13 Best Food Cities Around The World
05th February, 2020
Regardless of whether you travel to explore cuisines or discover good eats en-route to your destination, it is an experience everyone should make the most of, especially when traveling abroad. Hundreds of countries and thousands of cities feature unique food or cuisines, and a lifetime may not seem enough to explore these amazing food destinations. So we bring you a concise list of 13 international cities to visit for their local cuisine to get you started on a culinary adventure.
The artistic culinary capital of Amsterdam in Netherlands hips.hearstapps.com
The artistic culinary capital of Amsterdam in Netherlands
Traditional Dutch cooking has been centered mainly around meat and root vegetables. In recent times, however, chefs have introduced their own flair and creative modern touch to conventional recipes. The current food scene in the capital city boasts of a mix of eclectic bistros and culinary hangouts that have earned recognition worldwide. Must-try foods include Bitterballen (deep-fried crispy meatballs), Patat (thick-cut fries), and Kibbeling (battered and deep-fried white fish). If you're feeling adventurous, try some raw herring fish served in a small sandwich with pickles and onions. Craving some dessert? You must sample some delicious Dutch sweets, including stroopwafel (thin waffle slices stuck together with sweet syrup), Oliebollen (deep-fried sweet dumplings with fruit pieces), and Poffertjes (mini buttery puffed pancakes).
The eclectic music and food scene of Austin in USA jesspryles.com
The eclectic music and food scene of Austin in USA
Austin deserves to be named as the food capital of the country owing to a rich and varied history of iconic dishes inspired by the cuisine of Texas. The culinary treat that tops the list for Austin is barbeque as the iconic city is home to some of the best barbeque joints smoking out delicious cuts of meat. It is here that you will find the Holy Trinity of Texas, a combination of brisket, sausage, and rib cuts. Austin is known for its breakfast tacos, so don't miss out on those. If you are just looking to chill while having a cold one, order some Tex Mex from street vendors to savor the delicious mix of Texas and Mexican cuisine.
The golden landmark of Berlin in Germany upload.wikimedia.org
The golden landmark of Berlin in Germany
Berlin has an active nightlife with pubs and taverns overflowing with locals and tourists from dusk to dawn, and the food culture in the industrial city has also revamped classic German dishes. You must try some national favorites like pretzels and delicious currywurst (a boiled-and-fried sausage dish) for starters. Then, follow these up with steaming hot boiled or grilled eisbein (pickled ham hock served with boiled potatoes, sauerkraut, and mustard), and also try the veal delicacy called wiener schnitzel. Germans love their potatoes, so don't be surprised when you come across some kartoffelpuffer (shallow-fried potato pancakes). A thick slice of some Apfelstrudel (thin apple pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar) is a great dessert option to finish off a delicious meal.
The majestic vineyards of Bordeaux in France live.staticflickr.com
The majestic vineyards of Bordeaux in France
Bordeaux is a gourmet-centric city that boasts a mix of traditional and modern French cooking. Food lovers can explore both pedestrian eats across the streets in Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul and elegant fine dining options along the waterfront at Quai des Chartons. Pair your meals with the best wines from regional vineyards and try freshly farmed oysters with a juicy slice of lemon. Lamb dishes have been a delicacy since the 18th century and go well with the hundred different wine varieties available in almost every restaurant. Don't forget to order delicious mushrooms fried in olive oil and sample some fresh smooth white asparagus served with a delicious vinaigrette. You can finish off your meals with freshly baked macarons for dessert.
The cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires in Argentina cdn.shopify.com
The cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires in Argentina
Barbequing might just be the national pastime of the country as the locals simply love their meat. Everything from simple grilled and salted steak cuts to the traditional parrillada (a meaty assortment of sausages, chicken, ribs, and beef) is cooked to perfection, and chimichurri (the go-to condiment) adds flavor to those juicy cuts of meat. You should add to your must-try list the local way to make cheese interesting by grilling and serving sliced discs of provolone with some chimichurri and olive oil. Dairy doesn't take a back seat among all the meaty mayhem, so try dulce de leche, a local milk jam delicacy. Alfajores (shortbread-like biscuits sandwiching jams) and Empanadas (deep-fried or baked pastry) are also excellent dessert choices.
The Nordic heritage of Copenhagen in Denmark 2.bp.blogspot.com
The Nordic heritage of Copenhagen in Denmark
Copenhagen's Nordic cuisine showcases numerous Danish savory treats and sweets that are too good to ignore, and traditional dishes are made from locally sourced meat served with potatoes and sauce. Start your culinary journey in Copenhagen with mouthwatering Rød Pølse (red sausage in Danish). A cheap and filling option on the streets of Copenhagen, this recipe is served with bread, mustard, onions, and ketchup. Bread is an integral part of the local cuisine, and Smørrebrød (an open-faced rye bread sandwich) is a must-try. If you are craving more meat, durum shawarma (made with chicken, lamb, or beef) is for you. For dessert, an assortment of Danish pastries and desserts like wienerbrød, Æbleskiver, Kanelsnegle, and coconut tops is a delicious pick.
