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Musicians have always inspired and entertained us with their talent and lifestyle. But, there are some who's inspiring lives have been cut short by death. While accidents claimed some, others were lost to suicide and even assassination. From Blues music to the larger than life Rock & Roll and everything in between, this gallery takes a look at musicians who passed away too soon.
Fancy yourself a musicophile? Take this quiz to find out if you can identify the rock/metal band by an album of theirs.
If you are a frequent concertgoer and love listening to all kinds of music genres, then here is an ultimate music quiz we have for you. Take this challenging quiz and match the right musician to their respective band and prove your music IQ.
Over the years many famous artists emerged to leave their mark on the music culture with World Number One's, Top of the Charts, and even Grammy Award winning performances. Take this quiz too find out how well do you know the pop music scene.