13 Little-known Facts about Aussie Model La'Tecia Thomas
11th August, 2021
13 Little-known Facts about Aussie Model La'Tecia Thomas i.ytimg.com
Loving herself and inspiring people to love themselves - here’s some things that model La’Tecia Thomas does daily. Want to know more? Read on to find out. As of this moment, society is much more diverse and inclusive than it has ever been. So, it’s only fair that we see diversity and inclusivity in industries such as fashion and modeling as well. Over the last few years, models of different races, colors, and even sizes are working to redefine what is seen as the norm. One model who is undertaking this mammoth task is La’Tecia Thomas. Here’s all you need to know about the Australian makeup artist, model, YouTuber, and body positivity activist.
Humble early life mediaslide-us.storage.googleapis.com
Humble early life

La’Tecia Thomas may be ruling the modeling world these days, but just like the lot of us, the model and entrepreneur lived a pretty normal childhood. The star was born in a middle class family. Her father owned and ran a small store while her mother worked as a teacher at the local elementary school. Aside from this, the model also has mixed roots with having a European and Indian ancestry. This contributes to her unique and dazzling good looks. Talk about looking like a goddess! La’Tecia is also a very private individual, which is why not a lot is known about her personal and early life. Records show that the supermodel completed her high school education and then decided to pursue a career in law, which she dropped halfway. Thomas then went on to take up a course in makeup. Once she was scouted, the star entered the modeling industry that has brought her umpteen success and fame.

Getting into modeling cassiuslife.com
Getting into modeling

Thomas began to show interest in the modeling industry when she was 14 years old. Reportedly, the young star had spent six months approaching different agencies but was rejected which led her to give up on her dreams of being a model. But things changed when she was scouted at a mall a year later. Within no time, the model began to make waves in the field and was soon featured on tons of popular magazines. She also walked tons of fashion shows and made a name by the time she was only 16 years old. At this point in time, Thomas considered participating in the Miss World Australia beauty pageant but decided to give up on that idea. La’Tecia has spoken about her early days in the modeling industry and the toll it took on her body. She has gone on record to talk about the diet plan that she followed as well as her rigorous exercise routine.

Achieving success www.learnmorefacts.com
Achieving success

As her modeling career started to take off, La’Tecia found herself posing and modeling for many top magazines and brands. But, despite being popular, the star decided that she could not and would not continue destroying her mental health to look a certain ‘ideal’ way. Thomas decided to have a massive glow up. She let go of her stringent diet and workout routine. She continued to rise to fame after she made her comeback as a plus-size model when she signed with Bella Management in Australia. The superstar is also signed to Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles and MiLK Model Management in the United Kingdom. Her contracts with multiple agencies have led her to have a rather successful career as a model. She also walked for the New York Fashion Week in 2019 for a PrettyLittleThing collaboration with rapper Saweetie. Thomas documented the whole experience on her YouTube channel.

Brands that she is associated with limelight-media.com
Brands that she is associated with

Aside from walking for different designers and posing for magazines, Thomas is also signed on as ambassadors for different popular brands such as Fashion Nova Curve, Showpo, Lounge Underwear, REBDOLLS, Fashion To Figure, PrettyLittleThing, Alpine Butterfly Swim, rue21, Nasty Gal, and a whole lot more. She is also the brand ambassador for the Fashion Nova Curve line of clothing. Thomas makes it a point to try on all the clothes and showcase them on her YouTube channel that has a massive following of 618K subscribers. Her Fashion Nova videos have millions of views on each. She has also done a lookbook for clothing from PrettyLittleThing. Thomas has also done reviews for other clothing brands such as SKIMS. We honestly can’t wait to see her ride the success wave all the way to the top. Here’s to hoping that she will be modeling and reviewing clothing from Gucci and Prada soon.

Transitioning into a plus-size model i.ytimg.com
Transitioning into a plus-size model

Thomas has been very vocal about her journey to having a full-fledged career in modeling. She addressed her struggles with maintaining a skinny figure while following a strict diet and an over-the-top workout schedule. She even went on record to talk about how this took a toll on her mental health to the point where she was really unhappy and would loathe parts of her body. She even mentioned on an Instagram post that she had many insecurities and would often compare herself to other women. The post featured two pictures of her side-by-side. One was a picture from her younger days where she was an Australian size 10 whereas the other side was a more recent picture. Her caption went on to explain how society associated being skinny with being healthy, and how she had changed her outlook at happiness and her health. She also emphasized on how happy she was since embracing her body the way it was.

More about her journey to embracing herself yourdigitalwall.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com
More about her journey to embracing herself

La’Tecia has also spoken about trauma from her past. In a video that she uploaded to her YouTube channel, the model mentioned that there was someone in her life who would constantly put her down while she was growing up. She also mentioned how they would comment on her body and ask her to lose weight. These comments stuck with her until she grew older and eventually managed to discard them. She also attributed her extreme diets and exercise routines to these events. But, more recently, the model has come to love her body for what it is. In an interview, the model also mentioned how her mindset was toxic to not only herself but also others around her. Now, Thomas is a model in a predominantly “thin and skinny” industry where she motivates women across the world to love themselves and their body. Despite her hard work, La’tecia feels that the industry has a long way to go.

