He did this by hatching a chicken egg beneath a toad. Weird!
Blast-Ended Skrewt harrypotter.fandom.com
Blast-Ended Skrewt
Need a pet that can bite, sting, and burn too? No, thanks, we’re with Draco Malfoy on this! Hagrid would think otherwise. After all, he created the Blast-Ended Skrewts by cross-breeding Fire Crabs and Manticores. Male Blast-Ended Skrewts have stings, and females have suckers. Although we’re not fond of them, we do agree with Ron feeding Dolores Umbridge to starving Skrewts. She is one vile person we hate!
Boggart harrypotter.fandom.com
No one really knows what a boggart looks like. Although it's an amortal shape-shifting non-being, it can be scary. Why? It’s because a boggart can take the form of your worst fear. Got too many fears? A boggart will cycle through everything you’re scared of. Yikes! Before the Battle of Hogwarts, boggarts commonly appeared as Lord Voldemort since he symbolised the darkest fears of most in the wizarding world.
Dementors harrypotter.fandom.com
Like boggarts, dementors are also amortal non-beings. While boggarts feed on fear, dementors feed on despair. Dementors are the most terrifying dark creatures of the Potterverse. Did you know that according to wizarding history, dementors were first discovered in Azkaban, an island in the North Sea? The dark wizard Ekrizdis constructed a fortress here and practised some of the worst forms of Dark Arts.
Goblins harrypotter.fandom.com
You probably remember goblins as the tiny creatures of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. But don’t be misled by their size. Goblins are highly intelligent creatures. Also, they’re highly skilled in metalwork. Remember the ultra-shiny sword of Godric Gryffindor? It was forged by the king of the goblins, Ragnuk the First. Also, goblins have their own type of magic, which doesn’t need a wand at all. How cool is that?!
Hippogriff harrypotter.fandom.com
Half-horse, half-eagle, Hippogriffs are the epitome of good etiquette. They are proud creatures who are easily offended. You need to approach them with politeness. We’re not kiddin’! Let it make the first move and then walk towards it. Bow and wait for it to bow back. Also, don’t forget to maintain eye contact without blinking a lot. According to Rubeus Hagrid, "Hippogriffs don't trust yeh if yeh blink too much..."
House-elves harrypotter.fandom.com
One of the most memorable moments of the Potterverse was when Dobby said to Lucius Malfoy, “Master has given Dobby a sock.” House-elves are loyally bound to serve one owner or a family for life unless they are freed by receiving clothes from their owner. Hence, Dobby’s happiness! Although they’re subservient, house-elves have their own kind of magic that does not need a wand.
Hungarian Horntail harrypotter.fandom.com
Hungarian Horntail
It’s true that all dragons are vicious. But Hungarian Horntails are typically, as Hagrid would like to put it, “right nasty piece of work.” These huge lizard-like creatures are extremely protective of their young. With their fiery breath and tail spikes, they’re extremely aggressive. What’s more, they’ve superfast flying ability. They can fly 150 miles per hour; the same speed as one of the fastest brooms, the Firebolt!
Merpeople harrypotter.fandom.com
Thought all mermaids and merpeople are fun like Ariel and her fam from Disney? You should meet the merpeople from Potterverse. Let’s just say, the only common thing between them is their love for music. Merpeople from Potterverse do not make for much pleasant company. If you’re a wizard, it will be super-awkward to hang out with these creatures. They’re not much fond of wizards and witches.
Newt harrypotter.fandom.com
Related to salamanders, newts are tiny creatures. The newt's eye and spleen is often used as an important ingredient in a number of portions. Also, a breed of newts called double-ended newts are often used as pets. These have two ends. These are completely different from ginger newts, a type of biscuits, a jar of which is often found on the desk of Professor Minerva McGonagall.
Niffler harrypotter.fandom.com
Don’t be fooled by their cute fluffy appearances. Nifflers are highly attracted to shiny, sparkly things. Take off any jewelry or watch when you are near a niffler. They can often grab it and hide it in their little belly pouch, which can hold more stuff than you imagine. Nifflers are usually very affectionate and gentle. But never ever provoke them for they can turn vicious.
Owls harrypotter.fandom.com
Don’t know about y'all, but Hedwig was totally one of our favorite characters in the Potterverse. Harry’s big fluffy snowy owl didn’t say much but was one assertive and brave owl. She was Harry’s first birthday present and his closest friend. With their natural affinity towards magic, owls can deliver letters to anyone anywhere without any address! However, owls must be properly trained to carry parcels and letters.
Phoenix harrypotter.fandom.com
Albus Dumbledore’s office would be incomplete without the presence of Fawkes, his pet phoenix. These magical creatures turn to ashes when they die and come back to life again! Did you know that Phoenix feathers can be used to make one of the rarest types of wand cores? Wands with this core are said to have the greatest range of magic in the wizarding world.
Pixies harrypotter.fandom.com
One of the most unremarkable teachers of Hogwarts, Gilderoy Lockhart, introduced his students to pixies, only to have these mischief-making creatures causing a riot in the class! Pixies can fly and carry the weight of a human being despite being small creatures. They communicate with one another in shrill voices, that can really hurt your ears. These chaotic creatures are often dealt with Knockback Jinx, Ebublio Jinx, and Slowing Charm.
Puffskein harrypotter.fandom.com
The cuddliest of magical creatures, a puffskein has super-soft fur. A scavenger by nature, the puffskein eats everything from leftovers to spiders. The cutest part about them is the humming noise they make when they’re content. Do you know that a group of puffskeins is known as poffle? George and Fred Weasley modified these creatures to create Pygmy Puffs, miniature versions of puffskein.
Thestral harrypotter.fandom.com
These magnificent thestrals have the ability to fly and have the power of invisibility. These winged horses have been classified as dangerous by the Ministry of Magic. But they’re highly social creatures that live in herds. They’re completely loyal too! They can easily discern between enemy and friend. The oddest thing about these creatures is that they can be invisible to those who have not seen death.
Werewolf harrypotter.fandom.com
Most of the werewolves sided with Lord Voldemort. Wizards who are infected with lycanthropy undergo a painful transformation when they turn into werewolves. Remus Lupin was perhaps the only “good”werewolf in the Potterverse. It was because one of their friends was a werewolf, the Marauders were formed. Otherwise we never would have had the Marauder’s Map or would have been able to say “Mischief Managed!”