The Renaissance beauty of Florence in Italy weekender.com
The Renaissance beauty of Florence in Italy
It doesn't get any better than a generous scoop of Italian pasta and a slice of Uncle Giovanni's hand-tossed pepperoni pizza! In the beautiful city of Florence, you will find more than just al dente pasta. Here, you can explore a mix of Florentine and Tuscan cuisine made with locally sourced produce and dairy. Be sure to get the most famous dish in Florence, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Also called the Florentine steak. It is a T-bone traditionally cooked on roasted chestnuts to give it a unique smoky flavor. Are you craving a sandwich? Go ahead and order a Lampredotto (made with thinly sliced and boiled intestines served with bread). Another incredible pasta delight is the must-try Pappardelle al Cinghiale.
The medieval town of Girona in Spain petespans.com
The medieval town of Girona in Spain
Not too far from Barcelona, you'll find what's left of the Medieval times, the city of Girona. One of the top spots in Spain to try out the local gastronomy, a great start here is with what the locals call botifarra, sweet sausage with apple. It is a cured meat delicacy that you can eat roasted with apple, cinnamon, and lemon. Girona also has the traditional pals rice, which is used in varieties of rice stews as it doesn't get mushy. Fresh salted anchovies served alone or with a dash of olive oil can certainly spruce up your evening, and Girona is also famous for varieties of prawn, crayfish, and wild mushroom delicacies that are cooked with locally sourced produce.
The colonial metropolis of Lima in Peru theinternationalkitchen.com
The colonial metropolis of Lima in Peru
The city of Lima is the culinary capital of Peru in the South American continent, where you will get to enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and sample the classic dish of Criollo. It is the perfect spot for food lovers, and the world-famous ceviche is a must-try here. Lima is the best place to try this simple preparation of raw fish marinated in lime juice as the city is close to the ocean. Among interesting Peruvian dishes comes an unusual one, the famous and mouth-watering cuy al horno (roasted guinea pig). It is a local delicacy mostly reserved for celebrating special occasions. You will also find a variety of chicken dishes, including the rotisserie favorite pollo a la brasa.
The political capital of London in England thepruceeats.com
The political capital of London in England
Start your day with an English breakfast to keep you nicely fed for a day of exciting excursions. Sausages, mash, hash browns, beans, some ham, and a few chocolate muffins is a great breakfast spread, and you can have a hot bowl of porridge when tired of sausage rolls. London is home to some of the most popular eat streets with a variety of cuisines ranging from cheap £1 eats to Michelin star fine dining. Are you craving hot mashed potatoes with gravy or a slice of apple pie? There's a good chance you'll find that right around the corner. Also, there's always a pub around to get some light beer and a steaming hot plate of fish and chips.
The Foie Gras capital of Montreal in Canada i.ytimq.com
The Foie Gras capital of Montreal in Canada
Juicy maple candy might be the first thing that will come to your mind when you think of Canada. Enter the city of Montreal, however, and restaurants and chefs certainly experiment well with different cuts of meat. Here, you will discover a whole new world of delicious dishes like luscious smokey rotisserie chicken with chili oil, garlic potatoes, pork buns, and crispy poached eggs. Have you ever heard of Foie Gras Poutine? It certainly is a gut-buster, a heaping mix of fat and salt that is made with fresh cheese curds and crispy potato fries topped with a rich helping of foie gras. There is also a restaurant that serves a Nutella sauce Marshmallow pizza. Talk about a sugary delight!
The culinary diverse capital of New Delhi in India i.ytimq.com
The culinary diverse capital of New Delhi in India
Foodies are in for a treat in the diverse capital city of New Delhi with legendary eat streets in and around the famous Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh areas of the old city. The diverse mix of cultures and people flocking to the capital from all over India has paved the way for a unique culinary expansion. You can explore the tantalizing taste of Awadhi cuisine with the dum pukht (an aromatic meat dish), juicy kebabs, and saffron rice biryani. Karim's has been serving mutton kebabs and tandoori chicken since 1913 and has the best of exotic Mughal dishes. Craving some sweets? Try some sweet lassi (buttermilk), rasgulla (sugary orbs), or gajar halwa (shredded carrot cooked in ghee) for dessert!
The urban metropolis city of Stockholm in Sweden vanfoodies.com
The urban metropolis city of Stockholm in Sweden
Swedish meatballs and smoked salmon are among the few things that might come to your mind when planning a trip to Sweden, but the capital city has more to offer than just Köttbullar, a quintessential dish without a doubt. Some of the must-have meat variants here are Surströmming (fermented herring fish), reindeer paté (fresh cuts of reindeer), and Svenska fisksoppa (Swedish fish soup). If you are not up for devouring bits and pieces of Rudolph, you can try gravadlax (cured salmon) with a side serving of potatoes. Don't forget to sample some of the best Swedish cheeses, including a very special variety that they make, the västerbottensost. What's more? You can wash down everything with the local flavored spirit Akvavit.