She called out a brand for photoshopping her limelight-media.com
She called out a brand for photoshopping her

Brands often modify photos by filtering out scars and blemishes, changing the skin tone, and making models look slimmer. This does nothing but set unrealistic expectations for women around the world. So when a brand photoshopped La’Tecia’s photo, she took to Instagram to reveal the huge and unrealistic gaps between two images of herself – a real, filter-less image and a photoshopped one. She said that the photos that brands use for their ads are far from accurate, and so, we mustn’t feel bad about something that isn’t even real. She wrote, “What you see online or in the media isn’t always the complete truth. This is not about putting anyone on blast but more so a reminder to not compare yourself to anyone else. In this instance, I can’t even compare myself to myself.” People thanked her for her transparency, and some even said that Thomas made them feel better about themselves.

She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram healthyceleb.com
She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram

It is no surprise that someone as fabulous as La’Tecia has over a million followers on Instagram. She is popular for her reels, some of which have up to six million views. She has more than 200 photos and even a few IGTV videos discussing makeup, skincare, and fashion. Instagrammers love her. She has more than 10 fan accounts, frequently posting updates, photos, and appreciation posts about her. Although she is not an active user on Twitter, she is doing pretty well on other social media channels like Facebook. She has many followers on the platform and frequently posts pictures on it. That’s not all; she also posts videos to help motivate people to feel more comfortable in their skin and to love themselves for who they are. She also posts tidbits and sneak peeks of videos and events that she creates on other platforms.

She also has a popular YouTube channel i.pinimg.com
She also has a popular YouTube channel

La’Tecia Thomas has not only conquered Instagram, but with more than 600k subscribers and millions of views on several of her videos, she is also a popular name on YouTube. She started her YouTube channel under her name in 2015 and has posted roughly 55 videos that talk about various aspects of her life. She has used the platform to post creative make-up tutorials, vlogs, and plus-sized clothing tryouts. She also uses it to empower people and help them feel comfortable in their skin. She talks about body positivity, self-love, and the so-called imperfections like stretch marks and cellulite. She has a couple of videos talking about her life as a model and how to deal with the negativity that others cast at you. In addition to inspiring people worldwide, Thomas has also created a community where people of all sizes and types can express and encourage without hesitation.

She’s worth a million dollars uploads.celebrityinsider.org
She’s worth a million dollars

Australian model La’Tecia Thomas has a net worth of a whopping one million dollars. However, she doesn’t rely solely on her modeling career for her income. Thomas is a popular name on social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tiktok. She endorses various brands, does product reviews, and creates videos that contribute to some part of her income. She also promotes several companies and was the affiliate marketer for Fashion Nova, a US-based fashion retail company, in 2017. That’s not all. She was also the brand ambassador for the U.K-based plus-sized clothing company, In the Style, and a part of the lingerie campaign for Simply Be. She is also a self-taught, professional make-up artist who organized a make-up masterclass sponsored by Lash Parade. Like Thomas, even other famous plus-sized models like Ashley Graham, Jessica Leahy, and Precious Victoria Lee have various sources of income. In fact, Graham, who makes about $5.5 million a year, recently appeared in a campaign for Ralph Lauren.

She was engaged to Lil Wayne i2.wp.com
She was engaged to Lil Wayne

La’Tecia met Lil Wayne in 2017 and began dating after only a month. He slid into her DMs. “I saw someone on TV and I was like, ‘I don’t know how to get in touch with this person,’” he said. “I met a very, very special person,” he continued. Fans were excited, but nobody knew that the two would get so serious, so soon. A few months later, Thomas was seen flaunting her enormous diamond ring and a cute little necklace that read Carter, Lil Wayne’s last name. Although the two did not make the engagement official, Thomas replied to a fan’s comment confirming that the ring was indeed an engagement ring. That’s not all; the two were seen spending New Year together at Lil Wayne’s place. What’s more, La’Tecia allegedly met all four of Lil Wayne’s kids too. A YouTube video showed that they set off fireworks together and had a jolly time together.

La’Tecia and Lil Wayne have matching tattoos limelight-media.com
La’Tecia and Lil Wayne have matching tattoos

To take the relationship even further, they got matching tattoos that read ‘TNT.’ Thomas got a stick of dynamite on her right ring finger while Lil Wayne got a TNT detonator on his cheek. They kept their relationship private the whole time. They were never seen kissing or holding hands. In February 2020, La’Tecia and Lil Wayne walked down the red carpet for the first time together for Weezy’s album Funeral release party. They were holding hands and looked super-cozy, comfortable, and happy. The album was responsible for making their relationship public because Weezy mentioned her in two songs. In “Stop Playin With Me” he raps, “I got a plus-sized model, but she my lil’ mama / I make her bust it open for me like a piñata / And as the world turned, she was my spin doctor.” He also referred to her as ‘wifey’ in one of his songs. However, the two called it quits after a short while. She ended up unfollowing him and all his fan accounts but still follows his daughter, Reginae Carter. On the other hand, Weezy does not follow anybody on Instagram, but he changed that policy for his boo. However, he unfollowed her after the breakup.

She loves traveling and Chinese food www.stylevore.com
She loves traveling and Chinese food

There is so much to La’Tecia Thomas than meets the eye. Not only is she a wonderful person, but she also indulges in various exciting hobbies that most of us could relate to. Thomas enjoys traveling, and her favorite travel destination is London. However, her absolute dream destination is Magic City, Miami, in Florida. She loves summers; chilling on a beach and getting a solid tan are one of the things she lives for. She also enjoys watching movies. Her favorite actors and actresses are Zac Efron, Will Smith, Emma Stone, and Kate Winslet. Thomas also loves animals. She had always wanted a dog; however, she doesn’t have one yet because she lacks the time she would need to properly care for it. Thomas is also a huge fan of rap music. She has attended various concerts and enjoys music by Eminem and Snoop Dogg. In fact, her love for rap introduced her to her ex-fiance, Lil Wayne.